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Service Opportunities: Reaching Out

Discover your purpose and find fulfillment in a place of service. Service is an integral part of our church family!

Questions? Contact the church office!

Community Outreach... No Travel Required!

Serving our community, and reaching out by inviting them to great offerings at our own church building. Serving in unique ways at our own location. Giving back to our neighborhood and community with no travel required!

  • FriendSpeak

    FriendSpeak is based on practicing conversational English by reading the New Testament. Since 2002, 1-on-1 conversational English has been taught at Prestoncrest using this proven program. Volunteers are always needed on Sundays (5-6pm) and/or Wednesdays (7-8pm). Most students in the program are from UTD and are international students from Taiwan.

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  • Packs N Pencils

    Registered children, grades K-6, look forward to getting the supplies and backpacks they need to enjoy a great start to their school year. We need YOUR help with GIVEAWAY DAY! This day happens each year in early August on a Saturday, with setup the day/evening beforehand on a Friday. For more info about the dates for the upcoming year, visit or contact Robert Stolte in the church office at

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  • Pumpkinfest

    This annual Fall Festival is held on the Saturday before Halloween, and is FREE to our community. We offer a safe place for a family to enjoy a free evening of fun together. It relies on many volunteers to make it happen! Jobs include setup, cleanup, making desserts for the cake walk, supervising games and inflatables, cooking and serving food, greeting guests, being a trunk for trunk-or-treat, and more.

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  • Quilt Ministry

    Prayer quilts combine the gift of prayer with the gift of a quilt. Quilts are sewn and given to those that are suffering from a serious illness, grief, or other crisis. Support and participation with this ministry has a variety of options: (1) come learn how to make quilts / join us for monthly workdays, (2) donate supplies, (3) tie a knot on the quilts as they are displayed on select Sundays, (4) request a quilt for those in need. Click below to find out more about each of these options!

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  • VBS: Vacation Bible School

    VBS provides 4 fun days every June for hundreds of children. Kids from Prestoncrest and around the community have fun and learn about Jesus. Jobs include planning, decorating, teaching, and more.

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  • Thanksgiving Food Drive

    Each year in November, church members bring filled bags of groceries, and frozen turkeys are added to make "food baskets." Pre-registered families come to Prestoncrest on "giveaway day" to pick up their "basket" and feel the love of Jesus. Volunteers are needed to helping with pre-registration, turkey transportation, setup, and loading cars on giveaway day.

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  • Christmas Toy Drive

    This service opportunity kicks off immediately after Thanksgiving. Each year, members and classes adopt a needy family and purchase clothes and toys from children's "wish list." Volunteers are needed to help at the “adoption table" in the foyer before/after worship service, delivering gifts to those unable to pick them up, and helping shop for additional items, if needed.

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  • 1-on-1 Bible Study with a Visitor

    Volunteers are needed to help fill these needs as they arise. Locations and times can be arranged to fit busy schedules! These studies can be done via call or Zoom/Facetime, or whatever is easiest for you. Some visitors may live nearby (in the Dallas, Texas area) and will be available to get together in person, as well! Let our office know you're available to study with someone by clicking below.

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Outreach to the World... From Home

Serving unique needs worldwide from our location is a wonderful and unique opportunity!

  • World Bible School

    Touch people around the world from your own home - sign up to be an "ONLINE STUDY HELPER"! Lessons are sent back and forth using the WBS website or via USPS. Students around the globe are being led to Christ! Our WBS ministry team serves students in DFW & worldwide! Click below to find out more...

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  • Missionary Encouragement

    Mission efforts throughout the world need help and support to keep their ministries alive. Volunteers are needed to keep in touch with missionaries to encourage them and help them find ways to meet their evolving ministry needs.

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Outreach Beyond Dallas

Do you like to get away from your own 4 walls? Consider these mission efforts. Each accomplishes a vital and essential good work for the kingdom of God.

  • Ghana

    The mission effort in Ghana has been blessed with 3,500+ baptisms through evangelists there. Volunteers can encourage their efforts with texts, emails, calls, and trips to be involved. Bob Chisholm travels to the Village of Hope for 7-10 days in October almost every year. Contact Bob by the end of April to find out more. (Note: Costs are not covered by Prestoncrest.)

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  • Guatemala

    Our annual mission trip to Guatemala has been going on for many years. Volunteers encourage the efforts of local ministers as we help with a medical clinic and provide a VBS for the children. (Note: Trip costs are not covered by Prestoncrest.)

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  • Men’s Prison Ministry

    Periodic trips are made to the Men’s Prison in Huntsville to help with worship, teach classes, and encourage the inmates. Transportation is provided by the church. Visits are made on Sundays, once every 3-4 mos. Attend as often as your schedule permits. (Men only, due to prison rules.) For more information, visit

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Benevolent ministry is seen modeled for us in the Old Testament, by the Early New Testament church, and by Jesus Himself. Join us as we participate in God's Work of meeting people's needs.

  • Member and Community Benevolence

    This ministry is focused on those requiring temporary assistance with immediate needs (food, clothing, and shelter). Other emergency assistance is also provided at times, as well. Helping determine legitimate needs is one of the main jobs of our volunteers.

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  • Institutional Benevolence

    This good work involves the financial and prayerful support we provide for groups that offer love and care for the needy at crucial times of their lives. Most of the groups we support of this nature are local Children's Homes. Visits to each of the institutions we support are not required... but are encouraged and can be a blessing!

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Cover Dallas With Love: Urban Ministry

We believe that Dallas is our closest mission field! There are variety of opportunities to serve our community. From one-time events to long-term needs, if you have a heart for serving neighbors in need, this ministry is for you.

Visit the CDWL page for details