Small Group Resources

Our small groups are not just meetings – they are Christian brothers and sisters who walk with each other, think and explore ideas together, and encourage one other along this amazing faith journey. To help we provide a weekly study guide that follows the Sunday morning sermon. There is also digital media available, along with suggestions and tips on how to make the group experience better.

Small Group References

Here is a growing group of ideas, guides & helps that can work alongside your own small group leadership. If you have any questions, please email Bob Chisholm and he’ll help you in whatever way possible.

Small Group Plans

Here are past small group plans written by Bob Chisholm and used in the small group ministry at Prestoncrest. Use them to the glory of God and for the spiritual growth of His people.

Small Group FAQs

Still have questions about small groups? Check out these frequently asked small group questions.

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What Is A Small Group?

A small group is 8 to 20 people who commit themselves to meet regularly, usually weekly, for study, prayer, fellowship, accountability and ministry.

What Is The Goal Of Our Small Group Ministry?

The vision of Prestoncrest is Passion for God … Compassion for People. It comes from the two greatest commands as offered by Jesus (Matthew 22:37-40). Our practical expression of this vision is Reaching Up, Reaching In and Reaching Out. These three encompass the three major relationships of every person. UP – their relationship with God. IN – their relationship with believers. OUT – their relationship with non-believers.

Where Do Small Groups Meet?

Small groups meet throughout the city in homes, offices, restaurants, parks (weather permitting) and at the Prestoncrest church building. Wherever there is an opportunity for two or three to “gather in his name” there is the opportunity for a small group.

When Do Small Groups Meet?

Most of our groups meet on Wednesday evenings, but several of the groups meet at other times during the week. A few groups meet on other days of the week and at different times of the day. Our group list will define the specific times and places.

Most of the groups have been meeting for a long time. Some take the summer off and resume each fall.

How Long Is A Small Group Meeting?

Most meetings last from 1 to 2 hours. Some groups meet first at a nearby restaurant for a meal together before gathering in a home for the group meeting.

What Do People Do In A Small Group Meeting?

Each group has its own personality, but most will follow some form of what many call the 4Ws.

  1. Welcome is a time to greet each other and catch up on the week, usually over a simple snack.
  2. Worship is a brief interlude of singing and praising the Lord.
  3. The Word portion of the small group is a time to reflect on God’s Word and apply it to our lives. Some groups use the time to discuss the Sunday morning message. Others will use a video series or will work through a book from the Bible or a Biblical theme.
  4. Finally, the Works portion of the meeting is time spent in prayer for the lost, or planning a small group outreach or other special event. Some small groups take time each week to write notes of encouragement. Others even have a mission effort that they contribute to and discuss each week.

These four components, Welcome, Worship, Word, Works, or can serve as a skeleton around which the traditional small group is built.

How Do I Investigate The Groups?

Don't wait for an invitation. You are always free to invite yourself to any small group you like. In fact, everyone is welcome. Our small groups are open to visitors. Feel free to invite your neighbors and coworkers and out-of-town guests.

As a beginning point, utilize the small group list and/or the small group map. Find a group that is near your home.

If you don't connect with one small group, for whatever reason, visit another. Keep visiting until you find a group that makes you feel at home. We believe God has a place for you to give and to receive. It is important for you to find that place.

What about my kids?

Some groups meet at the church building on Wednesday evening where childcare is provided. Some groups incorporate their children into their group experience. Some groups have a family devotional for the first part of their group time before taking turns teaching the kids a lesson in one part of the home while the adults meet together in another part. Some groups treat the group experience as a night out with their spouse and hire a babysitter for their kids. Much depends upon the age and number of children.