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Imagine a church where people are using their God-given gifts in ministry. We want to help you be fruitful and faithful in a meaningful place of ministry and service. Discover God’s plan for your ministry according to how God created you and use your gifts in the right place at the right time for the right reason.

1) PC101

PC101 is our quarterly workshop where you’ll learn all about Prestoncrest’s history – where we’ve been and where we feel God taking us. Our ministers and elders will share what is expected of our leadership and members alike. (Note: this class is formerly known as PC Connect)

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2) Serve at Prestoncrest

Discover your purpose and find fulfillment in a place of service. Service is an integral part of our family at Prestoncrest.

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Worship Ministries

Bringing praise to God during our time together as a church family.

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Baptismal Assistance

The baptismal assistance ministry supports the baptismal process. Activities range from unlocking and maintaining the preparation rooms to providing guidance and assistance when needed for the actual baptism.
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The communion ministry plans and conducts the service of the Lord’s Supper during each worship service.
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Greeters display a Christ-like friendliness to both visitors and members and provides visitors with information about Prestoncrest.
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Homebound Communion

The homebound communion ministry ensures that all homebound church members are able to share in the communion meal each week and is coordinated through our Connections.
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Information Center

The information center provides an easily accessible and highly visible area where visitors and new members are welcomed and provided with directions and general information about Prestoncrest.
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The internet ministry reaches out to the community and the world by offering access to worship services, information about Prestoncrest, its ministries and activities.
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The media ministry provides A/V support for worship services and other church events.
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The music ministry coordinates many special singing opportunities throughout the year including a Christmas chorus as well as children’s groups for both LTC and Vacation Bible School.


The preaching ministry focuses on the public proclamation of God’s Word. It works to present both sides of our congregational vision, “Passion for God … Compassion for People” and “Reaching up, reaching in, and reaching out.”


Ushers facilitate the distribution of bulletins and other printed info, retrieval of communion & contribution trays, and seating of our church family.
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Our worship ministry consists of many volunteers and staff members and strives to ensure that our times of worship glorify the Lord and positively impact our lives.
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Adult Ministries

Serving the needs of adults, both in the congregation and in the community.

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Adult Education

The adult education ministry helps our church explore the riches of the Word of God in an atmosphere of fellowship and service that promotes spiritual growth and maturity.
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Men’s Ministry

Our men’s ministry program targets the three major facets of a man’s life – a man’s relationship with God, a man’s relationship with himself, and a man’s relationship with others.
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Senior Adults

Included in Prestoncrest’s senior adult ministry are providing communion to shut-ins, the ill, and others by request, as well as providing transportation to and from church activities and worship.

Single Adult

The single adult ministry is designed to provide multiple opportunities for ministry, mission, fellowship, challenge and belonging among single adults of various demographics.
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Women’s Ministry

The women’s ministry creates opportunities of service in His Kingdom and growth within our relationship with our heavenly father. It provides both regular weekly and seasonal opportunities for women to be together deepening their relationships with each other as well as with God.
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Youth & Children Ministries

Nurturing our children from the time they are born until they graduate from High School.

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Church Family Ministries

Helping and encouraging our church family.

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The fellowship ministry provides opportunities for the church to gather together for times of fun. These often take place in association with other special events.
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Leadership Support

The leadership support ministry exists to champion the importance of strong servant leadership in the body of Christ and provide leadership development and support opportunities for those who have been called to lead.


The marriage ministry prepares couples that are planning to get married and supports them through their wedding.

Rides to Church

The church rides ministry helps those who need assistance in getting to church.
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Single Parent Families

The single parent family ministry at Prestoncrest is a close-knit group of single parents with children of all ages. No matter what your age, life stage, or experiences are, you will find wonderful group to connect with while growing in faith and serving others.

Outreach Ministries

Reaching beyond the walls of our church to our neighborhood, our city, and the world.

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Community Benevolence

This ministry is focused on those requiring temporary assistance in meeting immediate needs (food, clothing and shelter). Occasionally, emergency financial assistance is provided through this ministry.

New Members

The new member ministry helps to welcome new members to the Prestoncrest family and encourages new members to connect through worship services, classes, and other activities.

Personal Evangelism

The personal evangelism ministry serves and encourages the personal outreach of Prestoncrest members through prayer, training, workshops, materials, mentoring, and conducting home Bible studies.


The prison ministry brings the message of Jesus to those incarcerated in Texas prisons while also providing support for prison ministers.
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The visitation ministry focuses on those in the church who are in need of visits and prayers.

Administration Ministries

Supporting the operation and facility needs of the church.

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Building & Grounds

The building and grounds ministry provides effective, comfortable, and attractive facilities for public worship, Bible study, and general building usage. This ministry also provides maintenance for church vehicles.
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Deacon Administration

The deacon administration ministry serves as a conduit for communication among the elders, deacons, ministers and staff.

Emergency Response

The emergency response ministry is always prepared to deal with any crisis or emergency that might take place at Prestoncrest.
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The finance ministry oversees the financial resources that the Lord has blessed us with by safeguarding the receipt of contributions and ensuring that expenditures are appropriate.

Information Technology

The information technology ministry provides and supports the technology infrastructures used to meet the ministry, business, and operational needs of Prestoncrest.
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Office Administration

The office administration ministry assists the church office by determining jobs/activities where volunteers can be productive in support of administrative needs.
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The security ministry provides a safe environment for worship, daily church activities, and the church office. This ministry works with the Dallas policemen who watch the church buildings and parking facilities as well as organizes the various security systems that we use at Prestoncrest.

3) Find Your Connection

Connections meet every Sunday morning for Bible study, prayer and fellowship. They operate like a small church family. Many of our members find that their Connection is a place of learning, belonging, service, worship and prayer. Learn more about Connections and which one(s) are a good fit for you.

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4) Find Your Small Group

  Prestoncrest is made up of relationship layers, levels of involvement with each other, places where we can become connected with each other. Of course the largest layer is our worship service and the layers become smaller from there. The smaller the group the higher the degree of personal growth and accountability. Prestoncrest has around 40 Small Groups scattered around the metroplex that gather in homes of our members on a weekly basis.  They are smaller than our Sunday morning Worship and our Sunday morning Connections and are thus more intimate places of involvement, growth and ministry. We hope you will do some investigating and find a good Small Group fit.

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