Transform Dallas • Annual Workday of Service

Prestoncrest's COVER DALLAS WITH LOVE efforts are committed to this annual event!

2019 Workday: Saturday, April 6

SIGN UP in the "NorthEast Quadrant" tab (main tab). Our Specific event is Titled:

"Hamilton Park Neighborhood Beautification & Safety"

THIS specific signup group will be the focus for Prestoncrest.

Click HERE to sign up!

With 250 worksites & 4,000+ volunteer opportunities each year on this special day... Prestoncrest is here to help COVER DALLAS WITH LOVE!

Prestoncrest is thankful to be one of the churches working closely with long-time partners, Dallas Leadership Foundation to help facilitate this excellent, city-wide service event.  PC members are called to serve each year with our Dallas neighbors on this special day, and beyond!

This event is part of an ongoing, key partnership with Dallas Leadership Foundation. With this effort, Prestoncrest strives to serve our community alongside neighbors from different denominational, racial, class, and political backgrounds. Volunteers are recruited each year to pitch in with activities such as painting, landscaping yards, preparing and delivering care packages, serving residents in nursing homes, prayer walks, and much more. This collective effort includes volunteers from different backgrounds working together on over 100 projects.

Signups happen each year, usually beginning in late February or early March, and the event is held in April.

Find out more about this annual event online at

For more information about Prestoncrest's role, contact Gary Cochran, Urban Missions minister.