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I Never Said That 16x9 title

I Never Said That

Calling out Myths about the Bible

Isn’t it great when you can say something that picks someone up? What happens when we mean well, but end up saying something that simply isn’t true?

In the “I Never Said That” message series, Gordon explores some common phrases that fall short of what God actually said in the Bible.

Spiritual Lifehacks 16x9 Title

Spiritual Lifehacks

A Study of the Book of James

Need some wisdom to navigate through the challenges of life? In this series, Gordon teaches through James, the most practical book of the New Testament.

Unlocked 16x9 Title

Life Unlocked

What's Your Full Potential?

Are you stuck? Do you seem to be on a treadmill in your life, unable to break free into the life you want? More importantly, do you know how to step into the life Jesus has for you? In this message series, Gordon Dabbs how Jesus can unlock our full potential, and what we need to do to experience transformation.