Bible Classes: Sundays during COVID


Updated 1.8.20

We are excited to be in The Zone on Sunday mornings. Check out all the safety measures in place so we can enjoy time together while staying as safe as possible. We are revising our requirements as needed, taking it month by month, and will reevaluate mask requirements periodically to make sure we are providing ideal safety for everyone.

Before you enter The Zone:

  • Parents, take your student’s temperature
  • If you have been sick or exposed to COVID, please stay home
  • Get a mask to put on before you enter The Zone
  • Seating in the main room will already be set up 6’ apart (please do not move chairs)
  • The Zone will have been freshly cleaned and ready for you each Sunday morning
  • Hand sanitizer will be set out

As you enter The Zone:

  • Only students and teachers in the Zone, please
  • No parents or any other extra adults (help us keep our numbers at a safe total)
  • Wear a mask as you enter & leave it on
  • Come early and hang out! We want everyone to have fun… and with a mask on at all times, please.


  • Starts in the main room for large-group time at 9:45am
  • Announcements, short scripture, prayer, and a few words from Bryan
  • Seats will be set up 6’ apart - please LEAVE CHAIRS where they are
  • Break outs at 10am will be in grade-level groups
  • Masks need to be worn the entire time
  • Dismiss at 10:30 am

Dismissed after class is over:

  • Stay and play or chat!
  • Wear a mask while you hang out until you leave The Zone

What about ping pong, pool, foosball, & shooting hoops?

  • Yes - you can play!
  • Wear a mask while you play
  • Sanitize hands before & after you play
  • Bystanders watching also need to wear a mask and sanitize if touching any equipment

What about DONUTS and DRINKS?

  • Donuts & drinks will not be available for a while to make sure all masks stay ON the entire time

We are hoping that this keeps us safe, while allowing students a fun and encouraging class.

One final note:

The North doors of the church building are locked due to the new safety regulations being followed by the Children’s Ministry team. You’ll need to enter and exit the church building at the South or East entrance.

Contact us with any concerns or questions.

Thank you!

Bryan Borden - // Shelby Thornton -

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