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Prestoncrest's Conference on the Bible... a featured series provided in select Bible classes throughout the year.

Starting in April:

The Impact of Discipleship
This study of discipleship is built upon two major premises. The first premise is that as disciples of Jesus, followers of Christ, we must be like him. The anchors for this premise are three concepts embedded in each of the thirteen lessons: Learn, Live, Belong.

Learn. To be like Jesus, we need to know him. Not simply knowing about him, but rather learning who he is and what he taught through his words and his actions. We see the world through his eyes.

Live. To follow Jesus, we need to live as he did. This means we act as he did, and we do as he instructs. Knowing him is not enough; discipleship is a lifestyle filled with his purpose. We are his hands and feet.

Belong. The deeper we delve into discipleship, the more evident it becomes that we belong to him. The more we learn and live, the more obvious it becomes to others that we have encountered Jesus. We reflect Jesus.

The second premise of this study is that our relationship with God is personal. Our relationship with God is important, intimate, and influential down to our core. Discipleship that is casual or is only a veneer for others to look at cannot be true discipleship and is not what Jesus calls his followers to be.