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Son Of God Gospel Of Mark 16x9

Son of God

A Study of the Gospel of Mark

Jesus stands at the center of the Christian faith. His identity, his mission, and his teachings must be the heart and soul of the Church. In this teaching series from the Gospel of Mark, Gordon Dabbs helps us discover the real Jesus and encounter life in him.

The Spirit Within Title 16x9

The Spirit Within

His Power Unleashed in Your Life

Many Christians have big questions about the Holy Spirit. What is his role in the life of believers today? How can his power be experienced fully? What does a life in rhythm with the Spirit look like? In this message series, Gordon Dabbs explores what the Bible says about the Holy Spirit and what we can, and should, expect as the Spirit continues the work of Jesus Christ in our lives today.

The Voice Title 16x9

The Voice

Hearing God through the Other Noise

At this very moment, God is speaking. Can you hear him?

In this message series from Gordon Dabbs, we will draw from the Bible to discover how God speaks today. In this series, find out how to discern the voice of God, know the different ways that he speaks, and how you can respond to what you hear from him. Get ready to hear The Voice.