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PCYG Annual Bake Sale

Fundraiser for Summer Missions

Bake Sale

Sunday, November 20, 2022: ANNUAL BAKE SALE - Bakers Needed!

Every year, our Youth Group helps our church make the holidays a bit “sweeter” with our annual Bake Sale, with 100% of the money going toward our annual Mission Trips.

Tables are set up in the foyer on the Sunday before Thanksgiving each year, and we sell items for $10 each, starting as soon as Early Service is over, and we keep going until we’re sold out!

Please plan to stop by and see us and pick out your favorite items to take to your upcoming holiday meal.

We rely 100% on our church’s donated baked goods, so if you can provide us with a baked item or two this year, please let us know by clicking the button & filling out the form BELOW or by clicking HERE!

Bakers are welcome to bake anything - cookies, pies, cakes, breads, etc. All items sell for $10. Please put a label on your item explaining what it is. (Example: Pumpkin pie, brownies with nuts, etc.)

Please drop off all items in the foyer on Saturday, November 19 from 1-2pm or on Sunday, November 20 before/after FIRST service. We plan to set up special tables in the foyer for this event.

Thank you so much for helping us raise money to help our youth group to go on mission trips!

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Let us know if you're planning to donate goodies...

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