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A Spiritual Journey

In February of each year the heart of the Spiritual Formation Ministry begins. It is quiet and mostly unseen, but 45-50 Christians make a commitment to themselves, to each other and to God for a one year pilgrimage of faith.

These 6-8 Spiritual Journey Groups each contain 5-6 Christians who agree to meet each week in the very early morning or at mid-day for 1.5 hours with Spiritual Formation Minister Bob Chisholm. They meet to discuss the inner life theme they have been reading about and pondering over during the past week.

Through the year each person will prayerfully reflect upon a 52-week anthology of readings from spiritual writers, both ancient and modern, compiled by Bob. These readings, along with complementary scriptures, hymns and prayers are arranged in four quarterly books, with 13 topics in each book. Each book is around 160 pages in length.

The readings for each week are not long at all. This is intentional. The design is to give each group member very little to think about for a long time. All of a week’s material can be quickly read in 15-20 minutes … or … it can be slowly and carefully pondered throughout the week before the group meets to share. Each week provides readings, scriptures, hymns and prayers on one inner life theme.

More than 270 individuals have invested in this one-year Spiritual Journey. Several have repeated it, some more than once. In fact, it is likely that someone you know has made this quiet journey and can tell you what God has taught them and how God has shaped them.

52 weeks of Private Reflection & Thoughtful Discussion

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