Sunday, March 29 was a WorldCare Sunday at Prestoncrest

This was the first 5th Sunday of 2020! Thank you for your continued support of this ministry! Many are helped with your generous donations each time we feature WorldCare. This month was an opportunity to donate to...

Middle East Asia Mission continues to do incredible work in their part of the world.  The organization experienced damage to one of their facilities in Dubai.  The work to repair the damage has begun and will be completed in the next week or so.  Congregations n Sheffield, Mayfair in Alabama and Naperville, Illinois and Prestoncrest have made commitments to bring these repairs to fruition.  Continue to pray for this difficult mission work in a volatile part of the Christian world.

French African Christian Education (FACE) in Benin is reaching out to the French speaking countries of Africa.  In recent years, they have joined hands with us in supporting and evaluating the work at Hilton Terry Bible School.  FACE does an outstanding job of providing bibles to non-Christians as well as helping churches build church buildings in which to meet.

God’s Children continues to work with the children in Romania.  Though Anne Boyd spends time in Athens due to the inclement weather in Romania, the work continues through her leadership.  Much good is accomplished each year with families with funds of Christians worldwide who know and love Anne and admire her work.  Pray for Anne and Ivar’s as they continue to serve the Lord together.

Christian Relief Fund (CRF) - children in poverty need protection, support, & care to thrive. CRF has facilitated the support/sponsorship of children for 80 years, making a difference for those in need. Their work is far & wide: Ethiopia, Gambia, Kenya, Mozambique, Guinea, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Zambia, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, USA, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Timor-Leste, & Vietnam.

Riga Center Church of Christ (Riga, Latvia) - Prestoncrest met this congregation in the early 90’s.  Their minister, Victor Barviks, was a young American missionary who felt called to go to that Eastern European country as a single missionary.  In recent years, he married and has continued to work with the congregation planted there.  In addition to the usual work of the congregation, they also work with Camp Hope, teaching orphans about Jesus.  They have been blessed with a number of baptisms in the camp.

One Time: Some funds are used to support one time requests as they occur.

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2. By Mail: Prestoncrest Church of Christ, 12700 Preston Rd #210, Dallas, Tx 75230

Note: for checks, please ONLY write “WORLD CARE” in the memo (as opposed to an individual work), giving our Elders flexibility to distribute funds as needed.

Thank you for your support of WorldCare. Please keep these works & workers in your prayers, along with all of our mission families! Also, please pray that the Lord continues to bless PC’s WorldCare ministry and for all that receive donations!