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A Spiritual Journey — Book 4

Weeks 40-52/ November, December, January

40 Purifying: God Must Go Deep To Cleanse Your Heart

41 Ordering: Allow God To Re-Order Your Private World

42 Opening: Be Transparent With God And Close Relationships

43 Promising: Draw Upon God’s Commitment As You Extend Yours

44 Loving: Learn To Love Those You May Not Like

45 Sympathizing: Your Compassion Changes Others… And You

46 Growing: Move Beyond “Should Be” To “Can Be”

47 Serving: Determine To Be God’s Compassion

48 Thanking: Imagine Gratitude Reshaping Your Heart

49 Liberating: Seek Freedom, Not Entitlement

50 Living: Break Down The Wall Between Sacred And Secular

51 Protecting: Move Beyond Submission To Surrender

52 Traveling: Live As A Pilgrim, But Not A Stranger In This World

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