Tuesday morning Bible study during the School Year

Thanks to everyone that attended for our 2019-2020 study year - for the amazing year of support & encouragement that you all have offered continually to our leaders and each other as we navigated the shutdowns and rearranging to finish our year via ZOOM. We look forward to the fall and are underway making plans for our fall studies. We are hopeful we can meet in person, but will make plans to be together via ZOOM or in person, no matter what!

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What is Women of Worship?


Each year, we begin in mid-September, and run through the school year, with dismissal in May through the summer. Our annual September kickoff is called "Opening Day" and features a Guest Speaker and free luncheon. WoW then meets each week on Tuesday mornings and is a special time for all ladies to come together for fellowship, to explore scripture, and see what God has in store for them. As always, this isn't just for Prestoncrest members... guests and visitors are always welcome! We spend the year going through a series of powerful studies, especially chosen to meet the needs of ladies of all ages and all walks of life. Each of these studies is chosen to go along with a theme for the year. They are always powerful studies that will encourage you, strengthen you spiritually, and help you become more spiritually equipped! We are confident that you will grow in your personal, daily walk with God, and your presence will positively touch other sisters in Christ. You'll be so glad you came! Hope to see you there.
Luncheons & Lunch Bunch: (free childcare during these events....)
Lunch Bunch is an opporutnity to order lunch for yourself, but it is ordered as a group ahead of time (Dutch treat), and it is delivered to the church so we can all eat together in the Fellowship Hall. We love being able to enjoy extended fellowship after our study! If you'd like to participate, contact the church office 1 week before the event to get information on our order and pick your meal. Or, feel free to bring your own lunch and stick around and eat with us!
Luncheons are a potluck event, and is a free event with no RSVP required. If you can, bring a dessert, bread, salad, or other side dish (but not required to attend!). The Luncheon coordinator volunteers rotate each time, and they pick the theme of the meal and provide the main dish (past themes have been a baked potato bar, italian/pasta, taco stack, etc.). If you have diet restrictions or food allergies, feel free to bring your own lunch and stick around and eat with us!