Service Opportunities

Discover your purpose and find fulfillment in a place of service. Service is an integral part of our family at Prestoncrest.

Worship Ministries

Bringing praise to God during our time together as a church family.

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Baptismal Assistance

The baptismal assistance ministry supports the baptismal process. Activities range from unlocking and maintaining the preparation rooms to providing guidance and assistance when needed for the actual baptism.
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Bulletin, Ushers

Ushers facilitate the distribution of bulletins and other printed info, retrieval of communion & contribution trays, and seating of our church family.
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The communion ministry plans and conducts the service of the Lord’s Supper during each worship service.
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Communion Preparation

Communion preparation is a work that takes about an hour and blesses the entire church every Sunday! Both coordinators and helpers are needed, and takes about once each month.
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Open a door and be a friendly face! Greeters are needed at each entrance of the church building each Sunday.  Shifts are for either the 8:15 am service or the 10:45 am service. Easy, fun, and rewarding!
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Homebound Communion

The homebound communion ministry ensures that all homebound church members are able to share in the communion meal each week and is coordinated through our Connections.
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Information Center

The information center provides an easily accessible and highly visible area where visitors and new members are welcomed and provided with directions and general information about Prestoncrest. Volunteers are needed to coordinate and staff these friendly faces!
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Adult Ministries

Serving the needs of adults, both in the congregation and in the community.

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Adult Education

Adult Education Bible class ministry has a variety of areas where you can offer serve! Teacher are always needed for Adult Bible classes on Sunday mornings. Teacher Mentors are needed, as well, and they encourage and support other teachers. Teacher Scheduling Assistants help class leaders as they scheduling teachers and topics. Curriculum Directors/Writers/Leaders help direct groups of curriculum writers in curriculum development. Teacher Resource and Library Assistants help maintain Prestoncrest’s teacher resources and library. Couple Mentors attend a designated class of younger couples and offer encouragement to the couples in the class. Task Leaders assist Class Leaders with various service and administration needs in the class. 
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Blood Drive

Our Blood Drive ministry provides a wonderful gift for our community. Once or twice a year, Prestoncrest invites Carter Blood Care to come to the Fellowship Hall for our members to donate blood. Volunteer opportunties include helping with various needs before and during the blood drive.
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Cover Dallas With Love/Urban Missions

Cover Dallas With Love is Prestoncrest’s Urban Missions Ministry that demonstrates the love of Christ through a variety of volunteer opportunities during the year. Some opportunities are a one-time event, and other areas provide long-term ways we can serve. If you have a heart for serving neighbors in need and blessing our community, this ministry is for you!
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Senior Adults

Our senior adults enjoy activities from time to time during the year. Also, some of them may have one-time needs for assistance due to disabilities or advanced age. Volunteer opportunities include working with ministry leaders to coordinate events and/or meeting these one-time needs.
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Single Adults

Our Singles enjoy activities, small groups, and lots of fund and fellowship each week. Volunteer opportunities include working with our Singles Minister or group leaders to help coordinate events and/or meet needs.
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Youth & Children Ministries

Nurturing our children from the time they are born until they graduate from High School.

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Children’s Ministry

Prestoncrest’s Children’s ministry (KidzStreet) welcomes volunteers, whether or not you have small children at home! Anyone that enjoys working with and serving children is welcome. Opportunities include helping with events, teaching classes, helping in the nursery, and helping with special projects. New opportunities are always coming up, as well.  (Of course, with safety first, all volunteers need to pass a Background Check before becoming a volunteer.)
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Sunshine School

Prestoncrest’s Sunshine School is always in need of subsitute teachers* and welcomes volunteers, whether or not you have your own small children at home! Anyone that enjoys working with and serving children is welcome. (Of course, with safety first, all volunteers need to pass a Background Check before becoming a volunteer.) (*Substitute teachers are also paid!)
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Prestoncrest’s youth group (PCYG) welcomes volunteers, whether or not you have teens at home! Anyone that enjoys working with and serving teens is welcome. Opportunities include teaching class, hosting or leading small groups, and helping with special events. New opportunities are always coming up, as well.  (Of course, with safety first, all volunteers need to pass a Background Check before becoming a volunteer with the youth group.) 
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Learn more about Youth & Children

Church Family Ministries

Helping and encouraging our church family.

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Fellowship events at Prestoncrest are a great way to get to know other members. Our Fellowship team plans a variety of events each year and they welcome extra hands to make the events happen. Events include an annual Chili Supper Cookoff, an annual All-Church Campout, and our “3rd Thursday Game Night” each month.
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Rides to Church

From time to time, people contact the church office to let us know that they need a ride to church.  Areas of service include being available to pick someone up and take them home after worship service.
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Small Groups

Volunteer opportunities include writing small group lessons as needed, hosting small groups and/or helping start new small groups in parts of the metroplex where there are few or no groups.  (Interested in finding a Small Group to join? Check out our website’s Small Group page or contact Bob Chisholm or Sherry Jackson to find out more: or 972.233.2392)
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Spiritual Formation

Volunteer opportunities include working with Bob Chisholm to write/create devotional materials and prayers and/or becoming training to lead “Spiritual Journey Groups.” (Interested in joining a Spiritual Formation group as a group study member? Email or contact Bob directly to find out more: or 972.233.2392)
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Our Widows and Widowers ministry provides love, support, and encouragement to people at this time of their lives. They enjoy activities from time to time during the year. Also, some of them may have one-time needs to help with due to disabilities or advanced age. Volunteer opportunities include working with deacons and/or ministry leaders to coordinate events and/or meeting one-time needs.
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Outreach Ministries

Reaching beyond the walls of our church to our neighborhood, our city, and the world.

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Christmas Toy Drive

Share the joy of Christmas with a needy family! This service opportunity kicks off immediately after Thanksgiving each year and involves most of the church body as members and classes adopt a needy family to buy some much-needed clothes, as well as gifts, for their children. Opportunities to serve include helping at the “adopt a family” table in the foyer before/after worship service, delivering gifts to those unable to pick them up, and helping to shop for additional items for some of the families.
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Since January 2002, Prestoncrest members have worked with people from around the world through the FriendSpeak program. This program allows people opportunity to practice their conversational English skills by reading materials taken from the New Testament. The FriendSpeak ministry offers one-on-one conversational English sessions every Sunday at 5-6pm or Wednesday at 7-8pm at our church building.  Prestoncrest workers are always needed and are paired with a student reader. Most readers are eager-to-learn students from Taiwan that attend college nearby at UTD.
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The mission effort in Ghana has been blessed with 2,000+ baptisms through evangelists there. Volunteers can support and encourage their efforts with texts, emails, calls, and trips to be involved in their activities.  Bob Chisholm travels to the Village of Hope for 7-10 days in October each year. Contact Bob by the end of April to secure a seat on the trip. (Note: Costs are not covered by Prestoncrest and are approximately $1500 for shots & airfare and can run $100-200/day for food + lodging + local transportation + sightseeing during the trip.)
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Institutional Benevolence

The Institutional Benevolence ministry provides ongoing support for these groups that provide love and care for the needy at crucial times of their lives. 
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Member/Community Benevolence

This ministry is focused on those requiring temporary assistance in meeting immediate needs (food, clothing and shelter). Occasionally, emergency financial assistance is provided through this ministry. 
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Men’s Prison Ministry

The Men’s Prison ministry makes periodic trips to the Men’s Prison in Huntsville to help with worship services, teach classes, and encourage the prisoners.  Your visits will have a significant impact on both them and you! Transportation is provided each time by the church, and visits are on Sundays about once every 3-4 mos. Your ability to go on each trip can be based on your schedule. (This ministry is limited to men only due to the rules at the Huntsville Prison.)
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Missions identifies and supports both one-time and ongoing efforts throughout the world in reaching others for Christ.  Your involvement is needed for ongoing contacts, encouragement, and meeting the evolving needs of these ministries. 
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New Members/Member Retention

The new member ministry helps to welcome new members to the Prestoncrest family and encourages new members to connect through worship services, classes, and other activities. 
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Packs & Pencils

Our Packs & Pencils ministry is an active way of showing Christ’s love by providing school supplies for needy children. We make a special effort to get to know the children we are encouraging, including a fun day when the supplies are picked up. Help is always needed to aid with areas such as planning, signup day (March), working the donation table in June, working “setup night” in August to sort supplies, and the “giveaway day” in August to serve the families who arrive and entertain their children. 
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“Pumpkinfest” is Prestoncrest’s Fall Festival held each year on the Saturday evening before Halloween. It is offered FREE to our community to give them a safe place to bring their family for a fun evening and relies on many volunteers to make it happen! Volunteers help with setup, cleanup, donate desserts for the cake walk, supervise games or inflatables, serve food, greet guests, decorate a trunk for trunk-or-treat, and more. Let us know if you’d like to help PC bless the community by serving at Pumpkinfest!
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Social Media

Are you a Social Media professional? Our graphic designer (staff member) welcomes advice, help and insights from those who know it best! Let us know how you can help us bless others with our Social Media presence.
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Thanksgiving Food Drive

The Thanksgiving Food Drive is an outreach to our neighbors in need.  Prestoncrest provides special lists of non-perishable items for the congregation to shop for & return and then adds a turkey to go with these items. Volunteers are needed to help us demonstrate God’s love to these families.  Opportunities include helping with bulk turkey transportation (anyone with a truck available is appreciated!) and helping load food into cars on distribution day.
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Vacation Bible School is an exciting program each year as hundreds of children from the community experience the love of Jesus through innovative and exciting activities.  Volunteer…you’ll enjoy it even more than the children! Help needed includes pre-planning jobs, decorating beforehand, helping prepare supplies, and/or teaching during the week of VBS (June.)
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World Bible School

World Bible School is a ministry that literally touches people around the world and you can serve from your own home! This concept is based on the mail, as lessons are provided and mailed back and forth between learner and teacher, to increase knowledge and understanding of God’s Word and bring learners to Christ.  Volunteer now…the rewards are eternal!
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Administration Ministries

Supporting the operation and facility needs of the church.

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Attendance Counting

Our Attendance Counting ministry ensures that we have accurate records of attendance at our major functions. Volunteers serve as needed to take a count of the attendance during worship service, etc.
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Building & Grounds

Upkeep at our church building, both inside and out, is always going on! From time to time, an extra set of hands is needed and would be greatly appreciated, especially if you have a background in a specialized area.Work would be coordinated by and/or accomplished alongside our facilities staff.
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Those with expertise in websites, computer hardware, and/or software are always appreciated to help with helping our church stay current with technology! Various tasks may include working alongside our church staff and/or contracted companies to help speed project completions.
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IT-Audio-Visual & Live Stream

If you have experience with audio/video and/or live streaming, you are needed! Jobs may include filling in on Sunday mornings in the AV booth when our regular staff is unable to come, helping with live streaming, working with sermon video archiving, and/or helping with A/V needs for special events.
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Office Administration

Are you available during the week during business hours? From time to time, we need extra help at the church office to answer phones, file, do data entry, sort mail, etc.
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Security/Emergency Response

For those that are first responders, doctors, nurses, former military, or have careers in security, we’d love to know who you are! Even though we hire DPD officers and security guards to be at our Sunday gatherings, we may ask you for your help or insights from time to time to help make Prestoncrest safe for all our members. And for medical needs, even though an ambulance is less than 5 minutes away with a call to 911, sudden emergencies arise and knowing who our medical professionals are is helpful in those situations to care for people before the medics arrive. Our coordinator for the group, Michael Maddox, has served as a Fireman/Paramedic himself since 1998 with the city of Richardson and is a deacon at Prestoncrest.
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