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Stranger Truths

Stranger Truths

Wisdom from the hard sayings of Jesus.

Jesus wants to bring out the very best in his disciples. For the Lord to do this, he must have the right to tell us difficult things. . .challenging things. In this message series, Gordon Dabbs, Ph.D., helps us hear and apply some of the most powerful, but least understood, teachings of Jesus to our lives.

Preach What We Practice 16x9 Title

Preaching What We Practice

Deepen your walk as a disciple by encountering the Biblical foundations of faith.

What are the Biblical building blocks for a life of discipleship? What anchors us as believers when we face challenges and confusion? In this series of messages, Gordon Dabbs, Ph.D, helps believers understand the cornerstones of their faith.

United In Christ 16x9 Title

United in Christ

Racial reconciliation for the sake of the Gospel

In a world where racism is far from dead, is unity amidst diversity even a possibility? Yes! The Gospel of Jesus Christ, when unleashed, dismantles ancient sins that are at the root of racial strife and injustice.

Working from their unique experiences and backgrounds, Gary Cochran, Dr. Jerry Taylor, and Dr. Gordon Dabbs, will bring a word of hope and challenge to the church to live up to the high calling we have in Jesus Christ.