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Greater Than 16x9 Title


God is Greater Than. . .

What fears keep you up at night? In this message series, Gordon Dabbs takes on the greatest challenges we face and reveals, from God's Word, how God is big enough to help us handle anything life throws at us.

Washed 16x9 title


What does the Bible say about Baptism?

Baptism is God’s gift to the church and Christ’s work within the church.

Since the earliest days of Christianity, baptism has been a central and defining event in the life of the believer. Over the years, it has also been a place of great confusion and controversy. Washed - in this series, Gordon Dabbs, Ph.D., will explore central Biblical texts about baptism and the relevance of this ancient act in the life of modern believers.

LOVE More Than Words 16x9 Title


More than Words

Love. It's everywhere! In our music. . .in our TV shows. . .in the books we read. . . While our culture is enamored with the idea of love, how are we at actually loving other people? In this message series based on 1 Corinthians, Gordon Dabbs teaches through biblical counsel to help us love others and love them well.