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Un Successful Title1


The Unlikely Path to Abundant Life

People everywhere seek success.  Some through gaining wealth, some through influence, or achievement, some through the applause or approval of other people.

Many searches for success leave us feeling empty, or, in our contemporary works, divided and at odds with other people that we view increasingly as competitors or adversaries.  According to Jesus Christ, success is reachable – just not in these ways people normally go after it.  Jesus provides an antidote to the world that is growing sicker from it’s misguided search for success.   

In the (Un)Successful message series, Gordon Dabbs, Ph.D., invites us redefine success, choosing relationship over efficiency and depth over superficiality.

Biblical Foundations Title 1440x810

The Biblical Foundations for Family

Timeless Answers, Practical Truths

Families are in crisis. If you are struggling in your relationship with siblings or parents, if you and your spouse aren’t on the same page, or if you are at wits end when it comes to rearing your children, you are in good company. Welcome to the club!

Good news – the Bible gives practical truth to help us establish strong and healthy families… or find our way out of the messes we get ourselves into. In “The Biblical Foundations for Family” series, Gordon Dabbs, Ph.D., brings timeless answers and encouragement from the Word of God to help us move from struggle to strength.



Stories from the Book of Acts

Step back into the thrilling early days of the church with our Sunday evening message series, "Witnesses: Stories from the Book of Acts." Join us as Gordon and Jacob take us on a journey through powerful narratives of courage, faith, and transformation found within the pages of Acts. From the dramatic conversion of Saul on the road to Damascus to the miraculous outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, each week we'll get glimpses into the lives of those courageous witnesses who spread the Gospel fearlessly across borders and boundaries. Discover how their stories continue to inspire and challenge us today as we explore what it means to be faithful witnesses in our own time and context.