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Dear Lord title2

Dear Lord

Encounter God in the Prayers of the Bible

Why is it that some believers can’t wait to spend time with the Lord in prayer while others see it as a lifeless duty to be fulfilled? The answer can be unlocked by turning to the actual prayers that people of faith brought before God in the Bible. In the Dear Lord message series, Gordon and others will take prayers straight from the Word of God which can reinvigorate our relationships with the Lord. These “prayer starters” can help guide us into deeper and more meaningful conversations with our Creator.

Speak Up Sermon Series Title2

Speak Up

Tools to Equip Us and Inspire Us to Share Our Faith

Evangelism. For many, the mere thought of sharing their faith causes them to break out in a cold sweat. For many, even those who absolutely ADORE Jesus, the idea is just too much. Sharing Jesus is one of the few things that actually makes an eternal difference in someone’s life. Join us as we disarm common fears about sharing faith and become equipped to talk about faith. We will learn how to engage with unbelievers with wisdom and grace, whatever their attitudes about Christianity. Are you ready to SPEAK UP for Jesus?

Belong tagline


Find Yourself Here

The Church is God’s place for each one to fit in, fuel their faith, and find their calling to take the Gospel to the world. Join us as we discover God's purpose for His church and how to love, serve and BELONG in the family of faith. Come explore the scriptures with us as Gordon Dabbs shares how the Bible reveals the beauty and power of the Church.