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Reaching Up In Prayer 16x9 Title

Reaching Up in Prayer

Unlock the Power of Prayer

Why do so many believers struggle to pray like they should? What would happen if disciples began to take the work of prayers seriously? Find out what the Bible says about unlocking the power of prayer in your life.

Take It In Title 16x9

Take it In

Be Amazed in the Presence of God

How would you describe your boss? Your best friend? Your spouse? Your son or daughter? The better you know someone, the more fully and beautifully you can describe them. What about God? How would you go about describing the God that you worship? More importantly, how does your image of God change the way you live?

God wants for each of us to know him as he really is. In the "Take it In" message series, Gordon leads us in a fascinating study of the character of God – his holiness, love, justice and faithfulness. When we come to know God more fully, it changes how we pray, how we think about our role in the world, and ultimately how we live.

Do You Know His Name title 16x9

Do You Know His Name?

The Names of God

What do you know about God? About his nature? About how he relates to people like you? Through a study of the names of God revealed in Scripture, we find out who God really is, and how we can experience his provision and purpose in our lives, and live in deep fellowship with him.