Wednesday  //  August 12, 2020

Get Hungry: Day of Prayer & Fasting


August 12th is the Wednesday before many of our local public school kids begin their school year. In addition, many in our church and in our personal lives are in need of healing. In addition, our country and its elected officials need our prayers now more than ever. We have a great need for God's mighty hand to heal those we love, to guide and protect those that lead us, and to heal our country and our world in many ways!

Prestoncrest is encouraging our members, along with our entire local and virtual community, to join us in prayer.

We are asking everyone to set aside Wednesday, August 12 to come together as one in spirit and fast for the day, focusing on prayer.

If you are able, fast from food. But if food is not an option, we encourage you to “go without” something to devote extra time to seeking the Lord in prayer.

• Back to School (children, teens, parents, teachers)
• Heal our Land & Guide our Leaders
• Heal those on our Prayer List

A great article to help prepare and learn more about fasting can be found @

Questions? Contact our church office any time! 972.233.2392