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The Faith Awakens Title 16x9

The Faith Awakens

How the Christmas Story Changes Everything

The Christmas Story is the epic account of how God invaded our world in a personal way. In this message series, Gordon Dabbs teaches about the birth of Jesus and how this unique event changes our destiny.

Mulligan 16x9 Title


Everyone Needs a Second Chance

God made us. He knows all about our flaws, weaknesses, and mess-us. Because he made us and knows us better than we even know ourselves, he understands that all of us need second chances. God knows that everybody needs a mulligan from time to time.

In the Mulligan message series, Gordon Dabbs, Ph.D., walks us through the unusual story of a man named Jonah. Through the weakness of this man, we see a little of ourselves and we see a lot about the God who simply refuses to give up on less-than-perfect people.

Witnesses 16x9 Title


Get Swept into the Moment of God

The book of Acts tells the earliest history of the Christian Church. The name itself “book of Acts” suggests that that our faith is anything but passive. We are a people, from the very beginning, defined by faith and action.

While the world has changed a lot over the past two thousand years, one thing hasn’t – the Lord’s heart for lost people.

Exploring the historical roots of our faith in the book of Acts, Gordon Dabbs, Ph.D., demonstrates how we can continue to be powerful witnesses of Jesus Christ in our day and age. Witnesses is a call to get off the pews and swept into the dynamic movement of God that was launched in the book of Acts.