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Sunday Evenings: 4:45-6p // Wednesday Nights: 7-8p

Since January 2002, Prestoncrest members have worked with people 1-on-1 from around the world through the FriendSpeak program, giving people the opportunity to practice their conversational English skills for FREE. Readers from Afghanistan, China, Columbia, Peru, France, Mexico, India, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Honduras, and Uruguay have all taken advantage of this program since it began.

The conversations are based on reading aloud and discussing written words from the New Testament in a relaxed, friendly setting. Volunteering for this ministry is simple! There is no need to be fluent in a foreign language - the objective is to help readers improve their English.

The program offers one guarantee - volunteers will be blessed through their time spent with readers! Be sure to check out our Friendspeak page on Facebook for great photos and more.

Friend Speak Event

Church Members: Join us at FriendSpeak

Prestoncrest members can serve right where they are... a mission trip available with NO passport required. Each week on Sunday and/or Wednesday nights, join us to sit and read with a student. Make a new friend, and enjoy an evening of service you'll love! Click below to find out more about the program.

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