A Spiritual Journey

a one year journey of solitude and community

Each week Bob Chisholm leads 6-8 very small groups of Christians in a time of sharing and discussion of the inner life and the outer expression of God’s inner spiritual formation. These groups meet in the very early morning, at mid-morning, or at mid-day. Each group member follows a 52-week Spiritual Journey study that provides a structured quiet time for 6 days of each week through the year. Over 200 of our church members have gone through this journey, including several of our elders. Many are active deacons, Bible Class leaders, small group leaders and ministry leaders.

If you are interested in making this Spiritual Journey the requirements are

  • A one year commitment to the journey.
  • A commitment to the solitude of daily quiet time.
  • A commitment to the community of meeting each week in group discussion.
  • A willingness to read the weekly writings, scriptures, hymns and prayers.
  • A partnership in creating a place of safe discussion.

Feel free to talk to Bob about being a part of the next round of groups.

Here are the 52 weekly themes:


1. BEGINNINGGod Knows Where You’re Going.
2. RESTINGBecause You’re Exhausted.
3. ENTERINGMeet God Inside Your Own Heart.
4. ADDRESSINGBegin Your Prayer In Astonishment.
5. DESIRING Seek God First. He Will Provide The Rest.
6. QUIETINGRediscover Silence And Solitude.
7. ASKINGBring Your Needs To The Father.
8. REFLECTINGMeditate. Ponder. Contemplate. Think.
9. LEARNINGContinue To Search For God’s Truth.
10. WRITINGDiscover The Power Of Journaling.
11. ACCEPTINGOpen Your Heart To God’s Guidance.
12. MANAGINGUse God’s Priorities To Balance Your Time.
13. SETTLINGLook For Places To Pause And Pray.


14. CHOOSINGGive God The Space To Act.
15. LISTENINGPrayer Is Not Just About You Talking.
16. ADMITTINGUse The Power Of Confession.
17. INTERCEDINGLift Others Up To God In Prayer.
18. READINGReturn Again And Again To God’s Word.
19. DISENGAGINGPicture A Heart Clean And Clear Of Clutter.
20. MENTORINGWho Taught You? Who Can You Teach?
21. REFRAININGLearn To Talk Less And Filter More.
22. SHARINGFind Spiritual Maturity In Community.
23. RELEASINGSeek God’s Will By Surrendering Control.
24. SEARCHINGFind God, And Then Continue To Seek Him.
25. CENTERINGFocus Your Life Of Faith.
26. TRUSTINGRemain Faithful When The Journey Becomes Difficult.


27. WITNESSING Learn To Be God’s Evangelistic Partner.
28. GIVINGDiscover The Joy Of Generosity.
29. FOLLOWING Remember, You Are Not The Guide.
30. WORSHIPPING Don’t Worship Your Experience Of God, Worship God.
31. REJOICING Find The Difference Between Happiness And Joy.
32. FASTING Rediscover This Ancient Practice Of Self-Denial.
33. RESISTING The Enemy Wages War Against Your Soul.
34. GATHERING Recommit To Our “One Another” Faith.
35. WAITING Find The Connection Between Stillness And Strength.
36. HUMBLING Downsize Your Pride By Standing Next To God.
37. OBEYING Fear God And Keep His Commandments.
38. WELCOMING Use Your Home As A Place For Healing.
39. JOINING Community, Unity And Fellowship Are God’s Desire.


40. PURIFYING — God Must Go Deep To Cleanse Your Heart.
41. ORDERING — Allow God To Re-Order Your Private World.
42. OPENING — Be Transparent With God And Close Relationships.
43. PROMISING — Draw Upon God’s Commitment As You Extend Yours.
44. LOVING — Learn To Love Those You May Not Like.
45. SYMPATHIZING — Your Compassion Changes Others … And You.
46. GROWING — Move Beyond “Should Be” To “Can Be.”
47. SERVING — Determine To Be God’s Compassion.
48.THANKING — Imagine Gratitude Reshaping Your Heart.
49.LIBERATING — Seek Freedom, Not Entitlement.
50.LIVING — Break Down The Wall Between Sacred And Secular.
51. PROTECTING — Move Beyond Submission To Surrender.
52. TRAVELING — Live As A Pilgrim, But Not A Stranger In This World.