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Meeting Needs Around the World

While serving within its wall and the city of Dallas, Prestoncrest feels an equal call to the rest of the world. Today, Prestoncrest’s mission outreach extends to every corner of the globe – from Central & South America, all across Europe and Asia, and finally south to Africa.

Ghana Outreach

Ghana Outreach is a mission ministry in Ghana, Africa that supports various ministries within the country, including many evangelists throughout the country, the Village of Hope and Heritage Christian College.

World Bible School

World Bible School at Prestoncrest has been around for the majority of the life of this Church. For years, Hilton Terry and others faithfully corresponded with individuals from all over the globe. These teachers correspond with their students, prepare and grade tests, and move them toward an understanding of God’s will and toward baptism.

World Bible School is unique in that the teachers teach from their homes. All contact is done through the mail. Many Prestoncrest teachers have over 30 studies going at once. Students are spread out all over Africa and the United States. Over the years, Prestoncrest teachers have corresponded with over 6,000 students worldwide. Learn more about World Bible School.


Prestoncrest gives to needs across the world as a part of the World Care ministry. We hold a special collection on months that have a 5th Sunday and provide these funds to various needs that exist in every corner of the globe. Donations can be made at church on WorldCare Sunday, or online any time by clicking HERE and scrolling down to give to “Special Contributions / Designated Funds.”

Ministry Partners

Prestoncrest’s Ministry Partners are institutional programs that seek to have a Christian influence in the lives of the people they serve. These programs directly bring Christ into the lives of people in difficult situations.

Children’s Homes

Other Programs