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Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message...
– Colossians 4:2-3

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3rd Quarter 2019 Mission Report from Yendi, Ghana

October 17, 2019,





Grace and greetings from
the family of God in Yendi and Tatale areas of the northern region. We are all
doing well and thanking God. This quarter is full of farming activities which
has just paused in September and will commence effectively at the end of October
with harvesting. Even though the rain pattern was not very good as there was a serious
draught in August that affected many crops, we still hope that the lord will
take care of His children.


In this report, we have
categorized it into reach in, reach out and reach up. In the reach in are:
personal studies and baptism by Thomas, evangelism in church school in Tatale,
benevolence in Tatale church, campus ministry in Yendi Senior High led by Paul,
visits by Paul, visits by Daniel, visits by David, visits by Yabdow, funeral at
Nanjingni (Nanjuni), clean up exercise in Yashegu organized by the church,
youth program in Yendi church, officiating of wedding in Bakpaba and church

Whereas in the reach out
are: impact of church school in Yendi, mobile clinic in Kpanjamba, mobile
clinic in Yendi government prisons and evangelism in the north by Bomso church
in Kumasi. And finally, the reach up contains: fasting and prayer in Gnani,
fasting and prayer in Makayili lead by David, Friday prayers in Yendi church
and the regular fasting and prayer in Tatale. The rest are baptism, challenges
and conclusion.


studied with four prospects in this quarter. They are Banjirn Adamu, Besienbila
Danah, Bismark Danah and N-modow Nchaji. Two (Banjirn Adamu and Besienbila
Danah) of them were baptized on the 21th September, 2019, into the lords Church at Sanguli. Also, five
(5) young people were baptized in Tatale church in July. They are all students.

Thomas is
continuing with the teaching in the church primary and junior high schools on
every Monday from 8:30am to 9:30. This is a continues program. With the intake
of the year ones, Thomas is laying his foundation on “Who is God”with the
students. He visited Bekpajab, Nborlado, Jomoni, Lagbani, Kpassan and
Sanguli. In Kpassan, Mr. Jacob N-tifuni and his wife Afia were
restored .

The church in
Tatale contributed yams to support two nurses who are newly posted to the
district. There are Sister Love, a midwife, and Sister Leticia. They are both
from Kumasi and members of the church. They did this as part of the church

These days the campus
ministry is continues with the introduction of the double track system in
second cycle schools. With the campus executives sometimes on holidays, it has
become difficult to organize church members on the school compound. The president
and secretary sometimes have to come back from holidays before activities are
carried out effectively. Paul has been with them at their place of worship in
this semester. He has visited two of the rural congregations with the campus
president to introduce him to evangelism. The congregations outside Yendi are
usually happy when they see a student church member with them.

In all the congregations
Paul visited, he met the church leaders on three (3) issues; the congregation
farms, the women’s camp in Tamale from Thursday, 24th October, 2019
to Sunday, 27th October 2019 and church attendance which has been
poor during the rainy season.

Bro. Moses Ilaka and Paul
visited Bro. Joseph Kumasi in Machelayili (Nalogni) after a joint service at
Sobitido. The church leader looked well
except that he could not lift his right hand and leg. They prayed for him and
proceeded home. He also visited sister Monica in Yingsala with two students
from Yendi Senior High School. Monica is a student from the senior high who was
sick. They sent her to church and prayed for her. Paul and his wife visited
Niligrini Rebecca in Yendi hospital and prayed for her before leaving.

Sunday worship has been regular
and smooth this quarter despite the rains. Paul has been able to visit
all the congregations in his area. Some of them had joint services. Baachabordo,
Nalogni and Jagrido congregations occasionally have morning devotions and
evening worship. With Baachabordo this has been an old practice. Paul has encouraged the other congregations to emulate
the example of the Baachabordo congregation.

Daniel also took time to visit some members and church farms in
his area. He and Gnani church planted the church soya beans farm on 20th
July. Daniel on some occasions handed the pulpit
to some of the church leaders due to his ill health. He was admitted for three
(3) days in Tamale on the 29th July at a private hospital. He is now doing well and
fully back to the church work.

Daniel and Simon Kunban led a joint service of
Kpassani and Nanjuni congregations on the 25th August. He also
participated in the youth program in Yendi as his area youth were also there.
He showed up to motivate the youth under his working area.

David visited: Yingsala,
Nabila, Kpasani Nanjuni, Yingsala, Timokando, Wamgbung, Wapuli and Timulkando.
Due to the rains, he could not reach Bonduli and Frigmado. The are streams that
were flooded and unsafe to pass. He however is praying to reach them when the
waters go out. All the congregations he visited were all doing well.

On 14 July, 2019 David visited Nanjungni
(Nanjingni) for service after which he named Bennie Solomon Tagben. It did not take long when the child’s father
past away leaving seven (7) children behind
in addition to the widow. We need your prayers for them.

this quarter, Yabdow visited: Andodo, Yingsala, Frigmado, Kpalisogni, Yashegu,
Kpanjemba, Kuga, Gbungaliga and Yendi church.

11th September, the church lost a brother, Tagben Solomon, in Nanjingni church. Paul did the committals, David
preached and Daniel led the programs as the MC. The funerals was performed on
the 28th of September. Sister congregations and denominations were
invited. Yabdow, Paul, Daniel and David went and led in the final funeral. Yabdow did the preaching while Paul, David and
Daniel helped in other areas. Hundreds of people gathered, including
denominational churches, their pastors and some politicians from Yendi.

the 20th of September we organized a cleanup excises in Yashegu
church of Christ, all members of the church came out with cutlasses and clear
all bushes in the village. This prompted the denominational churches in the village to joined the church
of Christ for the excise. After the excise, we visited the chief and he
commended the church for the good work
initiated. They appreciated the care given to the community.

Yendi church organized three
days lectureship for the youth and invited two preachers from Accra to teach.
They were preachers Isaac Desmond Donkoh and Cornelius along with preacher
Isaac’s wife, Gifty Donkoh. Total attendance was 202. The intention of the
church is to make it an annual program. We thank God for his mercies. It was on
the 29th of August to 1st of September 2019. It was an
exciting program as the church housed them in Yendi. Topics were: Carrier
Awareness, Commitment to Christian Faith, Sex education and Biblical Principles
of wealth Making”. The aim was to help the youth decide what courses the need
to study in school reach their dream jobs in the future, committing the
christian faith into their hands, curbed the youth in their sex lives and
making decent money as many youngsters are involved in fraudulent behaviors
both in and out of Ghana. Participating congratulations were made up of twenty
(20), comprising Wambung, Kpassani, Yashegu, Gbungbalga, D.C. Kura, Jagrido,
Nyankpani, Kpanjamba, Nakpachei, Frigmado, Nanjuni, Nalogni, Gnani,
Kpalgigbuni, Duuni, Sakpei, Bakpaba, Kpalsogni, Andodo and Yendi. Total
participation was 202.

Yabdow and Andrews were in Bakpaba on the 7th of August to officiate
a wedding between Ruth Bichome and and Solomon Yaw Bimokti. It went well. Yabdow
did the officiating and preaching while Andrews presented a graphic
illustration on successful marriage using the local hearth made of three stones
and a pot to tell the audience the need for marriages to depend on God, the man
and the woman. He said if the three stones stood well, with the pot sitting on
it in balance, they can attract God’s blessings in the marriage that will never
leak. It attracted the attention of the audience and ended in joy. We are
wishing the couple a happy godly marriage in Jesus name, Amen.

Church farms Bro. Kent and
family supported is promising. A number of the farms are visited by the
evangelists as a follow up and its promising. However a few of the
congregations farms are not very good due to poor germination. This happened
when the planting coincided with heavy rains or draught. Its not a total lost
except that we may not have the highest yield.

Paul visited all the church
farms within his area. They were: Diisikuraa (D. C. Kuraa), Kanimo, Kanimo,
Machelayili, Sobitido, Baachabordo and Jagrido. All the farms were promising.


The Church school is doing
well as far as academic work and discipline are concerned. The school vacated
for the Third Term on Thursday, 1st August and resumed on Tuesday,
10th September. Paul met the staff of the school on Monday, 26th
July to brief them on a workshop he attended on “Child Rights”. The school had
three staff meetings again; one with the Junior High School (J.H.S.) on
Tuesday, 30th July, a second with the Primary School on Wednesday,
31st July and, a third one with both the J.H.S. and the Primary
School on Thursday, 1st August, 2019 before vacating the school.

On Saturday, 3rd
August, 2019, the School Board of Governors met to discuss important issues of
the school. On Monday, 5th August, the Board met the Head-preacher,
Brother Andrews, to share our decisions concerning the school with him. It was
a fruitful discussion.

The Primary School teachers
attended a five-day workshop on the new basic school curriculum from Monday, 26th
August, 2019 to Friday, 30th August, 2019. It was a successful one.
They were issued with certificates of participation. The teachers were eight in
number excluding Paul.

The month of September had
also seen a string of meetings. The first staff meeting for the term took place
on Wednesday, 12th September, 2019. All teachers were present at the
Primary school. Paul met the J.H.S. staff on Friday, 2019.

The school Board met the
parents of the out-going basic six pupils to persuade them to send their
wards/children to the Church J.H.S. Though not all parents attended the
meeting, the exercise was successful. We have all our basic six pupils
attending the Church J.H.S.

On Wednesday, 18th
September, 2019, the Board was to meet but could not form a quorum. The meeting
was therefore postponed to the following day 19th September,
2019. The meeting came on as scheduled
and a number of issues were discussed including meeting the school
Parent-Teacher Association (P.T.A.) Executive Board. The School Board met the
P.T.A. Chairman on Wednesday, 25th September, 2019 and a date was
fixed for a general P.T.A. meeting. Our problem remains the lack of financial
and material support.

Clinic in connection with the preachers organized one day health screening
education and public preaching in Kpanjemba on the 13th September
2019. One hundred and one (101) people
were screened. Twenty one (21) out of those who had malaria were treated, two
(2) had high blood pressure and were referred to the clinic for BP drugs and
constant checkup. It is the plan of the clinic and preachers to promote Christ
through health care in the rural areas for the growth of the kingdom of God. As
a follow up, Yabdow and Yussif Sualeisu, clinic HR, on the 15th of September 2019
visited the community. The church was
full to capacity and after service, seven souls were added to the Lords church.
May His name be praised. The preachers with the clinic are requesting financial
assistance to continue this program in other sister congregations/communities
since the clinic is not in a good financial ground to shoulder this
responsibility. If it could be done at least once in a quarter that would have
be helpful to the ministry.

Bro. Tom Carr, the church of Christ Mission health Centre on the September 26th
had a mobile clinic at the Yendi government prisons. One Hundred and Ninety one
(191) inmates were screened and treated. Some medicines were left for their infirmary to
support future treatment of the inmates.

elders of Bomso church in Kumasi were in Yendi to work in the rural
congregations with the preachers. Andrews was with them in all the rounds they
did. Some of the communities visited were Bimbilla, Makayili, Lipusi,
Kakpeyili, Bakpaba, Duuni and Gbungbaliga. The team wanted to put up a church
building in Bimbilla but there was a challenge on the land. The traditional
authorities who own the land said those who sold the land to the church were
not the rightful owners hence the church cannot build on it. When we did a
follow up, it was confirmed to be true. Andrews on a second visit on 20th
August, however pleaded with the gate that sold the land to church, yet did not
own it, to replace the land with any other land anywhere in Bimbilla town. He
paid for a new land on which the church will be built. This fund was provided
by the Bomso church so as to fix a symbol of Christ in the Bimbilla township.

The elders visited Lipusi
and Kakpeyili to inspect church buildings that were already funded to roofing
levels. Inspection of the building in Makayili was done and funds for the
roofing immediately provided. As at now, the Makayili building is also roofed.
They proceeded to Bakpaba to see a church building put up by the church to
roofing level but cannot be continued due to finances. Upon the inspection of
the building the elders immediately provided funds for wood, nails and
workmanship to fix the rafters on. This is also achieved. They continued to
Duuni to fellowship with them and see the size and membership of the
congregation. Indeed, the big building was full to capacity when the elders
visited. We are praying for the lord to provide resources to build a big
auditorium for the congregation.

In Gbungbaliga, they support
the indigenous church with funds to build the church auditorium. Gbungbaliga
has already secured blocks, river sand and some iron rods from their sweat and
donations from individuals and funds from Westover Hills Church in USA. The
elders quickly laid the foundation and the building is fully built waiting for
any further assistance towards roofing. The aim of these moves is to edify and
attract prospects form the communities in which the church buildings are put
up. Prayers are needed to fulfill the calling and work the Bomso church is
giving to the northern churches. We still are doing the radio ministry in


Daniel worshiped with Gnani, Borido, Bitamamdo and
Kpanjamba congregations. On 12th July, Gnani church organized fasting and
prayer, under the theme: “God, Encourage Our Churches”. On 23rd August as well,
they yet again organized another fasting and prayer for God to protect Ghana and her citizens. He
visited Borido church on 21st July only to realized that there was a
funeral and he quickly moved to Kpanjamba, where service and attendance was

David, as usual on 20th
September 2019, led a fasting program at Makayili. This was a joint service by
three congregations. These are Kakpeyili, Makayili and Linpusi churches. A
total of seventy five 75 participated due to the distances. On the 2th
August, 2019, David led another fasting program at Nanjuni church and five (5)
people were baptized.

this quarter, a number of half night prayers were disrupted by rains Yendi
church. The only prayers sessions that were achieved highly was the Friday
night prayer which was either high or low in attendance.

Tatale church is still
doing the monthly fasting and prayer as part of building the members
relationship with God.

churches in Tatale and Zabzugu districts need your prayers due to the recent
deaths in the two sister districts. Preacher Emmanuel passed on last quarter
while Ishmael Dawuni, preacher, also lost his wife in this quarter.


by Yabdow: 1. Wumborche
Kojo 2. Nkpeb Kofi 3. Wajabu Binman Mark
4. Naman Joshua 5. Nmoab Solomon 6. Wumborche Kwame God Fred & 7. Timothy

by David: 1. Bilagma Jamati 2.
Nlanbrin Kwasi 3. Wasak Tibornyan 4. Taban Adjua 5. Aborge Azuma

Baptisms by Thomas: 1. Banjirn Adamu 2.
Besienbila Danah 3. Fati Jagri 4. Taphamba Elizabeth 5. Kofi Njanbe, 6. Taphamba
Ruth 7. Yajonignan Broni.


In this report, we want to
renew our past requests on financial assistance towards the church school. Now,
apart from two Muslim teachers in the Primary school, seven teachers are
members of the church. Poor funding of the school has not made it attractive to
outsiders this time around. We need to pay our teachers well to keep them. The
government’s NABCO programme has greatly affected us. We therefore on behalf of
school management appeal to all loving Brothers and Sisters to come to our


The quarter has gone on
quite well with no incidents. The rains have not prevented worship at any point
in time. Though we have not continued with the workshops in our villages,
things have been smooth going.


Thomas Nambo

Daniel Dawuni

David Wumbei

Neindow Dokurugu

Yabdow Alhassan

Alhassan Abdulai

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3rd Quarter 2019 Reports from our evangelists in Saboba, Ghana

October 17, 2019,



send you greetings in the name of the Lord, your families, and the entire
congregation of Prestoncrest Church of Christ my dearly beloved sponsors. My
family and the family of the Lord in northern Ghana sends their greetings too.
Our good Lord has again blessed us with life to end another quarter of the year
to share our little achievements, plans, and challenges to one another again.
However, doing a full time hearty ministry, it would be difficult for me to be
able to report on every bit of my activities through writing but I will do my
best to highlight on some major points for your perusal. Let me also take this
opportunity once again to express my profound gratitude and appreciations to
you as my sponsoring congregation for your love, supports, prayers, just to
mention but a few you are doing to us here in Ghana. Find some details below;

Congregational visitations have so many reasons here in Ghana and both has a
bearing on the growth and sustainability of the members and the faith as
Christians. Besides visiting congregations for worship on worship days, there
are other essential reasons that make the people well prepared to remain
available for the Lord. Permit me to quote one of the lessons of my brother,
friend, and mentor brother Bob Chisholm “ THE
SHAPE OF FAITH”. In my understanding to this lesson, he summarized
Christianity into three folds. Reaching your God well, Reaching your fellow
brethren well, and Reaching unbelievers well, and to me is one of the powerful
lessons I have ever learnt. Hence, I do my ministry and everything in my life
with this lesson in mind. In my view, for congregations and ministries for that
matter to be alive we have to apply these three cardinal points effectively to
ensure a growing and sustained mission work. Reaching these cardinal
relationships well and coordinating the relationships makes ministry powerful
and meaningful.

Therefore, on the part of
congregational visitations, I want to assure you my sponsors that it is going
on very well by the grace of God. Both visitations for worship, for funerals,
for organized programs, naming ceremonies, marriages, etc has been carried out
successfully. In August I received a call from Kumasi Bomso church elders
asking me to go on their behalf to officiate a wedding of a church sister at
Bakpaba. The sister is a native of Bakpaba and fellowshipping with them in
Kumasi and because of the distance they asked me to stand in for them. The
ceremony took place on 17th August 2019 at Bakpaba. Just as responds
and reception matters so much in our visitation, I can also say that both are
good though some of the visits, its results will be realized latter. Even with
the powerful arm of my Youth ministry and evangelism, visitations have now
become a serious competition between us and the denominational churches in
town. But to say the least, visitations
has since gone well by God’s grace and I am grateful for your prayers in this

Again I am grateful to the Lord for giving me such zealous, energetic young men
and young ladies in the church who are always poised to propagate the Gospel of
Christ in these villages. To be honest, my church Youth is doing a tremendous
work in terms of evangelism and church planting. They are very active group of
young men and ladies who are very dedicated to serve Christ through His church
and I am very grateful to the Lord for their lives. With your special
intervention of the two motorbikes made it more impactful and powerful.

The church women in Saboba congregation have formed a strong evangelism
taskforce and divided themselves into zones where each zone plans their
activities and implement it. At the end they report to church leadership as
their results shall be coordinated from all the zones. They have zonal
leadership and they are in-charge of many things including church attendance
from each zonal area. They have just ended one program called; visiting the
aged in all the zonal centers.

The radio program is ongoing without any interruptions. As I had always said,
this program is very major to the Church of Christ in general and not only
Saboba and its environs alone.

This ministry is one of the interventions that has given the church a lot of
opportunities to impact on people. It has for several months ago gone into
aiding conflict victims, care for widows and orphans, school fees for our blind
sister in the church called; Esther Taalan, etc. Samuel in Bunkpurugu has been
receiving his monthly financial support through the father and time to time I
call him through the father for confirmation. By accumulation of my working
fund through my personal support, I have been able to construct a pavilion at
the church in Saboba which is being used as visitors class for teaching in
morning on Sundays. The blind sister Esther just left last week to school for
her last semester after three years in school. Fertilizers were supplied to
selected people individually in some of the affected communities of the recent
past conflict areas within Saboba and Chereponi respectively. Not all of them
that were able to farm but this was to aid those who farm to get some good
harvest. As part of the women’s ministry, they also identify the very needy
ones and report it for help. Among others was just last two months August they
identified one old lady in Sobiba community who is living in a whole house
alone because, her only male child who would have taken care of her is in
prison and her girl children are all married. This woman is over 70 years and
very weak physically. Upon discovery I quickly organized some foodstuffs and
clothing for her through the women’s ministry leadership. Through that her
daughter who is married in a different community with her daughter too came and
added to the church at Sobiba.

Concerning conflicts resolution and aid, I will testify that, Prestoncrest
Church of Christ has set unprecedented records in Bunkpurugu district, Saboba,
and Chereponi through us here in Ghana. If I may begin to explain myself by
what I said I will start it from Bunkpurugu Chieftaincy conflict. When Bunkpurugu
was so tense and hot God brought elder Charley and brother David Kennedy to
visit me and the work. By courage and how the Lord’s plans were in that visit,
we travelled to Bunkpurugu together in such a risky situation. Upon getting
there we quickly organized ourselves and met the two factions separately and
the Lord spoke to them through these two visiting brothers and they both
pledged to us that they have laid down their arms from that day and indeed that
was the end of it till now. Again when this Kunkomba verse Chokosis conflict
irrupted and I passed on the information to you for prayers and support, your
prayers and supports contributed a lot to the successful control of the
conflict. In terms of aid or physical assistance to the victims, you have done
it more than any other philanthropist and everybody in this area has testified
it. You donated more than any other donor even the President of Ghana has since
not brought anything to help the people. The President set peace committee from
the national level, that committee could not handle the situation. The Chiefs
of the areas formed a team led by Yaa-Naa to preach peace, they couldn’t see
top. At the district level some of us the local peace committee volunteered and
formed a five member committee one from Saboba here and another from Chereponi
and we were able by the grace of God brought the situation under control and
the curfew was lifted and everyone is not free to move about. Our committee
movement got to a point where the only funds we could rely on was the monthly
funds you are sending every month which enabled us travel in and out to resolve
the problem. But by and large, we have the cause to say glory and honor be to
our God for resolving this problem and now people are freely doing their daily
businesses. The last thing to be done is to organize a big durbar for the
people to climax everything. I am also planning with my church leaders and
other preachers to identify one of the villages there to evangelize and plant a
church as a sign of our participation. I want you to be praying with me in this

On the 9th July, 2019 I received a preacher friend from the U S A
and we did some seminars and two mobile clinics in some selected communities.
We went round with him in visiting some of congregations we could reach once it
was in pick of the rainy season. He funded some two mobile clinics at places as
Bikpajaab and Nyankpala both in the Zabzugu/ Tatale districts. The two mobile
clinics helped the areas a lot as they were communities that are far from
health facilities and their roads too are very bad to reach them. Through the
seminars we had 10 new converts at Bikpajaab and baptized them and their names
are in preacher Samuel and others reports below.

We are now having another congregation in the Senior High School here. Because
the school is E P. mission school, it was difficult for our members to get
opportunity to worship with us. I made arrangements and now we are worshipping
with them there every Sunday.

On the part of children’s ministry, I started a program last year in Saboba
congregation alone and that program is called; Egg Sunday. This program brought
a lot of children to the church. Our Sunday school children are now closed to
200 every Sunday.

The ongoing projects are the Chagbani building project, Wapuli building
project, Nbolado church building project, and Saboba church roof replacement
project. But I think all these projects I have mentioned and sent estimates
cost of them all in the past. I am only praying for God’s blessings on us all
to enable us finish those projects.

My way forward in the future is to build three more meeting places within
Saboba township to propel more growth of the church. The reason is that, our
growth as a congregation here cannot continue to host our converts at one
place. The town is growing and widening the more and we have members from all
directions which if we add some worship centers will give us more members than
directing everybody to one place. This is just something to be praying about
whiles weighing it with other things and factors.

I am not going to repeat the ten baptisms from Bikpajaab because they are
captured in other preachers reports below. But following are some few baptisms
I had in Saboba congregation; On the 11th August, 2019.

1. Karachi
Gmajur Lazarus

2. Grumpi
Karachi Lady

3. Baby
Karachi Lydia

29th September, 2019

1. Jagri
Ujadin Isaac

2. Laabei
Bismark Talogmi

3. Laar
Paul Sugloman

About the Evangelists in Bunkpurugu and Saboba are all doing well. Everyone is
hard working except that, preacher Samson has not fulfilled his promise of
going back to Nankpanduri yet. I also want to let you know I now have among
them those who can lead the teams in other areas in my absence. We need your
prayers always, thank you.


On the 7th July, 2019 I worshiped joint service,
Gbetmunpaak and Pagnatik and the center was Gbetmunpaak Congregation.

On the 14th July, 2019, I worshiped with Gbetmunpaak

On the 21st July, 2019 I worshiped at Gbetmunpaak

On 28th July, 2019, I worshiped with Gbankoni

At the end of the church service, I baptized Kojo Suuk, and
also visited Duut Konjet in her house and prayed for her.

On the 4th August, 2019, we did joint service at
Pagnatik congregation.

On the 11th August, 2019 I worshiped with Pauk

After church service we visited the sick people (1) Konlan
Sunam (2) Bindaan Mary and (3) Sambian Latika and again baptized six people
that day and following are their names;
(1) Tankwoaruk Kojo (2) Laari Yaw (3) Dadoan Yiamin (4) Sianin
Dajeinpaak (5) Suuk Yenumi and (6) Pakinam Adjoa.

On the 18th August, 2019, I have worshiped with
Gbetmunpaak congregation.

On the 19th and 20 August, I did visitation of my
church members in their homes and prayed for them, and non-members in the whole

On the 24th August, I visited my church member
who was sick and the information came to me, I prayed for her in her house
asking God to put his hand on her.

On 25th August, 2019, I worshiped with the church
of Gbetmunpaak.

On the 1st September, 2019 we worshiped joint
service in Gbetmunpaak and Pagnatik.

On the 8th September, 2019, I worshiped joint
service Gbankoni and Kambalouk.

After church service I visited two members
who were not feeling well. I prayed for them asking God to be with them, these
are the people (1) Kwanyami Damir and (2) Duut Konjit.

On 15th September, 2019, I worshiped with
Gbetmunpaak church.

On the 17th September, 2019, I visited my church
member who was sick (Konfouk Konduuk) she was sick and I prayed for her

On the 22nd September, 2019, worship with the
church of Gbetmunpaak.

On the 24th September, 2019 my wife was sick and
I sent her to Namiak Memorial Clinic for two days. I prayed to God for his
support and my church members organize serious prayers for her, asking the
almighty father in heave to put his mighty hands on her.

In my conclusion, remember too that Christians stand between
God and the lost world.

Submitted by; Makinan
Francis Suuk


BIGRUMI N. THOMAS: 27/09/2019.

I traveled to Bimbilla.

I worshiped at Kpatigna.

I attended Wednesday night Bible studies at Chamba town.

I attended Friday night prayers meeting at Chamba town.

I worshiped at Chamba town.

I attended Wednesday night Bible class at Chamba town.

I attended Friday night prayers meeting at Chamba town.

I worshiped at naamani.

I attended Wednesday night Bible class at Chamba town.

(10)19/07/2019,I attended Friday night
prayers meeting at Chamba town.

(11)21/07/2019, I worshiped at Chamba

(12)24/07/2019, I attended Wednesday night
Bible studies at Chamba town.

(13)26/07/2019, I attended Friday night
prayers meeting at Chamba town.

(14)28/07/2019, I worshiped at Nboondo.

(15)31/07/2019, I attended Wednesday night
Bible class at Chamba town.

(16)2/08/2019, I attended Friday night
prayers meeting at Chamba town.

(17)3/08/2019, Thursday afternoon I had a
class with the married couples.

(18)4/08/2019,I worshiped at Chamba town.

(19)7/08/2019, I attended Wednesday night Bible
studies at Chamba town

(20)9/08/2019, I attended Friday night
prayers meeting at Chamba town.

(21)11/08/2019, I worshiped at Chamba

(22)14/08/2019, I attended Wednesday night
Bible class at Chamba town.

(23)16/08/2019, I attended Friday night prayers
service at Chamba town.

(24)18/08/2019, I worshiped at Chamba

(25)21/08/2019, I attended Wednesday night
Bible studies at Chamba town.

(26)23/08/2019, I attended Friday night
prayers meeting at Chamba town.

(27)25/.08/2019,I worshiped at Chamba town
and in the night time, I attended the join
service organized by council of churches at Chamba township.

(28)28/08/2019, I attended Wednesday night
Bible service at Chamba town.

(29)30/08/2019, I attended Friday night
prayers service at Chamba town.

(30)1/092019, I worshiped at Nboondo.

(31)2/09/2019, I traveled to Bimbilla

(32) 4/09/2019, I attended Wednesday night
Bible studies at Chamba town.

(33) 6/09/2019, I attended the naming
ceremony at Kpatign and in the night time, I attended prayers meeting at
Chamba town.

(34) 7/09/2019, I attended wedding
ceremony at Bakpaba.

(35) 8/09/2019, I worshiped at Chamba

(36)11/09/2019, I attended Wednesday-night
Bible class at Chamba town.

(37)13/09/2019, I attended Friday-night
prayers service at Chamba town.

(38)15/09/2019, I worshiped at Pkatign.

(39) 18/09/2019, I attended
Wednesday-night Bible class at Chamba town.

(40)20/09/2019, I attended Friday-night
prayers service at Chamba town.

(41)22/09/2019, I worshiped at Kpatign.

(42)23/09/2019, I send a brother`s mother
who had a snake bite to Salaga hospital for treatment

(43) 25/09/2019, I attended
Wednesday-night Bible class at Chamba town.



I therefore want to express
my sincere thanks to all my sponsors who are supporting me both spiritually and
financially. Which always help me to
move about for evangelism. Hence it has always been an encouragement to me and
my family as children of God. And then on the 1st July, 2019, I was
with the church at Kanbalouk for worship.

On the 8/07/2019, I continued
my preaching journey to Tanbing church to strengthen the brethren there, with
the Topic: wisdom and the power of God. And also on the 15th July,
2019, brother Kojo, brother Tukinteeb and brother Naakniib went to Gbong for
evangelism and on our way to the place that we met one man call Wunbe, where we
talked to him about the Lord’s church and he promised us to come to him on
another time, where we are serious about it.

On the 22nd July,
2019, I was in Pagnatik church

On the 29th July,
2019, I was with the church at Gbetmunpaak

On the 5th August,
2019 I worshipped with Nanyiapaak congregation

On the 12th
August, 2019, I went and preached at Pauk. From there I used the rest of the
opportunity to go round the village to preach the word where one sister called
Naadani Baabotin agreed to join the church and was baptized the same day.

On the 19th
August, 2019, I worshipped with Gbingbani church

On the 26th
August, 2019 I went to Nanyiar church

On the 2nd
September, 2019 Pagnatik church moved to Gbetmunpaak church for a joint service
where I led them with Bible class and Brother Francis took the sermon to the

On the 9th
September, 2019, I was with Gbankoni church

On the 16th
September, 2019, I was accompanied by brother Tukinteeb to Tanyen church for

On the 23rd September,
2019, I worshipped with Bunkpurugu central congregation.



the 30th June, I visited Kpasah congregation and gave the teaching on Christian
life. I also attended a naming ceremony at Bekpajab after church service.

also used two days to work on the temple building by raising the pillars.

the 7th June, I worshiped at my congregation at Mbolado and gave them teaching
on church attendance.

Missionary from America with some brothers in Accra came to preacher Niipaak at
Saboba on the 9th July,2019 they all
came to

to visit the church there for a day seminar.

the 10th July on that same day at night time we went to Yachido for evangelism
with brother Niipaak.

the 12th July, brother Niipaak and his team visited my congregation and for one
day seminar.

the 13th July, we all went to Bekpajab and did a free mobile clinic for the
community of Bekpajab and its environs and it was been organized by preacher Niipaak.

the 14th was Sunday and I worshiped at my congregation at Mbolado and continue
the teaching on church attendance more questions were asked and they were all

the 15th July the same free mobile clinic was done at this community Nyankpala
after Zabzugu where we have young congregation there. The two mobile clinics
really helped the areas too much as it was just the right time when the
communities needed it so much. It also strengthened the congregations in the
areas a lot.

the 18th July we hosted a seminar for only women in the churches.

seminar took place for three days and ended on the 21st which fell on a Sunday.

the 28th July, I went to Tasundo congregation and lead Sunday teaching and the
topic was becoming A Faithful Christian.

the 4th August, I worshiped at Nbolado congregation.

program every topic for one month so, On the 11th August, I went back to
Tasundo and continue the topic Christian Life.

the 18th August, I worshiped at Nbolado congregation.

the 25th August, I worshiped at Tasundo and continue the topic Christian Life.

the 27th August, there was a community relative funeral at Torchedo.

August we lost one of our preacher’s wife known as Dawuni Cynthia. The burial
took place the same day at a community called; Kuntumyili. The lady was very
young and she died leaving four years old small girl with the father.

On the 30th we went back to Torchedo and
greeted the deceased family again.

the 31st August, I attended preachers meeting at Saboba which we always meet
every last Saturday of the month.

on the 1st September, I went back to Tasundo congregation to continue the topic
Christian Life.

the 8th I worshiped with same congregation Tasundo.

also attended a Christian brothers naming ceremony at Ngayando on the 7th
September \before Sunday.

the 15th September, I went to the church at Nyankpala after Zabzugu I lead them
Sunday Bible class for adults.

18th September, to 21st was our graduation at Tamale Bible Institute.

The following are new converts who got baptized
on the 22nd September, 2019

Magen Edonya

Magen Binkrumi

Magen Nyalamba

Magen Wumborala

Magen Ama



Joint service held at
konchiangberuk church on the 7th day of July and the topic I taught
is “An active life”, I worship at the same church with the topic “ the day of

On 14th day of
July I also worshipped at Tanyenn on 21st day of July on Sunday with
the topic “worship in spirit and truth. The same topic taught at konchiangberuk
church on 28th of the same month on Sunday.

On the 30th of
July on Tuesday I and Jabiuk went to
Tanyenn and visited one sick brother and prayed for him and gave him some gift
to help himself.

Another joint service held at
Tuzik church on the 4th August on Sunday and we taught marriage.

On the 9th August
on Friday, the chief of Gbankonn called the elders, church pastors and leaders
Assemble members, sub-chief for a meeting and talked about peace and
development of the community concerning the youth. I worship at Gbankoni church
on Sunday of 11th day of August and led in the Bible class. I
service at konchiangberuk church with the topic catching men for Jesus on the
day of August on Sunday.

On 25th August on
Sunday I worship at the same church. The two churches Tuuzik and konchiangberuk
held a joint service at konchiangberuk church and I taught Fasting as my topic.

On 1st September
on Sunday. Also worship the same church. On 15th day of September on
Sunday. On 22nd September. The church of Gbankoni planning to put up
their church building this year and want to appeal to our preachers or all the
churches of Bunkpurugu District for help.



On the 7th day of
July, the two churches Nanyiar and Nanyiarpaak held joint service at
Nanyiarpaak church. I worship at Nanyiapaak church, after the church I and
church executives went and greeted three patients on the 14th day of
July. I also service at the same church on 21st day of Sunday.

The 28th day of
July on Sunday I worship at the same church after the church service I Joseph
chann, Emma and Likanwabin paid a visit to- Br, Isaiah wife, because she has
given birth.

On the 30th day of
July on Friday bro Joseph and John went to Nanyiapaak and visited to some
people and prayed for them.

Another joint service held at
Nanyiar church on the 4th August on Sunday of the two congregations
mentioned above.

The three leaders namely
John, Joseph and David organized fasting and prayer of the three churches
Nnayiar, Nanyiarpaak and Tanyenn at Nanyiarpaak church for development and ware
fare of the churches of Bunkpurugu and entire members on the 9th
August. I worship at Nanyiapaak church on 11th day of August on
Sunday. Also worshipped at the same church on 18th day of August on
Sunday. After the church I bro, Joseph and John baptized eight (8) people at
the river and they are:

Kombat Rita,(F) Sabann Sunday Suguruman(M), Gboung Augustina
(F), Biisom Vida Nakipukin (F), Butika Charity (F), Laari Gladys (F), Yaayo Rose Yennuman (F),
and kwabena Paulina (F).

On the 25th August
on Sunday I service with some Agric Officers at Nanyiapaak church after the
church service they taught us how to spray our maize farm to control the
army-worm. The two churches held joint service at Nanyiapaak because every
beginning of each month Sunday there with be joint service at particular

On the 1st
September. Again service at the same church on 8th day on Sunday of
that month.

The three leaders baptized
one person at Nanyiar church on the 12th day of September on
Thursday and her name is Pukiniib Biitka (f).

The 15th Sunday
and 22nd Sunday of September I worship at the same church.

I therefore want to give my
sincere thanks to our preacher Niipaak Laar for what he has doing for us. May
God bless him and extend his life to do more.

Thank you.



Leadership meeting held at
Nanyiapaak church to suggest and plan for the work for the next quarter. We
meet every 4th of each month for evaluation and planning. On the 7th
day of July, joint service held at above church with the topic “come to Jesus
for blessing”. I worship at Nanyiar church and I taught “the old Testament law
as Bible class lesson. From 15th to 21st Sunday was women
week and I taught them how to handle the house. Also worship the church with
the topic “the characteristic of Christian youth on 28th day of July
on Sunday.

On the 30th day of
July on Friday I bro, John and bro, Joseph went to Nanyiapaak and visited a
sick person and prayed for him.

Another joint service held at
Nanyiar church for two churches Nanyiapaak and Nanyiar and bro, Emma led us
with Bible class. On 4thAugust of Sunday.

On 9th August on
Friday one day fasting and prayer held at Nayiapaak church with the three
leaders namely John, Chann and Jabiuk for development of spiritual ware fare of
the people. The above churches mention were gather for this prayer.

On the 11th day of
August on Sunday I worship at kanbalouk church with the topic “God response to
prayer as sermon lesson. Also worship at Nanyiar church with the same topic
taught as Bible class on 18th day of August on Sunday. After the
service I and bro Joseph went to river and baptized (8) eight people from
Nanyiapaak. They are;

kombat Rita (f), sabann
Sunday suguruman (m), Gboung Augustina (f), Biisom Vida Nakipukin (f), Butika
Charity (f), Laari Gladys (f), Yaayo Rose Yennuman (f), and kwebena Paulina

On 22nd day of
August I went to Tukinteeb at Tojing for house to house Evangelism. I service
at Nanyiar church on 25th August on Sunday with the topic “help the
needy ones as Bible class.

The two churches Nanyiar and
Nanyiapaak held joint service at Nanyiapaak church on the 1st day of
September on Sunday. The same topic taught at Nanyiar church on the 8th
of September on Sunday. I did house to house Evangelism at Nanyiar, and by the
grace of God five people returned and one baptized by the three leaders, John,
Joseph and David. Also worship at the same church on the 1th day of the same
month with the topic “Be faithful till death. On the 22nd day of
September on Sunday the same topic taught as Bible class lesson.

I therefore want to use this
opportunity to give my sincere thanks to our preacher Laar Niipaak and you our
sponsors for your wonderful and loving spirit you have for us. I am very much
grateful and may God bless you.



On the 4th July,
leadership meeting held about our work,
we meet every 4th of each month to share ideas and pray

The church of pauk and
Tanyenn held joint service at pauk on 7th July on Sunday with the
topic “the power of the Christian in the community. The chief of kanbauk called
us the peace committee and we advice the youth about Love in the community. On
the 12th July on Friday. I worship at Tanyenn with the topic “we
should not let the worldly things disturb us, on the 14th July on

On the 21st day of
July on Sunday I worship at konchiangberuk. On 23rd July on Tuesday
the youth of kanbauk organized a durbar and invited us for peace talks and advice. We climax it with a cultural dance as
a symbol of peace and unity.

On the 8th of July
on Sunday I service at Tanyenn church with the topic “the last day of judgment.
30th July on Friday I and Baguun went to Tanyenn and visited one
patient with prayer and some gifts for her.

The two churches mentions
above held joint service at Tanyenn with topic “we need our eyes opened to God

On the 9th August
on Friday bro, Minte, chann and I
organized fasting and prayer of the two churches Nanyiar and Nanyiapaak
church for development of the churches.

I worship at Binbauk church
with the topic “Christian is to suffer for Christ. The peace council committee,
chiefs, pastors and all stake holders held meeting on 12th August
concerning about the court judgment of Bunkpurugu chieftaincy.

On 18th day of
Sunday I worship at Tannyenn with the topic “help one another.

25th day of August
on Sunday. The church of pauk and Tanyenn held joint service at pauk with the
topic “in the knowledge of our Lord. The 6th day of September
fasting and prayer held at pauk to improve churches and develop the youth for
peace. I worship at Tanyenn on Sunday of 8th day of September.

On the 12th
September bro, Minte , chann and I
baptized one person at Nanyiar church and her name is Pukiniib Biitika

On 15th of
September I did not worship at Tanyenn because of rain, we are planning of
putting up a building. On the 22nd day of September on Sunday I
service at Tanyenn with the topic “help others who suffer.

24th of the same
month peace committee held meeting with woman organizer and we talked about
peace in Bunkpurugu.

The Third Quarter Report by Kolimba Samuel – Bikpayab Church of

The third quarter report by
Kolimba Samuel starting from July, 2019 to September, 2019 covers the following
activities during the period. On 10th July, 2019 Bikpajab Church of
Christ had baptized ten (10) new members whose names are as follows;

Lando Cynthia

Namuk Doris

Bituiman Leticia

Lando Lydia

Nakpakipak Daniel



Magan Sandra

Lando Johnson

10. Namuk Promise

On 7th July, 2019
there was a team of missionaries led by Evangelist Niipaak Laar to Bikpajab
Church for their missionary work. On this day they had a seminar with the
church members and taught the church on the importance of forgiveness and how
it can foster unity and growth in the church.

The members asked a lot of
questions which were bordering their minds even including their social lives
and answers were given for clarifications.

In the evening of that same day,
the team went to a community called Yachado for evangelism and had one person
converted who had joined Bikpajab church.

On 13th July, the team
came back to Bikpajab with the mobile clinic for screening and medication of
various diseases. All the sister churches and non-believers attended this
clinic for the treatment. The mobile clinic was then moved to Nyankpala on 15th
July under Zabzugu district where the church was newly established.

The team then moved to Chagbani
to have the same seminar which I was now part of them on 16th July,

On 20th July, Bikpajab
church was invited to preacher Wumbei Emmanuel’s child naming ceremony at
Lagbani which we honoured and was successful.

On 21st July, I
worshiped with Kpalbutabu church but from 25th to 28th
July, we had the women seminar at Kuntumbiyili church. In the seminar, Women
were taught in the following areas.

The important of
women fellowship and prayers

How to always make
their husbands and the family happy and

How to receive

In the month of August, I
worshiped with Kpasa, Nyankpala, Bikpajab and Nyojado churches. Again in my
last report, I mentioned that we had a meeting at Nyojado church because
member’s attendance was going down and it was discovered that most of the youth
who are members of the church, their parents are non-believers and always
engage them even during Sundays. Some of these non-believers are now getting
understanding and even said they will join the church.

We were again invited to one of
the church leader’s child naming ceremony on 7th September, 2019 at
Kuntumbiyili church. The rest of the Sundays in the month of September, I then
worshiped with Bikpajab church and the sister churches around. I also want to inform you that Bikpajab
church has lost a sister (Uwumboranam Cynthia) who was married to a
preacher at Kuntumbiyili, (Preacher
Dawun Ishmael) but we say it’s Gods’ work because his plans are not
questionable and He does his work at an appointed time. Thank you and God be
with us all.



On the 7thh July 2019 I worshipped with
Gbaln congregation

On the 10th July 2019 we went
to Bikpajab for one day seminar. I went with the entire preachers and visitors
from Accra and one missionary from USA, and 10 souls were converted, and we
baptized them. Their names are;

Lando Johnson

Namuk promise

Nakpakipak Elixabeth

Nakpakipak Daniel

Lando Lelricia

Wumborbi Lydia

Lando Cynthia

Nakpakipak Patient

Namuk Doris

Magan Sandra

On the same day we went
to Yachido in the night for Jesus video show and evangelism

On the 12th July 2019 we went
to Nbolado for one day seminar. I when with all the preachers and visitors from
Accra and the one missinarry.

On the 13th July 2019 we went
to Bikpajab for a free mobile clinic, we went and treated those were sick.

On the 14th July 2019 all the
congregations in my working area moved to kitulabuni for joint service

On the 15th July 2019 we went
to Nyakpala for another mobile clinic and treated those who were sick. The
program was very helpful to the people of those areas because, they are so far
from health facilities and their roads are bad too. It was actually a God sent
program to His glory.

On the 16th July 2019 we went
to Chagbani for one day seminar and it was so powerful and lovely.

On the 21st July 2019 I worshipped
with saaksi congregation, and I taught Bible class

Ø After
church service at saaksi I came back to chagbani and met evangelist Niipaak
Laar and Daniel Ilinmoan at chagbani church and one soul was converled and we
baptized her. Her name is Jabab pigri Gifty.

On the 27th July 2019 I went to
saboba for preachers meeting

On the 28th July 2019 I
worshipped with saaksi congregation, and I taught Bible class

On the 4th August 2019 all the
churches around my area had a joint service and I led sermon

On the 11th August 2019 I
worshipped with Gbaln congregation

On the 18th August 2019 I
worshipped with Gbaln congregation

On the 26th August 2019 I
worshipped with saaksi congregation, and I met Saboba youth evangelism team
members there and we worshipped together.

the 31st August 2019 I went to Saboba for preachers meeting

On the 1st Septembers 2019 all
the churches move to Nawalbu for joint service, I and other preachers in the
area were all there.

On the 7th September 2019 I was
at Garinkuka, one of our brother died and we went for burial

On the 8th September 2019 I
worshipped with Gbaln congregation and I led sermon

On the 15th September 2019 I
worshipped with Gbaln congregation

On the 22nd September 2019 worshipped
with Gbaln congregation. And I taught Bible class



v On the 7th
July 2019 I worship with Nawalbu Church.

v On the 10th
July 2019 I was at Bikpajab with visitor from America for Evangelism

v On the 12 July
2019 I was at Nbolado with the same visitor for evangelism

v On the 14th
July I 2019 I worship at Kitulanbongni with surrounding churches, (Join

v On the 16th
July 2019 I was at chagbani church for a day’s seminar and evangelism

v On the 21st
July 2019 I worship with Nawalbu church

v On the 27th
July 2019 I was at saboba preachers meeting

v On the 4th
August I worship at waadiik with surrounding churches. (Join service)

v On the 11th
August 2019 and 18th August I worship with Nawalbu church

v On the 28th
August 2019 I worship at Nawalbu church

v On the 31st
August 2019 I was at Saboba for preachers meeting

v On 1st
and 8th September I worship at Nawalbu church

v On the 15th
September 2019 I worship with nawalbu church

v On the 22
September I worship with Chagbani church



On the 7th July, 2019, I was in
Gbaln congregation

On the 10th, July, 2019, I was in
Bikpajah for evangelism with all the Saboba Preachers and one white man and
some visitors from Accra that day we Baptized Ten souls, their names are

Ø Lando

Ø Namula

Ø Lando

Ø Lando

Ø Namuk

Ø Nakpakipak

Ø Nakpakipak

Ø Wumborbi

Ø Nakpakipak

Ø Magan

On the 12th July 2019. I was in
Nbolando congregation for one day seminar

On the 13th July 2019 I was in
Bikpajah with all other preachers with the white for a mobile clinic

On the 14th July, 2019. I was
in kitulanboni congregation for our usual join service.

On the 15th July, 2019, I was
in Nyankpala congregation for another mobile clinic service for the area.

On the 16th, July, 2019. I was
in chagnani congregation for one day seminar

On the 21st July, 2019, I was
in garnkuka congregation

On the 28th July 2019. I was in
Gbaln congregation

On the 4th, August 2019, I was
in Garinkuka congregation

On the 11th, August 2019, I was
in Gbaln congregation

On the 18th, August, 2019, I
was in Garinkuka congregation

On the 25th, August, 2019 I was
in Garinkuka congregation

On the 1st September 2019 – I
was in Nawalbo congregation for our usual Join service

On the 6th, to 7th September,
2019 I was at Garikuka congregation for one of our brother Nakor peter burial
and on the 8th September 2019 was the thanks giving service in the

On the 15th September 2019, I
was in Gbaln congregation

On the 22nd September 2019 I
was in Gbaln congregation



INTRODUCTION: Greeting to you in
the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ from my family and the entire
Churches. We also thank God for your families in Jesus name.

Below is my movement plan for the quarter

– Mulipido

– We
went for one (1) day seminar at Bikpajab and Yachido for video show. After the
seminar we baptized about ten (10) peoples.

are: 1. Lando Johnson

2. Namuk promise

3. Nakpakipak Elizabeth

4. Nakpakipak Daniel

5. Lando Letricia

6. Uwumborbi Lydia

7. Lando Cynthia

8. Nakpakipak Patience

9. Namuk Doris

10. Magan Sandra

11/07/2019 – Sobiba

12/07/2019 – Nbolando

13/07/2019 – Bikpajab for
mobile clinic

14/07/2019 – Sanguli

15/07/2019 – Nyankpala for
mobile clinic

21/07/2019 – Tumbu Congregation

28/07/2019 – Mulipido

From 04/08/2019 to 25/08/2019 I was been
programed for Sunday Bible Studies in Sanguly church.

01/09/2019 – Mulipido

08/09/2019 – Tumbu Congregation

18/09/2019 – Sanguli

25/09/2019 – Sanguli

Sundays Evening Bible Studies

Wednesdays Evening Bible Studies

Fridays – Prayers

My family appreciates your prayers and
your support. Continue to pray for my family and all the Churches of Christ in
Saboba District. We are also praying for you once again we say may God bless
you all in Jesus name. Thank you.



This reports is only on Bunkpurugu central church where I
preach. The building project is now totally completed and functional.
Membership is my problem but we are working hard on that through so many
interventions. Most of my members are students and can only be available during
vocations. However, the few I have are also very dedicated.

I need your prayers always for the church. Bunkpurugu is
Muslim dominated and Catholism as well but nothing is too difficult for the



On the 30th June I went to
Bikpajab for one of the brother naming ceremony which I had the opportunity to
share the word of God to unbelievers.

On the 6th July I visited
Osunodo church with brother Romeo and I was asked to lead Sunday class which I
did after the lesson a lot of questions were asked I try to answer them with
the Bible.

On the 11th July I went to
Yaachido with preachers from Saboba came there for evangelism work.

On the 13 July I went to
Bikpajab for a mobile clinic preachers from Saboba.

I visited Jomoni church on
the 14th July and I was asked to lead Sunday class which I did and questions
were asked and I help them to understand the lesson.

On the 15th July we went to
Nyankpal for mobile clinic with preachers from Saboba.

On the 16 July I went to
Chagbaan to meet preacher Niipaak Laar and his team over there for evangelism
work at Saboba District.

I went to Lagbani on the
20th July for preacher over there child’s naming ceremony which I was asked to
lead in giving which I did.

On the 21st July I visited
my mother church at Mbolado and that day I did not teach or preach.

25 to 27 July we had women
seminar at Kutunbiyili which I took part and was their prayer leader.

On the 28th July I went to
Osunodo church and I was asked to lead sermon and I did so.

On the 4th August I visited
my mother church at Mbolado that day I did not teach or preach.

I visited Salkukaa church
on 11th August and I was asked to preach which I did.

On the 16th I went to
Napajado with brother Romeo for personal evangelism we organized the people and
preach the gospel to them after which a lot of questions were thrown to us but
I try to use Bible to help them with the questions.

On the 18th August I
visited Osunodo church and I was asked to lead Sunday class which I did, so
they asked questions after everything with the help of God one soul was been
baptized on that day.The name is Amos Kwasi Tafoori from Monchani which I am
planning to follow up and plant the church of Christ in that community.

On the 25th August I
visited Mbolado church and I was asked to lead Sunday class which I did as they

On the 28th August one of
the preachers lost his wife at Kutunbiyili and I was there for the burial

On the 31st August I went
to Saboba for preachers meeting which is organized by preacher Niipaak Laar and
is very helpful to we the young preachers especially me I learnt a lot any time
we meet. On the same 31st night I went to Kutunbiyili for the funeral and I was
asked to give a sermon on that night which I did. On the 1st September I was
still there so I was asked to give a sermon on Sunday morning which I did.

On the 7th September I went
to Kutunbiyili for naming ceremony.

On the 8th September I
visited Mbolado church which i led Sunday class which questions were asked and
many of them contributed to answer them.

On the 13th August I
visited Jomoni church on Friday after the program I visited a lady which I
preach the gospel and with the help of God I was able to win her for the Lord.
I baptized her that very day she is now a member of Jomoni church her name is
Nyabanyi Ntebrom.

On the 15th September I
visited my mother church at Mbolado I worship with them on that day.

On the 22nd September I
worship at Mbolado church I was asked to lead Sunday class and I allowed
everybody to contribute to the topic that were discussed so at the end of the
day we were all happy.

On the 28th September I
went to a funeral at Nanjune church of Christ a community under Yendi
District I was asked to lead offering which I did.

I thank almighty God for
counting me among the living people.

I want to use this
opportunity to thank preacher Niipaak Laar for the good work he is doing may
the good Lord bless him and your family in Jesus name.

I also want to use this
opportunity to thank you my sponsors for the support that the church is giving
me to help me do the work of God, May the good Lord bless the church abundantly
in Jesus name. Thanks so much for the great love you shown to me.



Nyankpani church is the congregation I preach for every
Sunday which consist of men, women and children.

The attendance on the 7th july 2019 was 110. Men were 8, women 42
and children 60. That day ’ activities included: Bible studies, sermon and the
Lord ‘s supper. Wednesday on the 10th, 2019, We had Bible studies. On the
14th July which was on Sunday, our attendance was 123, men 13, women 47
and children 63. I was the one who led Bible studies and sermon.

On the 21st July, 2019, our attendance decreased to 115,
men 6, women 35 and children 74. I was the one who gave sermon and Bible

On the 28th July, 2019, our attendance was 132 because I
came early on the that day and made home to home visit. Men were 15,
women 41 and children 76. I led Bible studies and sermon. That day we had
6 new converts who were baptized. They are :1. Tidabe Danna 2. Nlinba Wasah 3.
Fusheini Alhassan 4. Biliyna Nyebel 5. Mapon Nyebel 6. Bilasim Joshua.

On the 29th the congregation came out to help in the molding of
the church blocks. That day we were able to mold 3100 blocks.

On the 4th August 2019, We were 115. Men 14, women 44 and children
57. On that day I invited Evangelist David Wumbei to come and teach
on importance of repentance. I was the one who led the Lord ‘s supper and
sermon. On the 11, We were 130, men 18, women 41 and children 71. On that day,
David Ninjim worshipped with us and He led the Bible studies and I led
the sermon. On Tuesday 13th August 2019, We organized a health talk on
importance of hand washing. The attendance was180.

On Friday 16th August 2019, We organized fasting and prayers. The
attendance was 59. On the 18th August Sunday, our attendance was 138. Men
13, women 50 and children 75. I was the one who led Bibles studies and sermon.
On the 25th August 2019, our attendance was 140. Men15, women 55 and
children 70. That day, David Ninjim worshipped with us and he gave the sermon
and I led the Bible studies. We had 2 new converts who were baptized. They are
James Dalebri and Wasah Pigri.

We had naming ceremony the same day. A baby boy and name is
Dalebri Gideon Nakperi.

1st September 2019, our attendance was 85, men 4, women 34 and
children 47. That day there was a heavy rain in the morning and the attendance
was not encouraging. I led sermon and Lord’s Supper.

On the 4th September, 2019, We organized health talk on
child health. There was a delegation from Ghana education service.

On the 8th of September, attendance was 130. Men 12, women
43, children 75. Mr Amadu Iddrisu from Ghana education service worshipped with
us on that day. He was the one who led Bible studies and I led Lord’s
supper and sermon.

On the 15th September, 2019’ our attendance was 128. Men 12, women
46 and children 70. I led Bible studies and sermon. On the 22nd, attendance was
96, men 11, women 32 and children 53.

I led Bible studies and sermon. On the 29th, attendance was
112. Men 12, women 40 and children 60. I led sermon and Bible studies.


1. We are still using
pavilion for our church service and when is raining settling understand it
becomes difficult.

2. Language barrier still
remains a challenge.

3. We need Kunkomba Bibles
seriously for some of the members.


Church building has been completed a waiting roof and hoping to be
roofed by December.

I am working on getting a somebody permanent to help me in

Thank you



On the 14th July 2019 I worshipped
with Kitulamboni congregation

On the 21st July 2019 I worshipped
with Kitulamboni congregation

On the 28th July 2019 I worshipped
with Kitulamboni Congregation

On the 4th August 2019 I worshipped
with Waadi congregation

On the 11th August 2019 I worshipped
with Kitulamboni congregation

On the 18th August 2019 I worshipped
with Waadi congregation

On the 25th August 2019 I worshipped
with Kitulamboni congregation

On the 1st September 2019 I
worshipped with Nanwalbo congregation

On the 15th September 2019 I worshipped
with Kitulamboni congregation

From here I have since been sick with stomach ulser and
have since not been mobile again. But I am on treatment and it is getting
better. A lot of joint services we had and fasting and prayers with our
members. I still need your prayers for my ministry, thank you very much for
your continuous support and love for us. I also want to thank you for the
increase of my support, may the good Lord bless you all.

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News from Niipaak Laar, our evangelist in Saboba, Ghana

March 10, 2019, Ghana

​Here are some updates from Niipaak Laar, our evangelist in

Saboba, Ghana.

First, some updated pictures of village evangelists:

Elder this is
preacher Kofi Konjah Gideon recent family picture.

This is preacher
Abraham Tibrum Bakam family picture. Abraham
named the baby this morning. He named him Bakam Gmajonban Nathan. The only boy
he has, all girls.

Good afternoon elder. This is preacher Samuel Kolimba and his family.

Good evening elder. I
am currently in Bunkpurugu after going round visiting our brothers whose homes
were destroyed. See those brothers and their destroyed homes in the
pictures below. Bunkpurugu and

Gbingbani church are both buying the roofing materials and
hoping to share it to them on Sunday at Gbingbani church.

The brothers were too happy upon
hearing of the help.

The following
pictures are of a family we are helping support by providing funds for food,
enrollment in the Ghana health care plan, clothing, etc. The boy, Samuel, is suffering from what we
believe is muscular dystrophy.

[3/5, 9:23 AM] Niipaak Laar: Just visited Samuel at his
house with the father. I presented the
money cash to him just this afternoon. I was there with preacher Francis Suuk.

[3/5, 9:31 AM] Charles Johnston: Niipaak-

Thank you so much for the pictures and your care for this
family. We pray that this will be of
help to them and give glory to the Father and promote good influence for Francis and the church.

Please be in prayer
for the safety, health, and outreach activities of all our evangelists,
members, and their ministries in Ghana.

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