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Living By Faith Title1 1440x810

Living by Faith

Without faith, it is impossible to please God. ~ Hebrews 11:6

The Bible says that “without faith, it is impossible to please God” (Hebrews 11:6). What does it look like to live by faith? How does that shape the way we live as disciples of Christ? In this message series based on the life of Abraham, Gordon Dabbs, Ph.D., reveals how we can grow our faith and how we can overcome challenges and disappointments in life with confidence and reliance on God.

Song Of Lament 1440x810

A Song of Lament

No one wants to be sad. Yet, there are times when it is not only appropriate, but important, to experience sorrow. In this message series, Gordon Dabbs, Ph.D., will explore the biblical concept of “lament” and call the church to mourn over the things that cause God’s heart to break.

Walking In Wisdom Proverbs Title2

Walking In Wisdom

Getting information is easy. Growing wise takes work.

Never before have people had so much information at their fingertips. We swim in a river of information – notifications of social media posts, sports scores, economic data, breaking news, and a barrage of political opinions overwhelm us. In the constant barrage of information, alerts, and updates, people increasingly struggle to make sense of everything, to separate the true from the false, and see what’s meaningful in a sea of trivia.

Getting information is easy. Growing wise takes work.

The Bible teaches in Proverbs 2:6 that the Lord gives wisdom. He is the source of both knowledge AND understanding. In the Walking in Wisdom message series, we will turn to the Scriptures to take a critical look at our information consumption. We will discover how to filter what we hear, see and read, so that we can lean into trustworthy sources (like the Bible) and question less trustworthy sources (like social media). As we learn to walk in wisdom, we experience less information overload, our priorities grow more focused, we make better decisions, and grow closer to God, the ultimate source of wisdom.