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Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message...
– Colossians 4:2-3

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Ghana 2020

June 24, 2020, Ghana


Attached are the 1st Qtr reports from Niipaak in Saboba and Andrews in
Yendi. Please be in prayer for our 78 new brothers and sisters in Christ
added to our spiritual family. Also, be in prayer that they be encouraged
and blessed by God in their efforts as they operate under the severe restrictions
being imposed due to Covid-19.





Greetings to you all in the name of Christ, I believe you are doing well by
grace. Unfortunately this report is reaching you in a very hard time in the
history of this world concerning killer Corona virus. However, we do know that
even in this difficult time, we are still more than conquerors through Him who
loves us. Kindly find below some efforts made within the quarter;
went on well until this unfortunate situation happened. However, our
congregations are doing very well and making a lot of improvement.
replacement. By the grace of God both of them are completed and are in use
now. However, Chagbani Church building needs more funds to finish with its
plastering and floor.
nonmembers are benefiting from it. The boy Samuel in Bunkpurugu district
and his family are very grateful to you for the continuous support they
receive monthly. Also I am happy to mention to you that, sister Upii
Nborlen who was about to commit sucide because of her work collapsed and
indebtedness is now free. We are able to pay all the debts she owned and
she has resumed baking her bread and taking care of herself. She is now a
very happy woman in the Church. The identified widows and old ladies who
are the usual beneficiaries of this program were also supplied with food
stuffs on the 18th February, 2020 as the first round of the
God. For the past two weeks as congregational worship has been suspended
by the President of the Republic of Ghana to control the spread of Corona
Virus, this program has remained the only opportunity. I am actually very
grateful that, even in this serious pandemic His Church has this alternative
to propagate His word. And the good news is that, souls are converted
through this program even in this critical moment.
Preachers and Leaders who help teach the general seminars. Unfortunately
after that first step, this pandemic issue became serious. For now the
continuity of other programs for this year is in the hands of God. If God
takes away the pandemic and things normalized and the season is still
good, we shall continue with those we can continue.
to the church premises individually.

  1. CONGREGATIONAL VISITS; The year 2020 started quiet well and I took this aspect of my ministry very serious. Visitations
  2. PROJECTS; The then ongoing projects in 2020 were Wapuli Church building and Saboba Church roof
  3. BENEVOLENCE; This aspect of ministry is also smoothly ongoing and uncountable people both Church members and
  4. RADIO PROGRAM; This program is the only source now by which people in this area are able to get the word of
  5. ANNUAL SEMINARS; The annual seminars got started on the13th and 14th Mach, 2020 at Tasundo with
  6. WORSHIP; For now we meet as household churches and Lord’s supper is conducted to members as they come

church. The following are their names and dates of baptism;

  1. BAPTISMS; God has blessed His church so much with some new converts who got baptized and added to His

the 5th January, 2020 the following new converts were baptized in
Saboba church;

1. Grace Ntedik

2. Jinmorl Solomon

3. Mercy Tachun

4. Majah Mukukanjor Addison

5. Grace Biyimiba

6. Blessing Mpuankpe

7. Bambaln N-nabi Simon

8. Anita Nyanjah

9. Georgina Takami

10. Ludduh Kojo Boniface

11. Jachan Nelson

12. Jachan Jabaab

13. Abigail Yennukon

14. Gladys Majal

the 16th February, 2020 the following new converts were baptized again
in Saboba church;

1. Gmaban B. Benjamin

2. Gmayebar Ndonbe Janet

3. Nampari Daniela Nchikakpa

4. Gmayebar Iwinlin Monica

5. Neina Nchubalan Eva

6. Wumbei Happy

7. N-nyibe Mafanlik Grace

8. Nbinakpe Malana

9. N-nyibe Yaku John

the 11th March 2020 the following new converts were baptized in
Saboba and added to the church. This man was a renounced idol worshipper of
which everyone in his area was afraid of and he is a teacher. On this day the
Lord touched him in a very special way through the radio program and was
baptized with the wife to the glory of God.

1. Mr. Wunati Bigarba Douglas

2. Madim Magnanawiir Comfort

28th March, 2020 the following people gave their lives to God and
were baptized in Saboba church.

1. Majah Charity Nanambikina

2. Nsaman Niyemben Edward

3. Mawanye Nsuidiin Haggai

4. Buri Zeinab Laudina


are 4 hard working Project Timothy Evangelists who need some support to enable
them put out their best more effectively.

already supported Evangelists need some increments of their support if

congregation needs support to complete their building.

need benches for congregations such as; Wapuli, Latido, Kitulamboni, and



the 3rd January I was at Wapuli for preacher Nakoja Timothy father
burial service.

the 5th February 2020 all churches around Gbaln area went to Wadiik
for Joint service.

the 12th January 2020 I went to Namwalbu for Church service
and Preacher Kofi new born baby naming Ceremony.

the 19th January 2020 I worship with Saaksi congregation and I
taught Bible class.

the 25th January 2020 I went to Saboba for preachers monthly meeting

the 2nd February 2020 all Churches around Gbaln area went to Latido
for Joint service

the 9th February 2020 I worship with Gbaln Congregation and I taught
Bible Class

the 16th February 2020 I worship with Saaksi congregation and I
taught Bible class

the 23rd February 2020 I worship with Saaksi congregation

the 1st March 2020 all the churches around Gbaln area went to
Namwalbu for joint service and I taught Bible class

the 8th March I was at Kumasi and I worship with Ejisu congregation

the 15th March 2020 I worship with Gbaln congregation and I taught
Bible class

the 22nd March 2020 I worship with Gbaln congregation


the 3rd January I was at Wapuli for preacher Nakoja Timothy
father burial service

the 5th January 2020 I worship Wadiik Church (Joint service

the 12th January 2020 I worship with Namalbu Church

the 19th January 2020 I worship at Chagbani Church

the 25th January 2020 I was at Saboba for preachers meeting

the 2nd February 2020 I worship with Latido Church (jont Service)

the 9th February 2020 I worship at chagbani Church

the 16th February 2020 I worship with Namwalbu Church

the 23nd February 2020 I worship with Chagbani Church

the 29th February 20220 I was at Saboba for Preachers meeting

the 4th March 2020 I was at Saboba for the yearly seminar date and
centers selection

the 8th March 2020 I worship with Chagbani Church

the 15th March 2020 I worship with Chagbani Church

the 19th March 2020 I was at Saboba for one day workshop in world
vision office on the sermon guide on water sanitation and hygiene (wash) for
Christian leaders

father funeral with all the Saboba preachers.
usual join service.
preacher child naming ceremony
we were having naming ceremony
Preacher Kofi Konja

  1. On the 3rd January 2020 I was in Wapuli for our preacher Timothy
  2. On the 5th January 2020, I was in Waadik congregation for our
  3. On the 12th January 2020 I was in Namwalbu congregation for our
  4. On the 19th January 2020 I was in Garinkuka congregation.
  5. On the 26th January 2020 I was in Garinkuka congregation that day
  6. On the 2nd February 2020 I was in Garinkuka congregation
  7. On the 9th February 2020 I was in Gbaln Congregation
  8. On the 16th February 2020 I was in Chagbani congregation with
  9. 23rd February 2020 I was in Garinkuka congregation
  10. On the 1st March 2020 I was in Nanwalbu congregation for Joint
  11. On the 8th March 2020 I was in Gbaln Congregation
  12. On the 15th March 2020 I was in Kitulabuni congregation


MARCH 2020

Introduction: Greeting to you in the name
of our Lord Jesus Christ from my family and entire congregation.

We thank God for the beginning of year
2020 we also thank God for you and your families and the congregations. We
appreciation your prayers and support may God bless you all.

Below is my movement plan for the quarter

Sanguli congregation 19th January,

Sanguli congregation 19th
January 2020

Mulipido congregation 19th
January 2020

Tumbu congregation 26th January

Gbingbani congregation 2nd
February 2020

Mulipido congregation 9th
February 2020

Sanguli congregation 16th
February 2020

Tumbu Church 23rd February 2020

Sanguli congregation 1st march

Gbingbani congregation march 2020

Sanguli congregation 15th March

Sanguli congregation 22nd march

Other activities

Sundays evening Bible studies

Wednesday s evening Bible studies

Friday s prayers

My family appreciation your prayers and
your support we also continue to pray for you as you been praying for us. Once
again we say may God bless you all in Jesus Name.

Thank you

Bisaan T. Richard


THOMAS. 27/03/2020.

Bible camp evangelism on 21/12/2019 and in the evening, I attended
Wednesday-night Bible studies at Chamba town.
28-31/12/2019 and in the night time after we have returned from Salaga, I
attended 31 night which we all celebrated in singing and praising
God for keeping us through the year 2019.
around four `o` clock, I invited every Church member for get together
celebration in the chapel.
at Chamba town.
Wednesday-night Bible class at Chamba town.
the one of the leaders through whom we can revive the Church back to
conference of association of Konkomba pastors/evangelists.
Odomi to see the community elderly man for our public preaching at their
community on 19/02/2020.
and preached about Christ. Though ,the was no any convert
community of our going there to preach on 22/02/2020 and also, attended
Friday-night prayers meeting at Chamba town..
Gongopaab community. No convert.
been discharged from Bimbilla municipal hospital on 6/03/2020.
Church and the challenges in my area.
Corona virus, Ghana government has band public meetings until further
of this panic pandemic Corona virus which I and my family indoor ourselves
and participated.

  • 25/12/2019, I decided to visit and know the residential areas of the prospects discovered by the
  • 28/12/2019, One of my sons was not well I sent him to Salaga municipal hospital and he was admitted from
  • 1/01/2020, We all celebrated the new year, and taken that chance to visit others in their
  • 2/01/2020, I and my family members sent food to other people outside and in the afternoon time
  • 3/01/2020, I attended Friday-night prayers at Chamba town.
  • 5/01/2020, I worshiped at Chamba town.
  • 8/01/2020, I attended Wednesday-night Bible class at Chamba town.
  • 10/01/2020, I visited the prospects and in the night time, I attended Friday-night prayers meeting
  • 12/01/2020,I worshiped at Chamba town.
  • 15/01/2020,I attended Wednesday-night Bible class at Chamba town.
  • 17/01/2020, I attended Friday-night prayers at Chamba town.
  • 19/01/2020,I worshiped at Nboondo community.
  • 22/01/2020, I visited and encouraged the prospects to come to Church and attended
  • 24/01/2020, I attended Friday-night prayers meeting at Chamba town.
  • 26/01/2020, I worshiped at Chamba town.
  • 29/01/2020, I attended Wednesday-night Bible class at Chamba town.
  • 30/01/2020, I attended Friday-night prayers meeting at Chamba town.
  • 2/02/2020, I worshiped at Chamba town.
  • 5/02/2020, I attended Wednesday-night Bible class at Chamba town.
  • 6/02/2020, I travelled to Sabonjira with one of the Chamba church leaders to look for
  • 7/02/2020, I attended Friday-night prayers section at Chamba town.
  • 9/20/2020, I worshiped at Chamba town.
  • From 11 -15/02/2020, I travelled to Saboba and attended the invitation to the national annual
  • 16/02/2020,I worshiped at Sobiba (SABOBA town)
  • 18/02/2020, I travelled back to my station, Chamba in the evening time, I went to
  • 19/02/2020, Wednesday-night, I and some of the leaders went to Odomi community
  • 21/02/2020, in the afternoon time, I went to Gongopaab community to see the elders of the
  • 22/02/2020, sataday-night, we went to Gongopaab and preached Christ. No convert.
  • 23/02/2020, I worshiped at Chamba town.
  • 24/02/2020, we went and preached the good news of Christ at another section of
  • 26/02/2020, I attended Wednesday-night Bible studies at Chamba town.
  • 28/02/2020, I attended Friday-night prayers meeting at Chamba town.
  • 1/03/2020, I worshiped at Chamba town.
  • 4/03/2020, We went and preached the good news at Nankpatiib-do community during the night
  • 6/03/2020, I attended Friday-night prayers meeting at Chamba town.
  • 7/03/2020, I attended a member`s weding at Salaga
  • 8/03/2020, I worshiped at Kpatign community and see how a co-preacher is faring because he was just
  • 11/03/2020, I attended Wednesday-night Bible studies at Chamba town.
  • 13/03/2020, I attended Friday-night prayers meeting at Chamba town.
  • 15/03/2020, I worshiped at Chamba town.
  • 18/03/2020, I attended Wednesday-night Bible class at Chamba town.
  • 19/03/2020, I travelled to Saboba and discussed something with Bro. Niipaak on the issue of
  • 20/03/2020, I return and travelled back to Chamba from Saboba.
  • 22/03/2020, I worshiped with only my family members in our resident because of fast spreading of
  • 24/03/2020, in the afternoon, I visited some members in their residential places.
  • 25/03/2020, Ghana declared national fasting and prayers to seek God`s face and intervention



first quarter report from January 2020, below are list of major activities
which carried brief information on my evangelism.

the 5th January 2020,I worship joint service at Gbetmunpaak and
Pagnatic with the topic of building a better self.

On the 12th
January 2020, I teach Gbetmumpaak church the topic Glorious description
of the church we love.

the 19th I worship with Gbetmunpaak congregation, my sermon base on Talk
what you believed

26th January 2020 my bible class went on sound doctrine.

the 2nd February 2020 we had worship joint service between the two
churches, I taught on Christian growth.

the 10th February 2020 I organize the church of Gbetmunpaak for
prayers and fasting for two days. We prayed for the church growth, and
individual development, God should lead each and every one in good spirit.

We have prayed for the sick and the world as God concern to his people.

the 17th and 18th we did visitation in the community and
visited chief palace for the word of God.

We have visited individual in their homes, with the good news.

the 26th February 2020 I have worship with Pauk church. The topic I
teach was changing foams

  1. the bible teaches that Christ has changed his form on various occasions
  2. Man must change his life and eventually he too will change his form.

By him and through him the worlds was created

the 1st March 2020 we had worship joint service, pagnatick and
Gbetmunpaak with the topic of sanctification

It is also associated with consecration, holiness, righteousness purity, to
hallow and to be a saint.

the 15th march 2020 I worship with Gbetmunpaak congregation the
topic I taught was I am a debtor.

Challenges in these quarter report

coronavirus issue is disturbing some of our activities in the church and our
movement as well.



On the 7th
January, 2020 I was in pagnatic church with the topic of, walking our

way to heaven.

And also on the 14th January
2020, I went to konchian Gberuk, and I thought them the word of God on the
topic God test our faith with a little things.

On the 21st of January 2020, I
continued my preaching journey to Gbetmunpaak church with the topic of
how to follow Jesus in faith.

On the 28th January 2020, I was
with the members of kanbalouk church of Christ, with the topic of walking our
way to heaven.

On the 4th February 2020, I
went to pauk church of Christ with the topic of making decisions in a church.
And that same 4th evening time, we the local leaders met to
evaluate, plan, check, and then failures to the places where it is suppose for
things should be in order.

On the 11th, I was with Nanyiar
church of Christ with the topic, why are there so many churches?

On the 18th of February 2020, I
moved to Tarnbing church of Christ will the topic of building our faith in

Also on the 25th February 2020
I was with the church of Christ at Tanyem with the topic of God test our faith
with little things.

On 1st March 2020, I worshipped
with Gbankon church of Christ, with the topic of what is God will.

On the 4th march 2020 all the
local leaders of the area sat for meeting and plan for 2020 seminar which was
to start on the 18th march and end on the 21st march.

But due to break out of disease call
coronavirus Ghana Government have stopped every social gathering. That is why
we do not have our seminar no more.

On the 18th march 2020 I was
with the church of Christ at Pagnatik, with the topic of why are there so many
churches? Thank you.



On the 4th January, 2020, we
had preachers and leaders meeting at Tasundo which I took part. This program
was facilitated by preacher Niipaak Laar.

On the 5th January, I visited
my mother church at Nbolado which I was asked to lead in Bible class which I

On the 12th January, I visited
Nyojado congregation which I was asked to lead Bible class which I did.

On the 15th January, 2020, was
a happy day to me because that day I baptize four people on that day at Osunodo
church they are: Awuraba Ntefune, Sulo Ibola, Nabinsam Mabe and Nabri Gulundo.

On the 18th January, 2020, I
went to Tasundo for preachers and leaders meeting which talked about the growth
of the churches in the District.

On the 19th January, 2020, I
went to Sanguli church which I was asked to lead sermon which I did.

On the 24th January, 2020, I
went to Gmangundo with preacher David for evangelism work a lot of questions
was thrown to us, we try to use scriptures to help them answer the questions.

On the 25th January, 2020, I
went to Saboba for preachers meeting.

On the 26th January, 2020, I
visited my mother church at Nbolado, I lead Bible class on that day.

On the 31st January, 2020, I
was at Nbolado for fasting and prayers which I lead.

On the 2nd February, 2020, I
went to Osunado church which I lead Sunday class.

On the 9th February, 2020, I
visited Osunado church which I lead sermon.

On the 14th February, 2020, I
went to Bikpajab for funeral and I was asked to lead with songs.

On the 15th February, 2020. I
organize fasting and prayers at Osunodo church which was helpful to all us.

On the 16th February, 2020. I
visited Osunodo church which I lead Sunday class.

On the 21st February, 2020. We
organize fating and prayers at Jumoni which I lead with the word of God, and it
was effective.

On the 23rd February, 2020. I
visited Langbani church which I lead them with Bible class, and questions where
been thrown on me and I try to answer them with scriptures.

On the 24th February, 2020. I
went to Nugmado with preacher David we went there for Evangelism work.

On the 25th February, 2020. I
went to Osunodo with four of my colleagues preachers Evangelism work by the
close of that day one person was baptize and his name is Yakpan Peter

On the 1st March, 2020. I
visited Osunodo church after service two people where baptize and their names
are: Mata Liwalajo and Takidan Mananjo.

On the 2nd March, 2020. I went
back to Osunodo and baptize one person and her name is Lydia Kwasi.

On the 8th March, 2020. I
visited Kpasa church which I led Bible class and questions where thrown to me
which I try to answer them with the scripture.

On the 13th March, 2020. I went
to Lagbani church for fasting and prayers which I led with the word of God.

On the 14th March, 2020. We had
one day seminar for preachers and leaders which preacher Niipaak Laar did the
teaching and I was part.

On the 15th March, 2020. I
visited Osunodo church and led them with Bible class.

On the 22nd March, 2020. Due to
corona virus I couldn’t worship with any church.

With this report by the grace of God eight
(8) people were added to Osunodo church.

The challenge I face was where to get
water to baptize them I have to travel far before I get water.

Apart from these days I also go to Osunodo
every Wednesday for Bible teaching.

I thank God for my life for this three
month, I also thank your congregation and the elders for the support they
are giving us to help us do the work of God. May the good Lord bless you all in
Jesus name.

I want to use this opportunity to thank
preacher Niipaak Laar for the good work he has been doing, may the good Lord
bless him and the family in Jesus name.

Report by; Evangelist Eric Bintim.



The next Sunday was 5th January 2020 and I worshipped at
Nbolado, the topic was REPENTANCE: Bible readings Luke 13:1-5. They felt much
interested in the topic.

On the 9th January 2020 I and my wife pay a visit to my
father-in-law who was sick seriously at Dondoni. We pray for him and by the
grace he now recovered.

On the 12th January 2020, I went to Tasundo church. I led them

Bible readings Rev. 3:1-3. I thought them about four (4) things
that can jeopardize any congregation of God’s people. Which were as follows:





We treated the topic for 5 weeks, the next Sunday I went back
and continued by going into the words for each Sunday.

Teaching on persecution the Bible readings were, Rev. 1:9,10.
1peter 5:8-9.

On 25th January I attended leadership meeting at Saboba.

On the 25th of January 2020 I went and continued the topic WHAT
CAN KILL THE CHURCH. We stood on FALSE TEACHING. Bible readings were: Rev
2:2,6. Rev 2:13-15. Acts 20:29-30.

On 26th January I continued WORLDLYNESS at Tasundo which was
subdivided into

1. immorality-lust the flesh.

2. materialism- lust of the eyes.

Bible readings.1john 2:15-17, Rev. 20:20, Luke 8:14.

On 5th and 18th I attended leadership and preacher’s meeting at

On 31st January I hosted fasting and prayers at Tasundo.

On 2nd February I worshipped at Tasundo the topic was
INDIFFERENCE. Bible readings, Rev 2:4, Rev 3:15-17.

On 9th we treated the same topic

On 14th February 2020 we lost one of our mothers in Christ we
went and did the burial.

On the 16th February 2020 I went back to Tasundo and concluded
on the many ways Satan Can kill the church.

We also had a funeral at Nbolado which started on 16th February
and ended on 18th February 2020.

On the 23rd February 2020 I worshipped at Tasundo the topic I
led was FEAR. Bible readings: Mathew 10:28-31. Members were interested in the
topic and they ask more questions which were answered.

On 26th February 2020 we did a day evengelism at

On 29th February I attended preacher’s meeting at Saboba.

On 1st March I worshipped at Nbolado and led on the topic

On 8th March 2020 I went and continued the topic FEAR at Tasundo
church. So I taught them on whom we should fear and who we should not fear.

On the 14th March 2020 we hosted a one day seminar at Tasundo.
The topics were:

1. The difference between preaching and Teaching

2. Keeping financial records in the church.

On 15th March 2020 I attended church at Tasundo. I led on the
topic RIGHTEOUSNESS which was supposed to be treated for 4 weeks.

On the 22 March 2020 we couldn’t meet due to the Corona virus


The first place on Thursday 2nd day of
January, we held meeting with the youth and women at Nanyiar church and discuss
the importance and usefulness of the church in the community.

Secondly, Nanyiar and Nanyiarpaak held joint service at
Nanyiarpaak church on the 5th day of January, and we taught
Christian life as a topic. Again fasting and prayer held at Nanyiar church for
development of the church especially the youth on the 8th day of
January on Wednesday by the two leaders Bro. Minte and Jabiuk.

I also service at Kanbalouk Church on the 12th
day of January with the same topic. I worshiped at Nanyiar church on the 19th
day of January with the topic “The same God who did it the other time will do
it again” as bible class. After the service I and the church executives went
round and pay visit to the sick once. I service at the same church on the 2nd
February and I led them with the lords super. on the 4th day of
February, leadership meeting held at Nanyiarpaak church and discuss the
importance of a leader in the church to work effectively.

On 9th February I worship at puak church with
the topic “Christians will have enemies” on the 15th day of
February. On Saturday I went to Nanyiar and visited all members for
encouragement. I service at Nanyiar church on the 16th day of
February with the same topic I taught above. On the 20th day of
February the three leaders bro. Minte, Jabiuk and Baguun went to Kanbalouk and
after prayer and greeting those who lost their members and some donations.

Also service at Nanyiar church on the 23rd
February with the topic “be fully committed”. One member from Nnkpanduri has
marriage ceremony and all leaders went for the ceremony on the 29th
February on Saturday. On the 1st day of March

Another leadership meeting held on the 4th
day of March for evaluation. I worship the same church with the things needed
to do as Christians. Another fasting and prayer held at Tanyenn church by bro.
Minte, Jabiuk and Baguun for the problems facing the members, by his grace it
went successfully. On the 15th and 22nd Sunday of March I
worshiped at Nanyiar church and I taught sin and its consequences as a sermon
topic. On 25th day Wednesday of March general fasting and prayer
held purposely for corona virus.

I therefore want to express my sincere thanks to
you our sponsors for your prayers and financial support and our preacher Laar
Niipaak for the way he handled us. I appreciate for the good work done. May God
bless all of us. Amen.

By; Evangelist John Mintema.


At the first place, on the 2nd day of January
on Thursday we held meeting with the youth and women at Nanyiar church and
discuss with them the importance and how church develop the community. Again on
the 5th January joint service held at Tanyenn church and I taught
them on “why Jesus came” Bro. Jabiuk and Minte organized one day fasting and
prayer at Nanyiar church for development of the church especially the youth on
the 8th day of January on Wednesday. On the 12th day of
January I service at pauk church with the topic “Christ suffered for us”. Also
I worshiped at Tanyenn with the topic “How to honor God and receive strangers”.
We the peace committee held a meeting for the development of the town on the 24th
day of January on Friday. I worshiped at Kanbalouk church with the topic “The knowledge
of truth” on the 26th January.

On the 2nd February I service at Pauk and I
taught what kind of promises God makes to me. On the 4th Tuesday
February leadership meeting was held at Nanyiapaak church and it was effective.
On 9th February I serviced at Gbankoni church which the topic
temptation. On the 15th day of February on Saturday we the peace
committee went to D.C and talked to him about development and he said we should
advised the youth well to avoid unnecessary things.

On the 16th day of February I did not service
at Tanyenn because the community had problem and also lost one person at the
same time to make me offer prayers for them. The three leaders bro. Jabiuk,
Minte and Baguun went to Kanbalouk and offer prayer and greeting for those who lost
their members and some donations on the 20th day of February.

On the 23rd February I worship at Kambalouk
and the topic “the truth”. On the 29th day of February on
Saturday one member from Nakpandurin had marriage ceremony and all leaders went
for the ceremony.

On the 1st March Tanyenn and Pauk churches
held joint service and the topic was “you really missed your calling”. Another
prayer and fasting held at Tanyenn church by the three leaders Bro. Minte,
Baguun and Jabiuk on the 11th March on Wednesday for the problems
facing the community by his great its going well. On 15th march I
worshiped at Tambiing with the topic “How to loose your faith” I also serviced
at Tanyeen church and taught about how to come close to God on the 22nd
March. On 25th Wednesday of March fasting and prayer held for the
corona virus, God should have mercy and remove us from this disease.Thank you

By; Evangelist David Jabiuk


Firstly, joint service held at Tuuzik and I taught “a
child of God can’t fall” on the 5th January. Again service at
Konchiangberuk church with the topic “having faith on riches is foolishness” on
the 12th day of January. On the 19th January I was to
worship at Pauk but one person lost his life so I went to the funeral house and
prayed for the family. I worship at Konchiangberuk on 26th January
with the topic “shine like star”. After the church service I and bro Mon gave
(6) six needy people with some food stuff. On the 2nd day of
February I service at Gbankonni with the topic “the last day good and bad
people” I also service at Konchiangberuk with the same topic taught above. On
the 9th February I worshiped at the same church on the 16th
February with the topic “confession of Jesus” on the 20th day of
February on Thursday bro, Minte, Jabiuk and I went to Kambalouk and offer
prayer and greeting to those who lost members with some donations. I also
service at Konchiangberuk church and I taught how two people leave on 23rd
February. On the 24th February Gbankoni church started putting
up a building by the help of our area preacher Niipaak a big thanks goes to

On the 1st March I worship at Gbankoni with
the topic “what is the church” I also service at Konchiangberuk church and I
taught “things that many people believe”. On the 8th March, after
the service we prayed over a certain girl who was going for marriage.

On the 11th March on Wednesday problems came
to Tanyenn church members so I Baguun, Minte, and Jabiuk organized prayer and
fasting for that problems. I did not go for service on the 15th day
of March because I lost my step mother by name Yentua. On the 22nd
March I worshiped at Konchiangberuk church with the topic “human heart”

Now there is a general problem of gathering because of
corona virus which was instructed by authority.

Thank you, may God bless you for your wonderful work.

By; Evangelist James Laar Baguun.


Firstly, the two churches Nanyiar and Nanyiapaak held
joint service at Naryiapaak church on the 5th day of January. Again
worship at Nanyiapaak church on 12th day of January, after
the service l and church leaders went and greeted those who did not come to
church. On the 17th Friday I went to Nanyiapaak
Visited all members with a prayer. Also worship at the same church on 19th
January, after the church Service I always visited
Chamba Banleman and prayed for him. I service at the same church the next
Sunday on 26th day of January. Another joint Service held at Nanyiar
church of the two churches on the 2rd February. On the 4th February
leadership meeting held at Nanyiapaak church and taught about how to handle
the churches to work effectively. I worship at my church on the 9th
February and we held meeting about our church roofing. Also Service the same
church on the 16th day of February. Fasting and prayer held at
Naryiapaak church on 14th February on Friday to improve the
faith of the youth. I worship at Nanyiapaak church on 16th to
23rd Sunday of February Joint Service held at Nanyiapaak church of
two church on 1st march and we offer prayer of the over the sick
ones. Another leadership meeting held and discussed how to develop the
churches on 4th m on the 8th day of march I worship at
Naryiapaak church after the service also prayed ageist the corona virus.
Also Service at the same church on the 15th march and we went to
Banleman house and prayed over him I worship at Gbetmunpaak church on 22rd day
of march and we prayed Seriously about coronavirus.

I therefore want to give my sincere thanks to you my
sponsors for your love for us here in Ghana. May God bless us, Amen.

By; Evangelist Jinjing Chann Joseph.






1. Average monthly attendance as

A. January = 73

B. February = 66

= 81

One Mr. Dung Joseph, an old member of the church who got
baptized in Yendi 1983 from a community in this area call, Jimbale came and
identified himself in the church recently. He was in a company of one man who
is a potential prospect. They have since being attending the church and we are
planning to visit them at the community and explore the possibility of starting
the church there. Because, it is a long distance to the church in Bunkpurugu.
We need your prayers in this regard, thank you very much.



On the 5th January I
worshipped with Wadiik congregation

On the 12th January I
worshipped with Nanwalbo congregation

On the 19th January I
worshipped with Kitulamboni congregation

On the 26th January I
worshipped with Kitulamboni congregation

On the 2nd February I
worshipped with Latido congregation

On the 9th February I
worshipped with Saboba congregation

One the 16th February I
worshipped with Kitulamboni congregation

On the 23rd February I worshipped
with Kitulamboni congregation

On the 1st March I
worshipped with Nanwalbo congregation

On the 8th March I
worshipped with Wadiik congregation

On the 15th March I
worshipped with Nyualakani congregation

On the 22nd March I
worshipped with Nyualakani congregation


As you know my serving congregations are Nyankpani and Tunayili both located
between Yendi and Saboba respectively. The following are our attendances and
progresses made within this quarter.

Average monthly attendance as from January at Nyankpani
as follows;

  • In January = 157 average attendance with children
  • In February our attendance rise to 228 with children
  • In March the attendance did not change much as it stood between 232 to 241 with children

Average monthly attendance at Tunayili as from January is
as follows;

  • In January = 78 averagely with children
  • In February came to 72 with children
  • In March we organized a joint service and that brought the attendance up again to 76

Already Tunayili congregation started with a smaller
number as community itself is a small place. I was lasing with both Yendi and
Saboba preachers for us to do seminars in the area and as we were planning this
unfortunate situation set in. However, I want to you for responding to my
request I made earlier in my report about Bibles and Lord’s supper equipment.
Preacher Niipaak supplied them to us in your name and we are very grateful. God
bless you.



first quarter report covering the months of January to March, 2020 describes
how the Church activities went on in Bikpajab Church of Christ and the Churches
around. The first event in January was the funeral I attended in Wapuli. The
preacher in charge of Wapuli Church of Christ lost his father and the burial
took place on 3rd January, 2020 where most of the Preachers
converged there to give their support to the burial.

4th January, 2020 we had a leadership meeting at Tasundo Church and
the agenda was the duty of a Church leader. The leaders were made to understand
that we have different types of leaders in institutions and in organizations
with behaviors that lead to their own interest but a Church leader must leave a
life that brings the interest of the members and also attract outsiders to the

5th and 12th January, 2020 I worshipped with Bikpajab and
Kpalbutalbu Churches respectively.

was another leadership meeting held at Tasundo on 18th January, 2020
for the following reasons:
the evangelism and the number of days to stay there.
in term of Bible class, sermon and other activities because it is not the
only Preachers who should be performing all these things.

  1. We changed the leaders who collect and keep the district Church dues because their turn of office was
  2. We also elected the evangelism team who look for places we should go for evangelism, what is needed for
  3. There was also a brief teaching on Sunday activities where the leaders were told to always prepare themselves

19th January to 9th February I visited Nyojado, Kpassa,
Kpalbutalbu and Nkpani Churches.

14th February, 2020 we lost one of our mothers named Mayewuba
Nakpakipak whose funeral was scheduled to be performed on 28th
March, 2020 but because of the outbreak of COVID-19 Pandemic it has been
postponed to further notice.

25th February, we went to Osinodo, a community under Zabzugu
District for Evangelism to encourage our members who were backsliding. We also
had one person Yakpaan Peter being baptized on that day.

1st and 8th March 2020, I worshipped with Nyojado and
Kpassa Churches but on 14th March, we had a leadership training at
Tasundo where Evangelist Niipaak Laar was invited to take the leaders through a
topic that is “the difference between Preaching and Teaching” which some
leaders were facing challenges when asked to give a Sermon or teach the Bible
Class. On 15th March I visited Kpalbutalbu Church and a member from
Kpassa called Mathias was led by the Church leaders to a lady from Yachedo,
Sister Martha on 21st March, 2020.

to the outbreak of corona virus which led to the ban of public gathering and
other social activities by the government, we could not attend Church Services
for the past two (2) Sundays and we pray that may God hear our prayers to
eliminate this virus in the world so that his work will come back to the normal

you and God bless us all.



We salute you all in the name of the lord Jesus Christ. We
are all doing well and hope brethren are also in good health despite the deadly
corona virus that threatens the survival of human kind. The preachers drew a
program for the dry season which was partially shut down due to the corona
virus. The government of Ghana, like any other caring government in the world
has given a directive to end all kinds of grouping. But in all the challenges
before us, we have the hope the lord will end the pandemic and spare our lives
to continuously contribute our quota to the ministry of reconciliation as we
live on earth.


As we have been indicating, this work report is grouped into
three, namely reach in, reach up and reach out. In reach in are: evaluation and
planning of Tatale work, leadership training in Tatale, biological increase in
the church, funeral in Tatale church, visits by Daniel and completion of Gnani
church building, seminar on “Christian Commitment” in Gnani, revival and establishment
of congregations in Gushegu district by Azindow and Andrews, visits made by
David, development in church school, continuation of Project Timothy training
in Yendi, visits made by Paul, funeral at Wapuli, Paul with campus church,
naming in Yendi church, drilled borehole in Kpatuya community, seminar in
Gbungbaliga, visits by Yabdow, seminar in Yendi church, church population and
GPS codes, naming by Yabdow, innovative lessons in Yendi church, fund raising
in Yendi church, visit by Kumasi elder for evangelism, arrival of Tom Carr and
family, Andrews in Nyankpani, meeting of clinic management committee, testimony
of the clinic by Alhaji Abdulai, seminar on the family at Gbungbaliga, Andrews
in Yendi High School and seminar in Gnani.

In the reach up are: prayers in Tatale, fasting and
prayer in Yendi clinic and Yendi church. Whereas in reach out are: personality
profile hosted by DASUMA RADIO for Andrews and Papa Musah, campus ministry in
Tatale, preaching in clinic, radio ministry in Yendi, ministry in Gushegu and
Andrews in Yendi Senior High School.


The preachers and leaders
in Tatale met on the 4th January, 2020 to evaluate their work.
During the meeting, they realized that they are doing well in some areas of the
work but not doing well in some other areas too. For example, personal work and
evangelism. They encouraged themselves to work hard this 2020 to bring some
souls to the Lord.

Again, they met on the 18th
January, 2020 to see some activities that can be done to celebrate the name of
the Lord. Activities suggested included,. evangelism in the month of May, Bible
seminar in the month of April, Children seminar, Women’s seminar, leadership
training and fasting and prayers.

The fist activity in this
quarter was leadership training held on 14th March, 2020 at
Tasundo. The topics treated were: How to prepare Bible class lessons and sermon
by preacher. Niipaak Laar from Saboba. How to prepare and read church account
by preacher. Nambo Thomas. In all, thirteen (13) congregations with thirty two
(32) leaders and six (6) preachers participated. The preachers and leaders in
Tatale district contributed fifteen (15) tubers of yams, one (1) foul and Two
Hundred Ghana Cedis (GH¢200) to preacher James Taphamba and his family. This
was to appreciate his contribution in the church work for the past years and

The Lord added three (3)
children to the church through three (3) families in this quarter. The children
were named: Bamabe Mirabel Yenugnam and Ta-Kuba Dennis Wuniborgna in Tatale
church and Betrilibe Timukru Amos at Lagbani.

A sister died in Bikpajab
on the 5th February, 2020. She has been a member for fifteen (15)
years and contributed tremendously to the development of the church in Tatale
area by leading the women and dedicated herself by bringing all her
grandchildren to the church. She took ill a little while and passed on. During
the burial service, the word of God was preached.

Preacher Daniel Dawuni
visited Kpanjamba, Gnani/Ngani, Kpasani, Bitamamdo and Sakpei congregations
this quarter. Daniel devoted most of his time in Gnani church seeing to the
construction of the church auditorium. The constructor continue with
construction of the church building project and finished it on the 13th January
2020. The church did not have sufficient blocks to complete it at that moment
and had to borrow some to finish the construction work and later molded
the blocks and replaced.

Gnani church had open
forum to discuss matters relating to the development of the church. There were
also leadership meetings in the quarter in Gnani. A seminar was organized in
Gnani and thought by Andews in March. The topic was “Christian commitment”.

The leaders of the
Gnani church visited Bagnab Mfokbei who was suffering from rheumatism and was
admitted at the Yendi government hospital. From there Daniel went and prayed
for Jonah’s wife who was not also well and admitted in Yendi for some days. He
also visited a blind man who was not attending church again and prayed for to
encourage him him back.

As some may know, the death of Fusheini led to collapse of
the few congregations in the Gushegu district . Azindow has taken over the work
in Gushegu after his graduation from the Bible College. He has rented a
room in Gushegu to stay there permanently. This will help him be with the
church at all times. Andrews has been a prop to him travelling between Yendi
and Gushegu to assist Azindow since he is new on the field. In view of this,
the first move is to create awareness in the old members and prospective
new converts that the church is back and active.

The revival and establishment of new
congregations in Gushegu district was the target of preachers Alhassan Azindow
and Andrews in the months of February and March, 2020. First of all, on
the 9th February, 2020, Azindow was directed to the leader of
Kpukpaligu church in the Gushegu district by Andrews. His purpose of visit was
to worship with the Kpukpaligu chucrh and have a discussion with the leader, Haruna
Abraham, on how to trace key members who were in the church and have falling
after the death of late preacher, Fusheini Musah. He reiterated the call to be
committed to the church during his sermon and encouraged them to do well not to
be forsaking the assembly of the lord’s church. He pleaded with them to do away
with laziness since it will affect church activities which will have a long
term negative impact on the church.

This led to Andrews, Abraham and Azindow searching for the
old key members across the region as some were out. The search led the to
Gushegu town and Maani village. Maani is far from Gushegu town. Abraham
travelled with Azindow to look for one old member called Issahaku. Besides
Issahaku was one Sualey in Gushegu who is instrumental in the growth of the
church. By the grace of God, these two men have been found and brought back to
the church. It was actually a long and serious search for these two men. We are
however sure with these men a formidable team is built. Azindow and Abraham
told these men the church is back and will soon begin worship in Gushegu town.
They ended the day with Issahaku with prayer for him and his family. Truly,
Issahaku rides to Gushegu with his wife for church service in addition to
Sualey and his family.

Furthermore, on 28 February, 2020, Azindow, together with
Andrews from Yendi church visited Gushegu Senior High School. This was earlier
than the beginning of the meetings. The purpose of this visit was to have the
staff and students of this institution informed about the revival of the Church
of Christ in Gushegu town. We made them aware of the beginning of church
service they needed to attend which will take place at Gusheigu L/A Primary
school on the 15th of March, 2020. Again, the Gusheigu Midwifery was
not left unaware about the re-establishment of the Church and the anticipated
Church service to be held on 15 March, 2020 at Gusheigu L/A Primary school.

Finally, on 15 March, 2020, the long awaited service was held
at Gushegu L/A primary where they were five adults and three children in
attendance. The service commenced with an opening prayer by Sualey.
Afterwards, they sang songs like any church of Christ led by Azindoo. He
also delivered the sermon on “Gods Love For The World”, John 3:16, then
followed giving. Lord supper cups and wine was sent the following week as
Azindwo was with Andrews. Sunday service was brought to an end with a closing
prayer by Issahaku. On 3rd of March, 2020, Azindow and Andrews
went from Yendi back to Gushegu for service. Andrews encouraged the
assembly to rejoice and even thank themselves for responding to the call.

David visited Nabila,Yingsala,
Kpasani, Frigmado, Nanjuni, Timokando, Boaduyili, and Wamgbong in this quarter.
On 7th March, 2020, Bro. Alex kulima organized sermina for Lipusi,
Makayili and Kakpeyil congregations in the Nanumba North district and David.
The three congregations had a smooth program and David came back safely.

The Church school reopened for the
second term of the 2019/20 academic year on Thursday, 8th January,
2020. On Friday, 10th January, 2020, Paul on behalf of the church
attended a meeting organized by the Municipal Exams Officer to fix the dates
for the Municipal mock examinations. Musah Issahaku Abdulai, our school fees
collector, left for school on Friday, 24th January, 2020 and Paul
had to take over his duties. Paul organized a school Board Meeting on Saturday,
15th February, 2020 to brief them on events that have taken place
and still to take place in the course of the term. The Board Chairman and Paul
met the Junior High School (JHS) teachers on Monday, 17th February,
2020 to discuss proposed increment of their monthly salaries and the need to
organize extra classes for the final year students. On Tuesday, 18th
February, 2020 he further discussed with the board, issues of teacher and pupil
discipline and the need to help Paul collect school fees temporary in the
absence of fee collector. Schools have been closed down indefinitely since
March 16, following the President’s directive on the Covid-19 outbreak in
Ghana. In collaboration with the School Management Committee and the church,
Paul led in making some furniture for the church primary school.

The first Project Timothy lessons for
the New Year took place from Monday, 9th March, 2020 to Friday, 13th
March; 2020. All the preachers went casually to see if participants from their
oversight congregations had attended. Paul visited them three times before
their departure.

Sunday worship is going on smoothly
in Paul’s working area but for the two weeks now Ghana government has
banned such gatherings. Paul has visited all congregations under his oversight
and some few congregations outside of his working area. On Sunday, 2nd
February, 2020, he worshiped at Baachabordo. After worship he went to a sick
brother’s house to pray for him. The sick brother was very happy to see Paul
and the congregation’s leader in his house. He felt somehow neglected until the
visit of the church. Paul proceeded to see the church’s farm produce for
the year which was stored in a church member’s house (a woman).

He also worshiped at
Machelayili/Nalogni on Sunday, 26th January, 2020, with Master
Michael Tilako, President of the Yendi Senior High School Campus Ministry. He
has often visited congregations in his catchment area with Michael because of
his interest in evangelism.

On Sunday, 16th February,
2020, Bro. Moses Ilaka and Paul visited Diisikura church. They purposely went
there to settle a disagreement between the church leader and his wife which was
disturbing to the entire congregation. They were able to settle the
misunderstanding amicably and Paul has since made follow-ups to assess
the situation. Everything looks good now.

Paul has met the Campus Ministry
three times in this quarter. He first met them on Wednesday, 15th
January, 2020 on Moral Talks. On Saturday, 18th January, 2020 he met them again
on the same subject.

On Saturday, 25th January,
2020, students from Yendi Senior High School and Dagbong State Secondary
Technical School came to pray for Paul on his movement to his new house. Paul
expressed his happiness about their concern for his family even though he
has retired early last year from teaching in Ghana Education Service. They
spent a lot of time with his family before leaving.

He has met the executive body of the ministry on several
occasions this quarter to discuss issues pertaining to their welfare on campus.
He also advised them to take part in the construction of a church building by
all groups of Christian on campus after consulting the other preachers. The
reason being that, if they do not take part, they will be denied a place of
worship and other ceremonial gatherings in the future.

Evangelists David, Daniel and Paul
attended Bro. Timothy’s father’s funeral at Wapuli in the Saboba district on
Friday, 3rd January, 2020. Timothy is a preacher for Wapuli. The
three evangelist came back safely later in the day and Daniel proceeded to
Gnani/Ngani after a short rest in Yendi.

Paul has led one naming ceremony in
this quarter. On Saturday, 17th March, 2020, Bro. Andrews and Paul
attended the naming ceremony of Osman and Mohammed Salamatu’s new-born baby
twins. They were named Elijah and Elisha. Andrews preached and together
he and Paul blessed the children.

Paul applied for a borehole through the “Church of C

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Ghana 2019

January 28, 2020, Ghana

Ghana 2019

In 2019 we had 242 baptisms in predominately
Muslim Northern Ghana.

83 in the Yendi area (Yendi/Tatale)

159 in the Saboba area

These additions were accomplished in the face of
difficulties including deaths of fellow evangelists or in their families, violence
due to tribal conflicts, poor medical care, and lack of clean water…a testimony
to the evangelists’ dedication and persistence in the face of adversity.

Since we started supporting both these areas in 2011, the
Lord has blessed us with over 2500 baptisms and numerous new

Bro. Andrews Abdulai is our lead evangelist in the Yendi

Bro. Niipaak Laar is our lead evangelist in the Saboba area:

Following are pictures of baptisms, congregation gatherings,
naming ceremonies, and other activities from these areas:

Northern Ghana is a spiritually rewarding, but physically
demanding mission point to visit, encourage, and develop close
relationships. It requires over 24 hours
of travel from Texas, some of which can be hazardous, dealing with housing
sometimes far removed from our normal experience, and requiring faith that God
will protect you in potentially dangerous situations. With that said, the rewards far outweigh
these concerns by knowing and supporting these brothers and sisters with their
tremendous commitment to the Lord in preaching His Gospel and reaching out to
the poor and needy.


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4th Quarter 2019 Mission Report from Yendi, Ghana

January 18, 2020, Ghana





Grace and
greetings from the evangelists and the congregations in the Yendi and Tatale
areas of the northern region to brethren, elders in Ghana and the USA. We are
all doing well and thanking God for ending the year with us all. This quarter
ended with activities commencing the active working months in the north.
Harvesting is part of the quarter but activities were also going along side to
sky rocked in the first quarter of 2020. We are rejoicing for the grace of God
and hope that 2020 will be better than the past years.


As usual,
the work of the evangelists is categorized into three (3) forms, namely: reach
in, reach out and reach up. In reach in, we have activities directed towards
edifying the children of God under which we have in the quarter the following: Congregations
visited by David, funeral of late evangelists Emmanuel Jagri Kpachin, funeral
of evangelist Ishmael Dawuni wife (Cynthia), visits Yabdow made, Annual
Northern Bible Camp, baptism in Yashegu by Yabdow, Annual women program in
Tamale, visits by Daniel, visits by Daniel, preachers meeting, reopening of
Project Timothy training centre in Yendi, campus ministry in Yendi Senior High,
restoration of marriage by Paul and team, visits by Thomas, visit to the Mion
chief, Niipaak and Andrews at Village of Hope for a lesson, visit to Dada
Christian Nsoah in Tema, meetings of clinic management committee and evangelism
in church of Christ Mission Health Centre.

In reach out
were: ditribution of World Bible School lessons, preaching in the church
clinic, radio program in Tamale, meetings at the church school, personal work
in Tatale and school ministry in Tatale.

Whereas we
have in the reach up; fasting and prayer in Paul’s working area, fasting and
prayer in Tatale, fasting and prayer led by David, prayer sessions in Yendi
church, baptisms, challenges of the quarter and the conclusion.


Congregations evangelist David
Wumbei visited were: Kpasani, Nanjuni (Nanjingni), Wambung, Yingsala, Timulkando,
Boaduyili and Frigmando. On the 6th October, 2019 David visited Wambung
church to encourage them with the word of God. He was in Frigmado on the 13th
October, 2019. His message was directed towards the youth to remain the pillars
of the church and work hard to win more souls to God.

David was in Boaduyili to
worship with them. Attendance was not very good yet he delivered the word and
encourage the church to work on their attendance. However, in Nanjingni and
Kpasani, attendance was very good in the quarter with all the days he went.

On 5th June 2019,
one of our Preacher’s, Emmanuel Jagri Kpachin who was part
of the Yendi-Tatale evangelists team passed on and was buried on 6th
June, 2019. The final funeral rites took place at Tatale on the 9th
November, 2019. David, Andrews with one Yendi Church leader (Bro. Kojo) and the
clinic driver (Majeed) represented the congregations and other facilities of
the church in Yendi area at the funeral in Tatale. Along side was Daniel and a
number of church leaders in Gnani/Ngani area. Preacher Andrews used that
opportunity to preached the gospel to both believers and non-believers while
David did the closing prayer.

Evangelsit Ishmael Dawuni lost
his wife. The final funeral came on the 14th December, 2019 at Kontubiyili in the Zabzugu Tatale district
of the northern region. Bros. Andrews,
Kojo, David and Yussif Sualesu, the clinic “HR”
were there on behalf of the church and the clinic in Yendi.Evangelist Niipaak
delivered the word. Everything went well to the glory of God.

visited Yashegu church three times in this quarter, Andoyili, Kuga, Yingsala,
Kpalisogni generally to either teach or preach. He and Andrews were at Chamba
in the Nanumba district with Stephen Morogo as one of the church leaders in
Yendi and evangelist Daniel Dawuni as one of the preachers outside Yendi

The main
theme for the camp was “Be a Christian by Example”. Topics treated under that
were “The effects of watching pornography material” taught by Evangelist
Alhassan Andrews, “Christian Responsibilities” treated by Evangelist Bagiogma
Evans and the “Importance of Paying Marital Rite Before Marriage” which was
treated by Evangelist Niipaak Laar. There were other activities such
evangelism, and singing competition. Paul’s wife and members from congregation around
Yendi went, but Paul personally was not able to go like the previous years
since he cannot ride on a motorbike for long distances anymore due to his eye
sight. They successfully ended the program on Sunday, 22nd December,
2019 and returned the same day.This year, attendance was lower than last years.
Total attendance was 476.

likewise is being preaching in the clinic everyday and delivered the New Year
message at Kuga church on the 31 night. In Yashegu church, he taught on
Baptism, what baptism is, who needs baptism and the benefits. At the end of
these teachings, six souls were added to the church. A number of the members
were not taking lord supper during service and when he inquired from the
leaders, they told him those members were not baptized and not ready to listen
to the local leaders. This lead to the lessons and the baptism.

The northern
women fellowship organized four (4) days program in Tamale at the “Tamale
Institute of Biblical Studies”. It comprised teaching lessons, fasting and
prayer. Yendi church with the preachers shouldered some amount of
transportation needs of the women. Daniel as the Shepherd of the Gnani area,
led the women to Yendi to see their departure. It was motivated by the women
team/group of the Yendi church, who at a point moved from one congregation to
the other encouraging the women to participate.

All the
evangelists participated in disseminating information of the program in Tamale.
Not only on that but also influenced in the mobilization of the women to
participate in the program in Tamale. The program ended successfully and they
returned safely on the evening of Sunday, 24th October, 2019.

Daniel is able to
visit all the congregations in his working area and continued with the building
of the Gnani (Ngani) church auditorium.

Daniel was part
of the two days leadership training by Elder Bradley J. Haddix and preacher
Matthew French led by Elder Greg Neinhouse. He came with two leaders of the
church to participate in the program. These two teachers taught a set of thirty
(30) church leaders from Yendi, Saboba and Binkpurigu areas respectively. It
was well patronized and the preachers are of the interest that it will continue
in the coming years.

Daniel named a
child (Stella Maalisun Kojo) in Gnani church on the 10th of November
2019. The child was the daughter of bro. Kojo who is a member of the
congregation. Daniel’s son, Ishmael, was not well and detained at the Gnani
Health Center for a day, and by God’s grace was discharged as he got better.
The boy is still doing well by the grace of God. He equally is still training his
leaders through practical participation in teaching in the church. An excellent
example is Job Dimab. He and Job on a number of occasions visited the church
members to encourage them. Gnani church ended the year with the 31st
night prayer, ushering in the new year with hopes in the work of the lord and
in our families.

Neindow Dokurugu Paul participated in the preachers meetings, the Church of
Christ School, and Project Timothy classes, Sunday worship and fasting and prayers,
Church of Christ Campus Ministry, naming ceremony, Annual Northern Sector
Women’s Fellowship in Tamale, Annual Bible Camp at Chamba and meeting
with Couple at Diisikuraa.

The preachers
in Yendi have held a number of meetings in this quarter. This was to plans for
the work especially the coming of the
GWAM team and evaluation after their departure. Also is the preparation of the
coming of the the Westover team in 2020 to teach in the government school of
the Christian aspect of the religious and moral education. Included in this
were internal issues bothering the church as a family.

The second
lap of the Project Timothy classes commenced on Monday, 14th
October, 2019 to Friday, 18th October, 2019. the preachers were able to visit
the venue when Bro. Quansah and Addo Adela from Heritage Christian University
College were teaching. Their teaching is always really admired.

The weekly
Sunday worship in Paul’s area went on as usual. He visited all the congregations
under his oversight in the forth quarter
with the exception of Sobitido. He was physically indisposed and aborted his
visit to that congregation. Bro. Moses Ilaka was delegated by Paul to meet with
them in his absence since Moses was with his family at Machelayili and closer
to the Sobitido congregation.

The Church
of Christ Campus Ministry is currently on the Christmas holidays. Paul was last
with them on Wednesday, 18th December, 2019 at their closing
ceremony. His message to them that day was the need to be steadfast in our
belief that “Christ is coming again”. He also admonished them to well-behaved
in the yuletide since it a dangerous period when there are kidnappings and
indecent behaviors of all kind. The ministry is doing well.

On Sunday,
27th October, 2019, Paul named a baby boy at Yingsala after worship.
The baby was named Jilima Joel. No feasting took place since the baby was
already grown.

On Sunday,
24th November, 2019, PauI sought the assistance of evangelist David
and Moses Ilaka to accompany him to Diisikuraa to meet Bro. Daniel Jachan and
his wife. Bro. Daniel is the church leader there (Diisikuraa) and had a
misunderstanding with his wife which was a threat to their marriage and the
church. After the usual worship, the three of them met the couple and the misunderstanding
was resolved. Now they live peacefully in their house with their three
children. Paul verified this on Sunday, 29th December, 2019 when he
went to Diisikura with his wife.

Thomas Nambo visited Tasundo, Jamoni, Osundo and Kuntunbiyili in this quarter. At Tatale church in December, they
divided themselves into groups. Each group was to use the five Sundays evenings
of the month to visit a given number of
members whose attendance to church has been poor. This visits were very
effective because the groups have restore four (4) members back to the church.
Besides this was contribution of food staff
such as rice, yams, maize, oil, fowls and money. These items were given
to the sick, the aged and widows in the church on 29th December,
2019. Tatale church with the help of other congregations contributed money and
food staff to perform the funeral of the late preacher Emmanual Jagri Kpachin.

Again, Tatale church was
seriously involved in the funeral of
preacher Ishmael Dawuni wife (Cynthia) at Kuntunbiyili on the 14th
December, 2019. These two funerals prevented the Tatale church from some of the
activities intended in the quarter. These intended activities will hopefully be
executed in the first quarter of 2020, lord willing.

In october, leaders of Yendi
church with Papa Musah Dauda (retired evangelist) visited the “Mion-lana”,
(traditional chief next to the Yaan-naa) who was recently enskined. They went
to remind him of the land the church acquire from his predecessor, late chief
of Sambu in 2002. The land was not demarcated shortly after the acquisition due
to the sudden death of the late Yaan-Naa Yakubu Andani. The church is working
hard to find resources to lease the land so that there may not be problems with
it in the future. The church went with an affidavit from the Yendi court which
was signed by the late chief as a proof. Because there was no substantive “Yaan-naa”
and “Mion-lana”
for the long period of time, there was no authority to sign such a document. We
are yet to go back as a follow up.

Elder Greg sent Andrews and
Niipaak to the “Village of Hope”
in October to participate in a lesson delivered by Bros. Robert and Bob
Chisholm. This lesson was on the personality styles which was a detail lesson
and an eye opener. Andrews however has made a move to replicate the lesson at
Yendi but it was not successful as other events took over those days. He has
assured the rest of the leaders that the lesson will be taught at Yendi since
the material is available.

Also, preachers in Yendi area
upon hearing the illness of Dada Christian Nsoah visited him in Tema to say
hello to him and his family. The ministers evaluated Dada Nsoah’s
contribution in the north and thought it wise to visit him to encourage him. He
and his wife (Mama Lizzy) were both excited. They appreciated the visit and
show some great amount of joy to Andrews and Yabdow who were delegated to visit
Dada Nsoah. We are proud of him and his contribution in the northern work of
the lord. We will continue to work towards the sustenance of the legacy left
behind by the saints who have contributed their quota in the lords vineyard.

As part of the clinic
leadership, Andrews and the rest of the members of the management committee met
severally to discuss matters of concern to the clinic. The clinic has improved
serious with an amount of commitment towards evangelism in the Yendi area and
beyond. One excellent example is the preaching and treatment of inmate of the
Yendi government prisons in October. This exercise has been done for some years
now. Approximately hundred (100) inmates were treated by workers of the clinic.
Additionally, some amount of medicines were left for the infirmary of the
prisons to take care of future illnesses of the inmates.


Yabdow with
Stephen have sorted the WBS lessons ready to be given in schools. The
evangelists with Westover Church however is evaluating the impact of the
program since it is run for over ten years now. This is to assess the results
and bring in innovations for a positive impact. We therefore are requesting
your prayers in this direction.

Yabdow is
still preaching in the church clinic with a strong backup of Bro. Barnabas. Barnabas
was with Nsawam Road Church of Christ and was employed as a bio-statistician
with the mind of him contributing in the church. Truly his impact is been
realized in the church and clinic as he
support Yabdow in doing the teaching in the clinic as well doing sign language
in the church for a death brother (Issifu) and any other death person who comes
to the church.

The radio
program in Tamale is still ongoing. Positive remarks and individual interaction
of members of the public to the preachers and church members is still part of
the experience. We are praying for the continuation of the broadcast which may
be shifted to Yendi since there are now two (2) FM stations in Yendi town. The
travels to and fro by the evangelists to Tamale may end, after all these FM
stations also travel afar to catch listeners.

A number of board
meetings of the church school were held in late September, prior to a P.T.A.
meeting on Saturday, 5th October, 2019. At the meeting it was unanimously
agreed that the current school fees should be maintained but the “Feeding
Program” should be scrapped off since parents are not prepared for a fee
increase this academic year (2019/2020).

The Junior
High School (J.H.S.) had the first candidates for the “Basic Education
Certificate Examination”
(B.E.C.E.) this academic year (2019/2020). On Monday, 18th November,
2019, the examinations officer met heads of Junior High Schools to brief them
on the registration process. The Church J.H.S. has registered seven (7) students
for the examination. The date of the examination has not yet been finalized.
Please, remember the candidates in your prayers.

Both the
Primary school and the Junior High School are currently on the Christmas
holidays. The school will resume normal classes on 8th January,

Tatale church, as usual was
able to study with the following people: Aimah Wajah (a trader), Najah Niyayan
Evans (a student from Saboba). Evans was a member of one of the denominational
churches for many years and has never heard of baptism. After several visit and
studies he accepted the gospel. Also, is Kakaja Kondow (a farmer), Nbebibu
Evans (also a farmer), she was also a member of Light House International. She
understood the teachings about Christ and accepted the gospel and Bechuba Gifty
also a student.

Out of these five people, two
of them accepted the gospel and were baptized on the 17th November,
2019 and added to the Tatale Congregation.

Preaching (Studies) in the
schools. Now because of the new curriculum implementation, a space has been
provided on Wednesdays for worship. This means that the Tatale church is been
given the chance to teach the word of God at the primary and J.H.S level
without fear. Therefore at Tatale, the leaders have divided themselves into four
groups. Each group was able to visit the school they have been assigned to study
the word of God with. In this quarter, they have focus on the promises of God.
Only two of these children in the primary school have joined the Sunday school
children. It is the belief of the leaders that these children will never forget
the word of God in their lives.


entreated all the village congregations under his oversight to fast for at
least one day in the last week of December, 2019. This was to prepare them
spiritually for the New Year, 2020. Majority of them did, though he could not
visit all of them to be part of the exercise.

On the 31st
December, 2019, Tatale church divided themselves into two groups. The first
group gathered at Tatale and the second group also met at Sanguli. The groups
came together to sing praises to God for taken them through 2019 successfully
and also prayed to God to see them through 2020 successfully.

On the 20st
October, 2019 David visited Yingsala church to organize fasting and prayer.
They do it at the end of every month.

Yendi church in the quarter
had three (3) half night prayer and ended it it with the 31st December night vigil. This year the attendance
of the new year eve prayer was not as good as last year yet, we still glorify
God for His presence and mercy.


By David
on 13th October, 2019 at Yingsala:

1. Maamubi Hanah 2. Myaajasan John


1. Yabdow
Paul 2. Binyoon Linda 3. Yaw Dora 4. Ndifu Emmanuel 5. Efee Musamba 6. Naaja


We need prayers for the first quarter of the year as its the serious time
for the church work.


conclusion, we would like to say that the fourth quarter of 2019 has been quite
successful. It is one full of spirit- lifting activities. May the Lord God keep
us healthy and hale to continue doing His work to save the lost souls in the
areas we work. Amen.

Dokurugu Paul

David Wumbei



Thomas Nambo

Alhassan A.

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