Small Groups ‘20 - ‘21

Small groups meet during the school year on Wed nights in Dallas, Plano and Allen & are grouped by grade level. Each week they gather with adult leaders for fun, fellowship, and a great Bible study.

Locations & leaders are all listed below with the groups.

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Grade 12 // SENIORS

>> Meeting at the Miller’s

Leaders: The Fitzgeralds, The Chestnuts, Jason Driggers, & Laura Lynn Sims



Grades 10 & 11 // SOPHS & JUNIORS

>> Meeting at the Keese’s

Leaders: The Keeses & The Hammetts



Grade 9 // FRESHMEN

>> Meeting at The Forrester’s home

Leaders: The Zbochs, The Kerns, Shelby Thornton, & Matt Love



Grades 7 & 8

>> Meeting at the Robertson’s

Leaders: The Pierces, The Hobsons, Katie Coldwell, & Kami Smith



Have more questions? Check out the FAQs below.

What are small groups?

Small groups meet every week for the purpose of Fellowship (getting to know each other, becoming accountable to one another, meeting each other’s spiritual needs) and Bible Study (going deeper into God’s word and discussing it’s practical application into our lives).

Each group is facilitated by adult leaders who guide the discussions and to help the group fulfill its purpose. Once a month, groups normally meet to eat dinner together on a predetermined Wednesday nights (usually the last Wed of the month) for food and fellowship instead of doing their usual Bible study.

When do small groups meet?

Small groups meet on Wednesday nights during the school year, beginning in September. Groups meet from approx 7-8 PM. Groups are suspended during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break.

How are locations determined for small groups?

Several factors are considered when choosing locations for small groups. These include where the students live, who the leaders are and where they live, and where the hosts are located. It is the goal to have everyone assigned to a group that meets within a 15 minute drive from their home although it may not always be possible to do so.

Is everyone in the youth group automatically assigned to a small group?

No, anyone who is interested in a small group should register for one. Small groups are always open to any youth group member.

Should I participate in small groups this year?

YES! This is the best way to get involved with the youth ministry, grow spiritually in God, and connect with others in the youth group. They are also a lot of fun.

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