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James 16x9 Title Slide

James: A Faith That Works

Message series from the book of James

Some call James the most practical book in the New Testament. To be sure, it's packed with insights and tips about daily living as a disciple of Jesus. Find out how to navigate the uncertainties of life as a follower of Jesus in this message series from Gordon.

Beyond Title 16x9


What the Bible says about life after death

Ever wondered what God has in store for us after our lives here have ended? In this hopeful and Bible-grounded message series, Gordon Dabbs presents teaching about what is to come for those who have put their faith in Jesus.

Walk In The Light Title 16x9

Walk in the Light

Conversations about discipleship from the book of 1 John

What does it look like to live out the implications of the Gospel in our day and time? The book of 1 John provides the theological framework for what we believe about the world and how to work out the truths of Jesus Christ through our lifestyles. In this message series, you will encounter deep truths and clear answers for everyday life.