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Financial Ministry

Prestoncrest's Financial Ministry team not only focuses on sharing hope and financial freedom with adults in our community and church... they also have a special message for teens!

Every year, our Financial Ministry team of deacons and their wives teach the time-tested, Bible-based, core curriculum provided by Dave Ramsey and his organization to both our teens in the Youth Group, as well as families and adults in the community and at Prestoncrest.

Who is Dave Ramsey and what does his organization teach? Their mission statement is to "provide Biblically based, common sense education and empowerment that gives HOPE to every person in every walk of life." (For more information about the FPU class for Adults and families, visit their website.)

Prestoncrest's team are not just teachers... they are graduates of Dave Ramsey's FPU program. They have seen the principles work in their own lives, and strive to share it with others. They alternate their teaching efforts between teens and adults each year, pouring their experiences and training into all ages and life stages. Their mission: helping others learn how to be better stewards of their financial gifts!


Every other year, our team of Deacons & their wives kickoff an FPU in-person class in January that meets at our church's campus, and is open to the community and our church members. FPU uses a proven, Bible-based, 9-week curriculum and system developed by Dave Ramsey and his team. Each of our leaders are former FPU students, as well, and are proof of how the system WORKS! Questions about our next class start date? Contact Prestoncrest's FPU coordinator any time...

Email FPU Coordinator, Nick Scott


During the years when they are not leading adults through FPU, this same team of deacons and their wives visit our Youth Group as guest teachers for our 11th and 12th graders. These are taught on Sunday mornings using Ramsey's curriculum geared for teens. Sharing Bible-based principles, students learn how to be good stewards of the financial gifts they will be (and already are being) entrusted with. To find out more about this class for our Youth Group, contact Prestoncrest's Youth Minister any time...

Email Youth Minister, Bryan Borden