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Prestoncrest offers a variety of Bible Class Connections. You can feel comfortable here, no matter your age or life stage. Here you can share your burdens and support others through their challenges. It's also a place of fellowship and service where people come together. Come, grow, learn and live with others who have the same desires – to live the purposes of Christ in their lives. Every day.

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A class for marrieds and singles of all ages. Intended to cultivate a unique and intimate bond among its members through collective worship, prayer, and discussion.

Preston Place 185 (Meeting in-person and virtually),
Leaders: Matt and J.T. Coats | Jamie and Jennifer Liebl

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Young Marrieds, Young Families, Middle Age, Seniors, Multi-Generational

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Bound by Faith

Bound by Faith is for young families. Our class mission is to encourage one another through the Word so as to better tackle the things life throws our way. 'A cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart.' Eccl. 4:9-12.

Prestoncrest 236,
Leaders: Michael and Melissa Jackson, Dan and Lindsay Mobley

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Young Marrieds, Young Families

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Brother’s Keeper

A diverse group of warm, loving and friendly adults of all ages studying God's word, striving to do His will, dedicated to recognizing needs and serving others.

Prestoncrest #231,
Leaders: Jim and Ruth Ann Key

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Seniors, Multi-Generational

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C-Life Bible Class

Desinged to promote an authentic community of believers while reaching out into the community to share God's grace and wisdom. Everyone is welcome!

Preston Place 135,
Leaders: Trent and Pam Brown, Ron Green

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Singles, Multi-Generational

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Singles, College, Young Adults, ages 18-35

Preston Place 230,
Leaders: Jacob Hawk

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Singles, Young Marrieds

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Discussion Bible Class

A discussion format of books of the Bible.

Prestoncrest Place 230 (in-person and virtual),
Leaders: Mike Kern

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Current Study Topic

The Gospel of Mark


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Engaged and Newly Marrieds Bible Class

The ENGAGED AND NEWLY MARRIED class is designed for couples who are preparing for their prospective marriages and married couples beginning their lives together.

Preston Place 200 Meeting virtually and in-person October/November in Auditorium and our regular room in December.,
Leaders: Ben and Mary Ellen Sorrell

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Current Study Topic

ENM is currently meeting virtually. Plans are to begin meeting in person starting October in a combined setting in the Prestoncrest auditorium. ENM will resume meeting in their classroom in December.

Singles, Young Marrieds

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Families in Christ

Families, primarily in their 30’s & 40’s,most with older children and/or teens

Prestoncrest 230,
Leaders: Terry and Nicole Brantley, Mark and Tara McClure

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Young Families, Middle Age

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FOR 12

The Family of Romans 12 class is comprised of young married couples, most with children. The focus is to assist each couple in molding a Christian foundation for their marriage and family, and forming close friendships with other couples.

Prestoncrest 235,
Leaders: Sam and Courtney Vasali

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Young Marrieds, Young Families

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Friendship Class

A class of marrieds, singles, and widowers in their 50's, 60's, and 70's

Prestoncrest 223,
Leaders: Jim and Karen Barrett

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Seniors, Multi-Generational

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Hearts in Action

A mix of singles, couples, families and those who are single again.

Preston Place #130,
Leaders: Richard & Virginia Curry, Dennis & Hazel Harris, Jim & Diane Hopson, Carl & Gail Thomas, Tom & Nancy Fowler

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Singles, Middle Age, Seniors, Multi-Generational

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Kingdom Seekers

All are welcome. This class is meeting in-person and virtually.

Prestoncrest 238,
Leaders: Blake & Kaite Calloway, Drew & Janine Locke, Tripp & Amanda Radcliff

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Young Marrieds, Young Families, Multi-Generational

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Life Builders

Families, primarily in their 40’s & 50's, with older children/teens

Preston Place #147,
Leaders: Scott and Kellie Wilkinson

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Young Families, Middle Age

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Living Faith Bible Class

An active group of couples and widows in or near their retirement years.

Prestoncrest Family room,
Leaders: Robert and Tammy Hobbs

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Middle Age

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Pacesetters Bible Class

An energetic mix of singles, widowers, single again, and couples. We begin meeting in-person in November 2020.

Prestoncrest Fellowship Hall,
Leaders: Bob and Gail Yancey

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Singles, Middle Age, Seniors, Multi-Generational

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Seeking His Presence

(Currently not meeting) A quiet alternative during the Sunday Morning connection time. No teacher, no talking, only silence.

Prestoncrest Auditorium,
Leaders: Self Directed

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Singles, Young Marrieds, Young Families, Middle Age, Seniors, Multi-Generational

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We welcome all who would like to join us on the journey of faith. Our group varies in age, and includes married and unmarried folks. We are meeting in-person!

Preston Place 125,
Leaders: Alan & Karen McAulay, Brad and Jayne Weldon, Scott & Robin Wolfe

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Singles, Middle Age, Multi-Generational

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Single Purpose

This class believes we can enjoy fulfillment in life as a single by living out a calling to a single purpose: to please the Lord through our devotion to him in both body and spirit (1 Cor. 7:32-34).

Preston Place 270,
Leaders: Ron Green

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Singles, Middle Age

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The Attic

The Attic is a place just for the third – sixth graders of Prestoncrest! 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Graders start the morning with Kidz Connection classtime together in their designated classes (Small Groups) at 9:45am & end in their classes.

Prestoncrest #218/220

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The Backyard

Children aged 2 through PreK enjoy the Backyard. Children are grouped by birthdate into different classes. Drop off & pick up for 2's in the 2's hallway. Drop off for PreK (3's & 4's) in their classroom with pick up in “The Backyard” (#100).

Prestoncrest #100,
Leaders: Anna Gsheidle

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The ClubHouse

The ClubHouse is a place just for the Kindergarten – 2nd graders of Prestoncrest! K, 1st, & 2nd Graders are dropped off in their Connections classrooms. Pick up is also in their classrooms.

Prestoncrest #200

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The Journey

A Bible class for for everyone. Our class mission is found in Deuteronmy 6:5-9: Love God, love others, leave a legacy, and show the world.

Prestoncrest #238,
Leaders: David and Stephanie Bean | Nick and Leslie Scott

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Young Marrieds, Young Families, Multi-Generational

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Youth Group (PCYG)

Our 7th - 12th grade students meet together each week in the Zone and start off with a time of fellowship and donuts. We then move into a big group worship time for about 5-7 minutes and then break into our Bible study times that are broken up by grade.

"The Zone" @ Preston Place, #100,
Leaders: Bryan Borden & Alexandra McAulay

Contact Youth Group (PCYG)

Contact 972-628-4994 @@BryanBordo

Current Study Topic

Each grade has a different topic: 7th & 8th: 911 Friendships 9th & 10th: Proverbs, Job, & Wisdom Lit 11th & 12th: Acts & being a part of the body


Bible Class Connection FAQs

Can someone guide me through my visit?

Simply register at Design My Visit and be our guest for the morning. We'll meet you and personally show you around and try to answer all of your questions.

What is a Bible Class Connection?

Bible Class Connections meet every Sunday morning for Bible study, prayer and fellowship. They operate like a small church family. Many of our members find that their Bible Class Connection is a place of learning, a place of belonging, a place of service, a place of worship and a place of prayer.

Do I have to place membership before I attend a Bible Class Connection?

No. In fact, we encourage guests to attend our classes.

What should I wear?

Wear whatever makes you comfortable.

Where should I park?

We offer guest spaces on the east side of our parking area. Additional parking is located across the street north of the church at Preston Place.

How do I locate a Bible Class Connection?

Stop by the information desk in the main foyer. There will be someone there to welcome you and answer your questions.

Will I be required to talk, read from the Bible or pray out loud?

You are welcome to participate at any time or simply listen.

Is there childcare during the Bible Class Connection time?

We offer classes for all ages including children and a nursery is available for the littlest ones.

What if I don’t fit into a particular Bible Class Connection?

You are welcome to visit any classes. If you have questions about where to start please contact Leslie Scott, our Adult Education coordinator, or contact Robert Stolte, our Adult Education minister.