News from Niipaak Laar, our evangelist in Saboba, Ghana

March 10, 2019, Ghana

​Here are some updates from Niipaak Laar, our evangelist in

Saboba, Ghana.

First, some updated pictures of village evangelists:

Elder this is
preacher Kofi Konjah Gideon recent family picture.

This is preacher
Abraham Tibrum Bakam family picture. Abraham
named the baby this morning. He named him Bakam Gmajonban Nathan. The only boy
he has, all girls.

Good afternoon elder. This is preacher Samuel Kolimba and his family.

Good evening elder. I
am currently in Bunkpurugu after going round visiting our brothers whose homes
were destroyed. See those brothers and their destroyed homes in the
pictures below. Bunkpurugu and

Gbingbani church are both buying the roofing materials and
hoping to share it to them on Sunday at Gbingbani church.

The brothers were too happy upon
hearing of the help.

The following
pictures are of a family we are helping support by providing funds for food,
enrollment in the Ghana health care plan, clothing, etc. The boy, Samuel, is suffering from what we
believe is muscular dystrophy.

[3/5, 9:23 AM] Niipaak Laar: Just visited Samuel at his
house with the father. I presented the
money cash to him just this afternoon. I was there with preacher Francis Suuk.

[3/5, 9:31 AM] Charles Johnston: Niipaak-

Thank you so much for the pictures and your care for this
family. We pray that this will be of
help to them and give glory to the Father and promote good influence for Francis and the church.

Please be in prayer
for the safety, health, and outreach activities of all our evangelists,
members, and their ministries in Ghana.