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Fruit of the Spirit

How should Christians live? Some live out a rules-based walk with the Lord. Others go the opposite way, rejecting rules, or making their own rules. There is another option, a much better way of life – a life powered by the Spirit of God.

In the Fruit of the Spirit message series, Gordon Dabbs, Ph.D., unpacks the apostle Paul’s teachings about “walking by the Spirit” and “being led by the Spirit” and “keeping in step with the Spirit.” Come and discover the life Jesus wants you to live!

Master Your Money Title 2

Master Your Money

What does my money management say about me? Do I have a fearful or a faithful heart? Do I really trust the Lord to provide what I need, and even more?

In the “Master Your Money” series, Gordon Dabbs, Ph.D., presents time-tested principles from God’s Word to help each of us faithfully managing our money, weather financial storms, cultivate a prosperous future, and generously partner with Jesus in the work of the Kingdom. If you’ve ever lived as a captive of fear, don’t miss out on this opportunity to live boldly with your feet firmly planted on the bedrock of biblical principles for your finances.

Psalms Series title1

O Lord, My God

A Journey Through Psalms

From hymns at church, to bedside prayers, to battlefields of old, the cry, "O Lord, my God" has echoed through time by the people of God. In times of celebration and mourning, war and peace, communities of faith have long desired to draw near to their Creator. The Psalms is one of the best volumes of Scripture for accomplishing that purpose. Join us on Sunday evenings as Gordon Dabbs and Jacob Hawk lead us on a journey through psalmists' inspired pens.