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Encounters With Jesus 16x9

Encounters With Jesus

Get to know the Son of God through the eyes of people just like us

Sunday night Fall 2021 Series, "Encounters with Jesus," takes us through a series of experiences in the Bible. This series offers a new perspective of learning more about Him from those who had conversations with Him - the ones who experienced His love and power firsthand. This Sunday night series includes a variety of offerings each week, from worship and lessons from God’s Word, to panel discussions, to fellowship events. Lessons are brought weekly by either Dr. Gordon Dabbs or Jacob Hawk.

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Reclaim Life • Rediscover Rest

Feeling overwhelmed? You're not alone. Most of us do! Endless demands. High expectations. Stifling routines. In the midst of stressful schedules, the Lord calls us to rest - to enjoy the sacred rhythm of shalom that He established from the very creation of the world. In this series from Gordon Dabbs, Ph.D., hear the call of God. Reclaim life. Rediscover rest.

Title Out Of Your Mind 16x9 3 YV

Out of Your Mind

Break the Strongholds of Toxic Thinking

What thoughts hold you captive? “God can’t love me.” “I’ll never change.” “I’ll always be a victim.” Imagine the potential that could be released in us if we were able to break free from the spiral of toxic thoughts.

In this message series from Gordon Dabbs, Ph.D, we will equip and inspire us “to take every thought captive to make it obedient to Christ” and experience our true potential as God’s children.