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Everywhere 16x9 YV


Experiencing God, Knowing His Presence

“Consider the lilies”. Jesus taught that we observe God’s care and love even in the flowers growing in a field. “The Heavens declare the glory of God.” The Psalmist claims that we can see the awesome spender of the One we worship by just looking up.

The presence and power of God are wired into the world. Once we know what to look for, we can see and experience our Lord in all places. . .at all times. In the “Everywhere” message series from Gordon Dabbs, Ph.D., we will find out how to meet God in everyday ways and places.

Sunday Night Reboot 16x9

Summer Reboot


Sunday Nights are BACK for summer 2021... we are excited to restart after the pandemic! Dr. Gordon Dabbs and Jacob Hawk are tag-teaming throughout this series to share some great messages about connecting with our Lord, each other, and our community. Note: a few designated weeks for this series will be a fun fellowship night outside of the auditorium, so we will not live-stream service on those weeks.

Ruin to Restoration Title 16x9

Ruin to Restoration

A Study of the Book of Nehemiah

How do we emerge from the global pandemic in a healthy and positive way? What does a return to normal look like? Better yet, how can we do better than normal? The book of Nehemiah, a story of exiles returning home and rebuilding, is one that orients us with perspective and poise for the journey ahead. Gordon Dabbs, Ph.D., shares practical lessons from Nehemiah.