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A Spiritual Journey — Book 3

Weeks 27-39 / August, September, October

27 Witnessing: Learn To Be God’s Evangelistic Partner

28 Giving: Discover The Joy Of Generosity

29 Following: Remember, You Are Not The Guide

30 Worshipping: Don’t Worship Your Experience of God, Worship God

31 Rejoicing: Find The Difference Between Happiness And Joy

32 Fasting: Rediscover This Ancient Practice Of Self-Denial

33 Resisting: The Enemy Wages War Against Your Soul

34 Gathering: Recommit To Our “One Another” Faith

35 Waiting: Find The Connection Between Stillness And Strength

36 Humbling: Downsize Your Pride By Standing Next To God

37 Obeying: Fear God And Keep His Commandments

38 Welcoming: Use Your Home As A Place For Healing

39 Joining: Community, Unity And Fellowship Are God’s Desire

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