What’s in it for me?

Have you ever asked yourself the question what’s in it for me? I have, many times. At Gina’s wedding, and I was there too, but let’s own the fact that it is all about her, I had the biggest grin on my face. I could not stop smiling. I was smitten. I was also so impressed that God had blinded her long enough for her to say yes to marrying me. However, reality sets in after a few months or sometimes sooner depending on the individual. I went in to our marriage knowing that she would not complete me and fulfill all my needs, but I still thought I was going to get a lot out of it. What I did not know was how much it would cost me. Our biggest fights early on was me fighting the question, “What’s in it for me?” I had to learn that not only my life and my marriage were not about me, but how I could glorify God and serve the other person. I am a slow learner but I am getting there.

I think the same is true in life. There are many things that pull us in so many different directions. We have commitments, our spouse has commitments, and our kids have commitments. Every commitment wants to be the most important. Before long we start asking the question, what’s in it for me? Sometimes you have to so you are able to discern what is best so you do not overbook or when you do overbook, which event wins your commitment.

This Wednesday we start our small group season for the school year. This can be one more “thing” on your calendar that will compete against all the other commitments you and your family have. However, my prayer is that you see it not only as what is in it for me, which I will get to in a minute, but also, how does my child being there bless others and bless our family?

I believe we have the best small group leaders in the world. I believe they will be great mentors for our students in life and in following Jesus Christ. They are one more different voice to pour into our students about who Jesus is and why they follow him. The studies they will do will walk through the Bible and have an application point at the end helping students think through how to live out the study for the week. The relationships they will make with their peers will bless both them and their group. It will also keep them plugged in to the youth group. So is it worth it and what is in it for you? It is totally worth it and our students will grow to look more like Jesus. So carve out time each week to have your kids there it will be worth it to you in the long run.

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