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Enrollment & Tuition

Enrollment begins each year in January. Children will be placed in a class based on their age as of September 1. To enroll, complete the online enrollment form and pay the application fee. You will receive a payment form by email that will enable you to pay the supply fee and May 2025 tuition using your credit card. These forms are not auto-generated and must be customized for each family, so please allow us some time to create and send these. Once sent, the payment form must be returned within two weeks or we will move on to the next family on the wait list. The Application Fee is non-refundable. Supply Fees are refundable only if we cannot place your child. May 2025 Tuition is non-refundable after June 1, 2024.

For tuition payments there are two options:

  • Monthly payments on the first of the month using our credit card auto draft system (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover)
  • Paying the year in full, with a 5% discount. This must be paid by check (to avoid credit card transaction fees) on or before August 15, 2024.

The enrollment fee payment form will include the details of these options and allow you to make a selection for your family. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

2024/2025 Tuition & Fees

Please note:

The three day Pre-K classes are available based on enrollment demand. Students entering the 3’s, 4’s, and Pre-K classes must be completely potty trained before they may begin. Fully potty trained students can:

- Anticipate the need to potty, tell the teacher they need to go, and make it to the restroom in time

- Get undressed/redressed with minimal assistance

- Wipe their own bottoms and wash their hands

- Stay dry throughout the day without the use of diapers or pull-ups

If a student is not ready to independently do these things, the Director will work with the family to make a plan to move forward.

Before school starts all students will need to have an Emergency Release and immunization records on file, which can be done at Meet the Teacher in September. As a private school we are not required to accept the Immunization Affidavit, but allowances may be made in special circumstances (i.e. alternate schedule due to allergies).