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Faith Resources

  • Baptism Study

    This free simple Bible-based study has 4 sections that help students understand what baptism is and why they should do it. The study is designed to be led by a parent, adult or teacher.

    Student Worksheets & Leader Guide

  • The Case for Christ

    Join famed author and journalist Lee Strobel in The Case for Christ Student Edition as he searches for the truth about Jesus--including the answers based on historical evidence that converted him from an atheist to a firm believer in Christ.


  • A Case for a Creator

    Weigh the evidence for yourself. Then consider this question: Could it be that the universe looks designed … because it is?


  • Sticky Faith

    by Dr. Kara E. Powell & Dr. Chap Clark This easy-to-read guide presents both a compelling rationale and a powerful strategy to show parents how to actively encourage their children’s spiritual growth so that it will stick with them into adulthood and empower them to develop a living, lasting faith.

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