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Sunday Evenings: 4:45-6:00 pm
Wednesday Evenings: 7:00-8:00 pm

Since January 2002, Prestoncrest members have worked with people from around the world through the FriendSpeak program. This program allows people opportunity to practice their conversational English skills. The conversations, however, are based on materials taken from the New Testament, so that the Reader is exposed to the Word of God in a friendly setting. Also, naturally, Readers raise questions about what they are reading, which opens the door for Workers to share their faith in a very non-confrontational environment. While some Readers are initially interested only in the English; with time, the conversations will turn from grammar and pronunciation to spiritual themes. Our hope is that it plants seeds of faith in Jesus in each Reader.

The FriendSpeak ministry offers the one-with-one conversational English sessions every Sunday at 4:45 pm, and every Wednesday at 7:00 pm. The program is designed to bring unsaved people into personal contact with God’s powerful Word.

The FriendSpeak ministry is based solely on two activities; sharing Jesus and sharing ourselves. Prestoncrest members do not need to be fluent in a foreign language, since the objective is to improve the English skills of the Reader. This program has been blessed by attracting a wide variety of Readers from Afghanistan, China, Columbia, Peru, France, Mexico, India, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Honduras, and Uruguay.

The program has only one guarantee; the Prestoncrest Worker will be blessed through their time spent with the Reader!
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International Thanksgiving Meal - The 2nd Saturday of November Each Year!

Once a year, our FriendSpeak Readers join with their Prestoncrest workers and other Prestoncrest members and guests in a fun, relaxed setting and celebrate Thanksgiving, potluck style! In the Fellowship Hall at the Prestoncrest Church building, we enjoy a meal that combines traditional American food with International dishes brought by many of our FriendSpeak readers. It is truly a time to give thanks for the readers, workers, and the blessings that God has given us, while enjoying the vast array of flavors that this potluck always offers. It is a fun and festive experience each year! !

All readers and PC members are invited to attend! All we ask is that each person let us know they are coming and what they plan to bring so we can make plans for seating, etc. See the link below on this year’s date and time, and how to register for the event. !

This year’s meal will be Saturday, November 12th • 6:00 pm

All are invited to join us for this fun evening of food, fellowship, and friendship!

Please let us know you are coming, and what food you will be bringing, by clicking HERE!