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What drives you?

Everyone has a personality that alters the way they see themselves and the world around them. There are unique motivations that influence each of us to feel what we feel and to do what we do. In this series, Gordon Dabbs uses a tool called the Enneagram to examine different people from the Bible, inviting us to encounter ourselves in their stories. If you think you can't change, think again! This series will give you transformational tools which will enable you to see yourself accurately, apply God's truth, and lean in to the Holy Spirit.

Second Chair Title 16x9

Second Chair

Christ-shaped leaders

What kind of leaders should the church look for? What qualities should we look for when we select elders/shepherds? In this message series, Gordon helps us see through the pages of the New Testament a portrait of the type of person the Lord wants to use in leadership roles in his Church.

Do Something Hard 16x9 title

Do Something Hard

Faith Stores from the Book of Joshua

God's power is available to regular folks. . .to people. . .just like us. Find out how to step out on faith, dream big, and trust in the Lord's provision to do impossible things. In this message series from the Old Testament book of Joshua, Gordon unveils a roadmap for any person daring to live by faith.