Youth Ministry

Middle School and High School is an amazing time of growth, fun, craziness, hardship, doubt, learning, activities, water balloons… and our loving God wants to be right next to you through the whole journey.

Our Vision

Join Prestoncrest Youth Group (PCYG) as we experience who our God is, learn why He loves us without us loving Him first, and discover how awesome life alongside Him really can be.

Prestoncrest Youth Group, PCYG, is to develop sticky faith in our students as we Reach Up, Reach In, and Reach Out.

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Bryan’s Beat

Bryan Borden is Prestoncrest’s Youth Minister extraordinaire and he can’t wait to share the latest PCYG news, updates and announcements. If you want to see what Bordo said last week, check the archives.

What’s in it for me?

Have you ever asked yourself the question what’s in it for me? I have, many times. At Gina’s wedding, and I was there too, but let’s own the fact that it is all about her, I had the biggest grin on my face.   |   Continue reading


Is technology a useful tool or an idol that consumes us?   |   Continue reading

Upcoming Events

All PCYG events are located on the Prestoncrest calendar, but here are all the deets and meats. Looking for past events, check the archives.

Girls’ Night ~ 2nd Annual!

6:45 pm (Feb 2) - 10:30 am (Feb 3) • For all girls, Grades 7-12 • Bring friends! Click below to sign up and get all the details...   |   Details

PCYG 2018 meeting

PCYG Student & Parent Meeting, Sunday January 7th, in the Zone, 9:35am.   |   Details

PCYG Mission Fundraiser Luncheon

Sunday, February 25th, is a great way to support our students as they seek to serve others around the world. We will serve lunch to help raise support for our summer mission.   |   Details

Super Bowl

Super Bowl Party, Sunday February 4th, 5pm, in the Zone.   |   Details

PCYG Sunday Nights

In the Zone, every Sunday night, 6:00pm-7:00pm.   |   Details


Sunday nights in PCYG, walking through building a firm foundation.   |   Details

High School Mission Trip 7/8-7/14

The High School Group will be going to Houston, TX to work on homes and love on those who have lost much from Hurricane Harvey.   |   Details

Youth Connections

The goal for our youth connections is for a graduating student to walk away from our youth program with authentic faith in Jesus, learn spiritual disciplines, know moral boundaries, be able to develop healthy friendships, make wise choices, know who the ultimate authority is, and put others first.

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Small Groups

Prestoncrest’s youth group hosts several small groups throughout the week in Dallas, Plano and Allen. Each small group consists of between 10-30 teens that are close in age. Each week they gather along with adult leaders for fellowship, Bible study and of course…food. Have more questions? Check out the FAQs below or sign up for a PCYG Small Group.

Youth Small Groups FAQs

Youth Group Small Groups FAQs

What are small groups?

Small groups meet every week for the purpose of Fellowship (getting to know each other, becoming accountable to one another, meeting each other’s spiritual needs) and Bible Study (going deeper into God’s word and discussing it's practical application into our lives).

Each group is facilitated by adult leaders who guide the discussions and to help the group fulfill its purpose. Groups also eat dinner together on a predetermined Wednesday nights. Dinners take place in the host’s homes or at a restaurant as determined by each individual group.

When do small groups meet?

Small groups meet on Wednesday nights during the school year, beginning in September. Groups meet from ~7:00-8:30 PM. Groups are suspended during Christmas and Spring Breaks.

How are locations determined for small groups?

Several factors are considered when choosing locations for small groups. These include where the students live, who the leaders are and where they live, and where the hosts are located. It is the goal to have everyone assigned to a group that meets within a 15 minute drive from their home although it may not always be possible to do so.

Is everyone in the youth group automatically assigned to a small group?

No, anyone who is interested in a small group should register for one. Small groups are always open to any youth group member.

Is a Wednesday night class available at church during the school year?

No, the Wednesday evening class for youth is only offered during the summer. All youth are encouraged to participate in small groups during the school year.

Should I participate in small groups this year?

YES! This is the best way to get involved with the youth ministry, grow spiritually in God, and connect with others in the youth group. They are also a lot of fun.

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