Finding Balance

Finding Balance

In life it has always been a struggle for me to not over commit. I have always been the one that hates to disappoint others or tell others no. Also, I put way too much confidence in myself and in my ability to do everything to the best of my ability. Many times I get it all done but some things are better than others for sure. Usually by the end of the crazy cycle I am exhausted and not a lot of fun to be around. Have you ever been there?

One of the things we are trying to teach our kids and ourselves in the Borden household is balance. What do we need to say yes to and what do we need to say no to, because really once you start saying yes to some things you are going to have to say no to other things. We love to pack great things on our calendar that will build our kids’ character and things that strengthen their mind, soul, and body.

I think it is important every year before signing up for everything to make sure as a family you sit down and talk about what you want to do and map it out on your calendar so you can see just what you are committing to. Give your family the option to say yes and no to things. Remember when you are saying yes to some things you maybe saying no to others. If Sunday youth connection and Wednesday small groups are important than you may have to say no to some things. I know it is not always fun but I think we can really help our students grow when they help take ownership of the family calendar instead of saying yes to everything and overloading it. Help them think through why they want to play that sport or take that AP class and make sure it is them owning that decision and not feel trapped or forced.

Remember the goal of parenting is to raise God fearing, mature adults and not raising kids!

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