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Private Event

Prestoncrest Event Generic
Sat, Sep 26
7:30am - 6:00pm
Fellowship Hall - From 9:00am-5:00pm - Homeschool Seminar (Carole Joy Feid) - Questions? Contact Marla Hughes at: or 214 676-6666
Name of Event * <br>Private Event - Homeschool Seminar<br>EVENT DATE *Saturday, September 26, 2019<br>Number of People Attending Event * <br>?<br>Room(s) reserved for event * <br>Fellowship Hall<br>Will Janitorial Services be Required? * <br>Yes<br>EVENT START TIME * <br>9:00:00 AM<br>EVENT STOP TIME * <br>5:00:00 PM<br>Preparation for Event <br>Enter date and time below for event preparation<br>PREPARATION DATE *Saturday, September 26, 2019<br>PREPARATION START TIME * <br>7:30:00 AM<br>PREPARATION STOP TIME * <br>9:00:00 AM<br>Person Responsible for Setting the Building Alarm at the End of the Event * <br>Marla Hughes<br>SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS (Recurring event?, room setup, etc.---if no special instructions say "None") * <br>Check with Marla Hughes about setting up tables, chairs, etc.<br>Name of person requesting event *Marla Hughes<br>Phone number of person requesting event *(214) 676-6666<br>Email of person requesting event *<a href=""></a>
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