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Local Missions: Cover Dallas With Love

Cover Dallas With Love, Prestoncrest’s Urban Mission effort, began in 2007. As a growing network of team members and local partnerships, Dallas is being served in the name of Jesus.

The focus of “Cover Dallas” continues to evolve as we reach out to those dealing with challenges such as homelessness, addiction, mental health, natural disasters, incarceration, divorce, and grief... just to name a few. Additional efforts include providing great workshops for pre-marriage preparation, better communication, and unity among Dallas' diverse cultures. These examples are just a few of the many ways we love and serve our community.

Serving with the CDWL Team

All ages and life stages are welcome! Some volunteer their time, some donate items, and others provide financial support. Each is essential! Teammates work alongside our partner organizations to bless, love, and serve as needs arise year 'round. Opportunities are always on the horizon as God opens doors. Find out more by contacting the church office at 972.233.2392 or emailing Gary Cochran.

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Community Outreach Events At Prestoncrest

  • Safe Conversations Event

    Safe Conversations

    When connecting happens, communicating is possible.

    Safe Conversations Workshops teach easy-to-use, effective ways to communicate better and heal relationships. This workshop is provided free of charge at Prestoncrest, usually twice a year in the spring and fall. Developrers Drs. Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt are the creators behind this workshop that has been endorsed around the globe (even by Oprah!). The Prestoncrest workshop is led by a panel of Licensed Professional Counselors. Volunteers from our church and community work behind the scenes and host the event. Breakfast and lunch are provided free, and RSVPs are required to attend. This event is held from 9a-3p on a Saturday and is advertised to the community. Most all that attend are first-time guests from the community, making this an important outreach event. Guests learn great information while they experience the love of Jesus through our volunteer team.

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What does "Covering Dallas With Love" look like?


    Healthy Relationships + Racial Diversity

    Dallas Dinner Table at Prestoncrest

    In 2015, Prestoncrest was introduced to the Dallas Dinner Table organization and their unique approach toward racial differences. Over a meal, 8 people of various ages, races, and demographics come together with a trained facilitator and participate in guided, positive conversations as they seek understanding, healing, and harmony. Prestoncrest offered to host for 8 tables for their annual events in January each year on MLK Day. In 2020, Prestoncrest brought in DDT trainers to work with 40 volunteers. After training, these volunteers have been hosting and facilitating their own dinner table events as opportunities arise, and are excited to see how they open minds and hearts, and where they lead. At the center of this effort is Jesus and his teaching about loving our neighbors as ourselves. We look forward to the growth of this avenue of ministry. To find out more and become part of this ministry, contact Gary Cochran at the church office.

    Contact Gary Cochran


    Mental Health & Addiction Recovery

    Supporting Those That Care For Others

    Many professionals that serve in mental health and addiction recovery go above and beyond the call of duty daily. They encourage others, but who encourages them? Prestoncrest's CDWL minister, Gary Cochran, is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC-S) himself and has helped us partner with 2 great groups that provide this type of encouragement. The Dallas Chapter of the Texas Assoc. of Addiction Professionals (TAAP) and the Dallas Area Spiritual Care (DASC) Network both provide collaboration, peer and professional support, and opportunities to serve, and many of the members in each group proclaim faith as the center of their work. Gary serves on each of their Board of Directors and provides insights and blessings to each group through his experience and Christian leadership. Prestoncrest also supports them by hosting their monthly meetings. To find out more about these groups, contact Gary Cochran at the church office.

    Contact Gary Cochran

  • Homeless Event

    Serving the Homeless Community

    And Supporting those Who Serve Them

    Special events, emergency support, and leadership support all work together to minister to our homeless neighbors. Each November, a traditional Thanksgiving meal is cooked and served by our ministers, staff, and volunteers. It is served, in the names of Jesus, to the staff and homeless friends at CitySquare in downtown Dallas. CitySquare is a Christian non-profit organization and serves the homeless year 'round. The annual Point-In-Time Homeless Count happens each January, organized by the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance. Prestoncrest provides a number of teams to serve with the heart of Jesus. Emergency needs also happen often, and Gary Cochran, along with key volunteers, help meet needs in the name of Jesus. The Dallas County Homeless Advisory Committee is also served as Gary Cochran co-chairs and helps develop and implement best practices alongside other Dallas community leaders and officials. To offer to serve in this area, click below!

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  • Treasures Of Hope Event

    Serving Needy Families at Christmas

    “Treasures of Hope” Christmas Store

    This Christmas Store happens each year at the Plaza of the Americas in downtown Dallas for 3 days in December. The 15th floor of the building is decorated and features Christmas music, the story of Jesus, and a meal in a warm “walk around” experience. A "store" with deeply-discounted items is available for families to come shop for gifts and necessities. This has become an important avenue of CDWL's service to Dallas’ needy families at Christmastime. This event is organized by our partners at the Dallas Leadership Foundation, a local Christian non-profit organization, and they extend their great appreciation each year for Prestoncrest's volunteers that serve at the store and share the love of Jesus to those less fortunate in Dallas.