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Small Group Ministry

Prestoncrest has several levels of church life and community. Our largest level is Inspirational as we meet for worship on Sunday. Our midsized level is Instructional as a large percentage of our membership gathers to teach and be taught in our Bible classes. A smaller level is Relational. Our Small Groups are organic because our members encounter each other in spontaneous ways. Our groups are places of involvement, growth and ministry where relationships are formed and strengthened, where people are introduced to Jesus, and where leaders are equipped for service.

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Contact Small Group Minister Bob Chisholm

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    Review the small group list and map to find a group close to you. Use the "day" and "category" filters to customize your search. All of our group leaders want to help, so use the "Contact" button to connect and ask any question that will help your search.

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    A new study plan is written each week to move the Sunday morning sermon into a life-related small group discussion. But there are already more than 200 small group plans available if you need a ready-made series. More are being added so check back often.

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    What is a small group? What are its goals? What happens in a small group meeting? Where do groups meet, how often, and for how long? What are the member expectations? How do I investigate and join a group? Check here for answers.

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    Bob Chisholm has more than 3 decades of experience in leading small groups. He has helped churches throughout the United States to begin group ministries and has conducted seminars in mission sites in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America.

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    How do you begin, maintain and grow a small group. Here are several helpful titles with Amazon links that address issues like group health, asking good discussion questions, building relationships, deepening faith and solving problems.

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    The small group leader wears many hats and is responsible for the overall health of the group. Their character, integrity and vision comes from watching the first small group leader — Jesus.


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    Should the small study be sermon-based? What makes good discussion questions? How are small group lessons prepared and evaluated? How should our time together be organized?


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    How do we avoid cliques? What do we say to the “over-talker”? How do we manage conflict? What are childcare options? Should we birth another group? Has our group become ingrown?


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    How can we deepen relationships and take care of each other? How do we help the shy/quiet member? How do we be get beneath surface to create a safe environment? How do we learn to pray together.


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    RightNow Media

    RightNow Media is a video tool, available to Prestoncrest members, that provides access to over 20,000 biblically based videos for use in Small Groups, Bible classes, personal or family Bible studies.

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